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November 29, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

Have Your Mother Set You Up!


Colby Brin joined eHealth Radio to talk about him being the co-founder and director of, the innovative online dating website which allows FabOverFifty (FOF) moms to play matchmaker for their adult children. Unlike other dating sites, whose members interact and make their own matches, connects FOF moms and engages them in conversation to determine if there’s a prospective match between their children.  Once the moms feel comfortable about a potential fit, they turn the reigns over to their kids. Under Colby’s direction, the site blends old world tradition with today’s modern technology and has quickly become an overnight sensation. Nearly 1,000 moms from around the world have posted their kids’ profiles since it launched on July 6, 2010.

Colby advises website management and has expanded the site to appeal to an international audience, from countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands. Italy, the UK and Columbia.  He has played an integral role in updating the site’s technology, appearance and resources, such as increasing browsing capabilities so moms can easily search kid’s profiles. Colby also acts as a liaison for matchmaking parents, offering advice and tips to help facilitate the best matches. As a client of the site, he’s gone on dates his mother has helped arrange. This aids his site research and development as well as enhances his perspective on dating, matchmaking and relationships.

Through his professional and personal relationship with, Colby has inadvertently become a relationship expert in his own right, offering advice on love, dating and relationships to new and older generations of men and women.  He has recently appeared on programs including Today Show, Gayle King Radio Show, and WPIX to discuss the site and relationship matters.

Colby co-founded with his mother, Geri Brin, as a subsite to, which celebrates the dynamic generation of baby boomer women.  An interactive space, FOF invites its members to promote their passion projects and businesses and share their wisdom and fab faves on everything from restaurants to nail salons, local gourmet treats to trainers. It also features original and well-researched content on a spectrum of subjects relevant to their lives, from health and beauty to finances and fashion.

Colby is about to earn a Master’s degree in Sports Media from New York University. He has also worked in finance and non-profit arenas and was a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers for several years. Colby was born and raised in Manhattan and currently resides in Brooklyn with his Russian Blue cat, Brady.


eHealth Radio Partial Transcript with Colby Brin

Eric Michaels: Tell us about the site you started

Colby Brin: Well my Mom actually started a web site for women over fifty called It's a beauty, lifestyle, health, nutrition and networking site for women. My mom, for pretty much the last ten years whenever she meets women her age ask if they have a single daughter that she could fix me up with and when she was starting this web site she noticed that a lot of other women on the web site had similar interest in matchmaking for their kids so she thought since they were already doing an offline why not off a feature to do dating online and that was when was born. So that's a section of the site and I guess I was kind of the inspiration for it and now I've become the director of it and also the poster child.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think mom is a great matchmaker?

Colby Brin: I think that mom's know you very well. They raised you and I know at least my mom is also one of my best friends so she knows me very well. She is also a little older and a little wiser so I am more inclined to look for people or women that I really want not necessarily looking long term relationship potential so she is better at finding what I need. She might fix me up with people who I wouldn't otherwise go out with. Also my friends set me up so every bit helps its just like adding mom into the mix of helping me cast a wider net and you add all that together and it broadens the chance of finding that special person.

Eric Michaels: What would you tell a kid who was reluctant to have their mom set them up?

Colby Brin: I get that question a lot. I would say there is no harm and nothing to lose. Some may be embarrassed to go out with someone that their mom set them up with or for their mom to put them out there. I think times have really changed  - there is quote regular online dating and people are a lot more liberal how they meet people or people are very busy and don't have time to meet people...


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Colby Brin discusses & answers:

- Are mom's are tapping into your service more for their sons or more for their daughters?

- Talks about the content on the site - Style Blog, Facts of Life, Finds, Geri's Diary, Deal of the Day and even a Fab Shop.

- And a Special Tip...

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