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December 10, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

Can Sexual Activity Help Prevent Sexual Dysfunction?


Dr. Marcus Laux joins the show to discuss sexual health and sexual dysfunction in men, in a informational packed entertaining episode.

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Dr. Marcus Laux is a licensed naturopathic physician who earned his doctorate at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has been clinically trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, physical medicine, among other healing modalities.

With 15 years of private family practice, Dr. Laux also stepped out of his office and began searching the world for natural medicines. He has spent 20 years searching the South and Central American jungles, Siberian steppes, across Asia to the European Alps, and Mediterranean laboratories for the most effective therapies nature has to offer. He also presents continuing education lectures for medical doctors and pharmacists worldwide.

Dr. Laux has appeared regularly in the media—including CNN, BBC, and Fox. He has served as the chairman for several scientific advisory boards for leading companies in the field of natural medicine, nutrition, and nutritional supplements. He is the coauthor of Natural Woman, Natural Menopause, published by HarperCollins, and Top Ten Natural Therapies, published by Basic Health Publications.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Marcus Laux

Eric Michaels: Where does a man begin in being sexually healthy?

Dr. Laux: Job #1 is the relationship with themselves. A person has to have a solidarity a sexual core - a liking themselves and they have to have a good relationship with their wife as well but it always starts with their person first. I go back when I deal with men and their relationship to how they feel about life, how they feel about sex, where they come from in their relationship with their parents, how did they get along as they were growing up - those things will set the stage for being sexually healthy. Once we get past the interpersonal stuff and the interpersonal relationship then it is about lifestyle, it is going to matter what you eat and how you conduct your life, whether you are getting enough sleep, whether junk food dominates your life, what is your weight - so it is an inside job and it's about how you conduct your life as you go forward.

Eric Michaels: Is sex really good for you, for me, for anyone?

Dr. Laux: Absolutely YES IT IS! I think sex is as critical as breathing and eating for long term health. Sex should be satisfying, sex should be bonding, sex should be making our hearts stronger, relieving our stress hormones, helping tone our muscles, lowering our blood pressure - so I say all that as sex can be harmful if it's not in a loving relationship. Sex can be problematic if their are psychological issues associated with it that don't make this a loving, bonding event. But sex, in and of itself, regardless of religious background, regardless of overlays sex is incredibly important and I find in practice, men and women who have regular satisfying sex are the healthiest people - from heart conditions to joint problems to stress to sleep - it would be my opinion in my clinical experience that sex is mandatory and something to be worked on to have a satisfying sex life.

Eric Michaels: What is the number-one cause of ED?

Dr. Laux: I think it's pretty clear from all the literature whether we look at natural medicine or conventional medicine that ultimately, I would call it stress and inflammation. Inflammation which causes stress within the circulatory system this causes the body to create band-aids inside our arteries and veins those band-aids become what we call plaque, plaque ends up narrowing the blood vessels and the smaller blood vessels that go to the eyes and the ears, the brain and the toes and the penis and all the small areas of the body get compromised the most. When you have decrease in blood flow, you do not have the ability to have a spontaneous quick erection as much ans that is going to be a problem first and foremost for ED.


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Dr. Marcus Laux discusses & answers:

- Can sexual activity help prevent sexual dysfunction?

- What are smart every day diet/habits that support a man's sexual health.

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