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February 27, 2011 @ 7:27 pm

Dia-Stasis Recti or Abdominal Separation During or After Pregnancy


Helene Byrne, founder of BeFit-Mom at joins the show! Helene is an internationally recognized prenatal and postpartum fitness expert and author of the award winning DVD "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning"..... and the acclaimed book "Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best." Her mission is to educate, motivate, and support women to have healthier pregnancies and babies.

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Helene Byrne has over twenty five years of experience in the fitness industry. A former professional dancer, she holds a BFA from the Boston Conservatory and is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer. Her fitness experience runs the gamut from group fitness and private training, to Pilates, yoga, injury rehabilitation, and special populations.

The birth of her son inspired her to specialize in prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise. Drawing on her knowledge of Pilates, dance, and cutting edge core training techniques, she created a unique system of exercise that quickly, safely, and effectively restores the body after pregnancy and childbirth. Both her book, "Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best" (2nd edition, BeFit-Mom, 2006) and her award winning DVD, "Bounce Back Fast!: Post Natal Core Conditioning" (BeFit-Mom, 2005) have received wide acclaim in the fitness and birthing communities, and with women around the world.

Through her workshops, she has had the pleasure of helping many hundreds of women recondition their bodies after childbirth and live active, fit, healthy lifestyles.

Helene speaks regularly at fitness conventions, and has appeared on many radio and TV programs championing the numerous and outstanding benefits of prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise.

Her web site, BeFit-Mom, provides free, in depth, expert information and advice about prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise to help women have healthier pregnancies and babies. Helene's mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire women to lead their entire families to better health and wellness.


Helene Byrne discusses & answers the following:

  • What is dia-stasis recti or abdominal separation during or after pregnancy?
  • How can women test to see if they have the condition?
  • Can dia-stasis recti be prevented with exercise?
  • If a women has diastasis what movements/exercises should she avoid?
  • After childbirth, how can the condition be repaired?

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