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December 28, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

What is the Morning Cocktail?


Dr. Tom Potisk holistic family doctor for over 25 years joins the show to talk about his Morning Cocktail, dangerous exercises and more.

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Dr. Tom Potisk AKA the “Down to Earth doctor” has been a holistic family doctor for 25 years. He is an author, speaker, and blogger on holistic living. He was a winner of the Chiropractor of the Year Award and has certifications in nutrition counseling and wellness.  He is called the “down-to-earth” doctor because of his family oriented country lifestyle and his simplistic, practical, and easy to implement health advice.

He is the author of the new book - “Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages”.


His extensive world travels to remote places, sometimes on volunteer medical missions, adds to his unique perspective and his philosophy. His goal with his books and presentations is to improve patient’s lives by empowering them to make wiser health care decisions.


Transcript of Interview with Dr. Tom Potisk

Eric Michael: What is whole health healing?

Dr. Potisk: It's the solution to what most people are seeking - they want to be in control of their health. They want to cut their health care expenses in a safe manner and also be confident that they are doing everything possible to ensure an active, fulfilling and independent lifestyle until their final days. I wrote this book Whole Health Healing to enable people to have all that. It empowers them with simple, easy to implement lifestyle changes that I learned during both my training and observation of thousands of people in my holistic family practice. I dealt with all ages, my youngest was 1 day old and my oldest was 103!

Eric Michaels: One of the chapters in your book is called Structure Based Health Care. What is that and how can it help people?

Dr. Potisk: I call it the "missing link" in health care. It's often overlooked that structure effects function. This means that the alignment of our bones and joints, especially of our spines, has a profound influence on how our parts work. This concept goes back centuries in other cultures. Cave drawings can be seen of ancient people manipulating each others bodies. Hippocrates himself wrote "Look to the spine for the cause of disease." When our body structure is off balance, it causes irritation or pinching of our nerves, interrupting or impeding the normal flow of impulses. The nervous system controls all parts of the body, including organs and even systems like immunity. This structure -function concept is the basis of chiropractic health care. Doctor's of Chiropractic are thoroughly trained and are specialists in detecting and correcting these misalignments. In the spine they are called vertebral subluxations. The correction is called an adjustment. It's very safe, economical, effective, and one of the best ways I know of to release the power of our "doctor within" as Dr Schweitzer advocated.

Eric Michaels: You recommend we all drink something called The Morning Healing Cocktail. That sounds intriguing, what’s in it?

Dr. Potisk: I told you that holistic health was not that difficult and this is a perfect example. This drink has only 2 ingredients: a glass of hot water mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. This is the first thing we should have before eating or drinking anything else in the morning. This acts as a mild cleanser and detox for our insides, especially the lining of the digestive tract and the liver. It results in increased absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, which in turn cuts cravings. People report such benefits as increased mental clarity, less bloating, more energy and even weight loss. Do this every morning throughout your life.

Eric Michaels: One of the chapters in your book is about exercise and you warn about 5 exercises that are most dangerous. What can you tell us?

Dr. Potisk: Yes, I observed many people who injured themselves by exercising. Most people push themselves too hard especially when starting out. An example is the typical and commonly used military sit-up. It places immense strain on the joints and muscles of the spine in the back and neck. There are better and safer ways to strengthen the abdominal muscles. I recommend a maneuver I call The Abdominal Track Slide. The procedure is to lay on the back with head back and arms to the side. Next, with legs straight, lift your heels so they are about 4-6 inches above the floor. Then move the heels inwards as close as possible towards the buttocks and then out straight with the legs again, as if they are on an imaginary track. repeat this slowly without letting the heels down until fatigue is felt. This better way of abdominal exercising places no significant strain on the back or neck. There are 5 total exercises that I label dangerous and to be avoided. besides explaining and illustrating all of them in my book, I also offer a free report on this matter. It can be obtained on my web site

Eric Michaels: Where can readers find your book?

Dr. Potisk: It's available in or through any bookstore and on Amazon. Also, it's available from my web site and when ordered there I include 2 bonus ebooks - 1)The Healing Cookbook containing dozens of my signature healthy recipes like The Healing Fudge, The Healing Muffin, The Healing Frappucino, and even The Healing Martini! and 2) The Workbook and Study Guide to further assist readers interested in these simple lifestyle alterations, getting them closer to optimum health and wellness. My web site is

Conclusion Tip: To get you started on your path of whole health healing, Dr Tom Potisk provides 4 free health reports on his web site They are:
1) The 5 Most dangerous exercises and their safer alternatives.
2) The recipe for The Healing Salad.
3) How to get control of your child's electronic gaming.
4) How to check yourself and your family for spinal structural misalignments.


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