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November 22, 2010 @ 4:23 pm

Learning From Mistakes


Thomas Edwards is quickly establishing himself as one of the nation's  top dating coaches. From every aspect of today’s dating world, Thomas  has been helping people enhance their dating and social lives since he’s  started this site in September of 2008.

Frequently described as  “Hitch,” Thomas has helped men find relationships and more fulfilling  lives, through personal development over the course of months of  coaching. With his unique approach to helping others find love combined  with his infectious personality, he’s been able to help men and women of  all kinds find the happiness they’ve been looking for.

Even  though he coaches a variety of people, most of his clients are men who  are smart, successful and in need of understanding what is preventing  them from connecting with the women they desire. Some of these men are  in their 20s, looking to understand how to socialize after college and  eventually settle down. Some are eligible men in their late 30s who are  looking to settle down. Some are in their 40s who may be divorced and  are ready to start something new. Whatever the case is, Thomas has  proven to be able to prepare any man or woman to find love implementing  his unique methods.

Thomas has been striving to reach out to as  many people as possible, no matter their dating circumstance. He  originally started a blog called Project Infinity, that allowed him to start a company, The Professional Wingman. The company blog focuses on dating, lifestyle development, places to go  in Boston, fashion and many more topics. He has been quickly growing  his online presence through social media networks such as, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo. He is also the host of LoveNation, a web show that covers emerging trends in the dating world. Thomas currently resides in Boston.

eHealth Radio had the opportunity to catch up with Thomas Edwards in a recent interview.

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Part of Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: What inspired you to create the Professional Wingman?

Thomas Edwards: So it actually goes back to my sophomore year in college which is back in 2004. I was dating someone who I truly loved and I thought she was the one, even at my young age. I went as far as asking her parents for their blessing as I was wanting to propose to her. A week later after I had met with her parents she cheated on me. I was totally heart broken and wasn't sure what to do. I almost felt as if I had lost a sense of identity & purpose. What I tried to do was really alter everything that was going on in my life as a way to A. Try to forget what happened and B. Try to start a new life. So, I transferred colleges, I moved off campus, I picked up a job and I even went as far as buying a new car and realized that none of those materialistic things worked. I have always been someone that has always blamed myself first for problems that have gone on in my life. If it was a way I could control it or there was always a problem that it is my fault. By taking that approach it motivated me to see what was I doing wrong in my relationships that was causing me to be dumped or cheated on have it not work out. The first book I came across was "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". That book written by Stephen Covey completely changed my whole perspective on communication and negotiation and just being a more efficient and effective person overall. That kind of jump started my quest become a better person all around so I continued to read more books on being more efficient in life, fitness nutrition, style and fashion, sexiness - anyway to just be a better person. I was doing a lot of reading for a year and a half but not much practicing. Being at this new college I figured why not - there's nothing to lose and nobody to dump me. I then began to practice some of these things and realized that these things are actually working, these things that I had been reading in these books are actually working.  I went full force and a year later I'm kinda living like a rock star on campus. I had an apartment, I was active on campus, I was involved in athletics, I was really doing well in my classes, my professors loved me and I was pretty much living the ideal college life. Even at this point I was single by choice because I was just focusing on me and who I was as a person. I don't think I was ready to share my life with somebody or have enough quality. Finally I made that decision to share my life with someone and she actually lived a couple of floors above me in my dorm and I thought, hey, everything I had wanted to accomplish in college has been done and I even had the hottest girl in school - WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? Eventually it led to failure just because I got complacent. I didn't think there was anything else to accomplish. One of the biggest lessons I had to learn was - it may take a lot of work to get to the top but it takes just as much work to stay up there and I forgot that part. All the things that I did to get to that point I stopped doing like working out, dressing up well, taking my girlfriend out on dates, communicate and continuing to build relationships with my friends who at the time were really good friends of mine and even my professors, they love me so they will pass me so I neglected my work ethic as well. Seven months later, I get a call from my girlfriend during spring break and she breaks up with me because I wasn't the same guy she started dating when we first started. So, now I am almost back to square one where I really had nothing. Now, I am mulling around what I am going to do...


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Thomas Edwards discusses & answers:

- What is one thing you can tell our male listening audience who is crazy about a particular woman but can't seem to grab her attention.

- Thoughts on online dating vs offline

- Unique approach in helping men find relationships & more fulfilling lives

- Fashion pointers you can help our gentleman out with

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