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December 13, 2010 @ 3:08 pm

Looking and Feeling Your Best DURING and AFTER the Holidays


Louisa Maccan-Graves, our expert guest joined the show. Louisa Maccan-Graves is a celebrity body parts model - turned -TOP Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert. She discusses "Looking and Feeling Your Best DURING and AFTER the Holidays".

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Louisa Maccan-Graves is probably one of the most sought-after women in the country; she's a doctor-recommend author of two books, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: REMEDIES to the RESCUE” and her recent EBook,  “Look & Feel Your Best on Any Budget”.  Louisa  is a top Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert on TV, radio and live speaking events empowering women of all ages and budgets with her proven “Look & Feel Good” tips.

Louisa was acknowledged in recent book, “Career Comeback”, by Springboard Press, noting nine pages of her top age-proofing tips for women over 40. Her doctor-recommended natural slimming tonic landed her on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine and her  proven “Look & Feel Good” solutions have appeared  in Britain’s Celebs on Sunday, on, Toronto Star, The Boston Herald, Orange County Registrar, and more.

Why is Louisa the Ultimate go-to “Look & Feel Good” Expert? Louisa is on the pulse of what women want. She has changed the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide to help them look and feel their best, no matter what their budget. Those she’s helped include:  executives and doctors, moms and baby boomers, teenagers, actresses, models, and even royalty --  using sensible, affordable and  proven solutions. I’ve spent years studying the science of beauty, rejuvenation and women’s health and offer a variety of safe, doctor-approved solutions, that can help address our “head to toe” challenges, without having to spend a fortune”, says Louisa.  “Looking ‘picture perfect’ is not the key to feeling or looking our best. I remind women that  how we feel about ourselves and others is what really matters, because those thoughts manifest on the outside. Planting “positive” thoughts of affirmation transforms us, and we instantly feel better on the inside and radiate beauty on the outside! Along with my scientifically proven beauty and age-proofing tips, busy women on the go become energized and empowered, they feel and look beautiful, more confident, and ready to take on life’s day to day challenges with much less stress”, says Louisa.

Louisa “walks the talk”. She began as a top celebrity body parts model in Hollywood, doubling her famous hands, arms, legs, feet, stomach, back, hair - and even her belly button for A-List celebrities including: Jennifer Garner, Penelope Cruz. Milla Jovovich, Alyssa Milano, Kate Walsh, Debra Messing, Cindy Crawford, Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paulina Porizkova and many others, in over 1000 commercials, TV shows and movies.

Want the latest updates on how to naturally uplift your mood, burn fat, increase energy, repair and prevent wrinkles, sagging and thinning skin, ignite fat-burning, reduce enlarged pores, blemishes and fade acne scars, age spots, pigmentation spots, stretch marks, strengthen weak nails, rejuvenate hands, stop falling and thinning hair, hydrate, banish cellulite, puffy eyes, dark circles, cracked heels, dry lips, and more? Find out more with Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert, Louisa Maccan-Graves at


Part of Interview with Louisa Maccan-Graves

Eric Michaels: Many of us become overwhelmed or even a little "blue" during the busy holiday season. Is there anything healthy we can do to naturally uplift our mood, increase our energy, help our skin look younger, and help us feel our best during the holidays?

Louisa Maccan-Graves: Absolutely! This is the time of year where people do feel a little blue & overwhelmed with shopping, commitments and parties and they are not quite feeling themselves. One of the greatest ones I recommend to people are Omega III Fatty Acid - those are the ones you find in fish oils...that help naturally uplift the mood, naturally balance hormones, support vascular health, ignite fat-burning and help turn back the clock...

Visit for more tips and information on these and other safe supplements are noted in my 30-page Ebook "Look & Feel Your Best on Any Budget: Empowering Beauty & Age-proofing tips for Women of all Ages."

Eric Michaels: What is an effective rejuvenating skin care regimen for the winter season?

Louisa Maccan-Graves: I've mentioned many great skin care protocols because people have different skin types and issues and one of the most common ones that works for most people is the one I suggest for sensitive, mature dry skin or women that are going through menopause or allergy issues can use this regimen. Winter season dries the skin as we know & so does the sun if you are in a sunny climate so what is important is to keep the skin hydrated. So for all skin types what I recommend is to try to use a cleanser that is soap free. You can pick up cleansers at the drug store...

Eric Michaels: Got any NEW cutting edge "anti-aging" products at "budget-friendly" prices you can suggest?

Louisa Maccan-Graves: EGF is the new "buzz" in the skin care world. Most skin doctors don't even know about it. But it's been used in the past on diabetic skin to speed heal wounds. And what was discovered is that it can helps reverse aging skin...


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Louisa Maccan-Graves discusses & answers:

- What about some remedies for dry, flaky skin on the body? What steps can we take to reverse or prevent dry skin on the body?

- Louisa name celebs that she has doubled for?

- And a Special Tip:

Web Site:

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