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February 18, 2011 @ 11:42 am

An inactive sex life can be the cause of any common medical issues


Dr. Eric R. Braverman, best-selling author of Younger You and Younger (Thinner) You & now Sexier You joins the show. He is a professor of integrative medicine in neurological surgery at Weill (sounds like While) Cornell Medical College and the director of the PATH Medical Center and PATH Foundation.

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Eric R. Braverman, MD, is director of the Place for Achieving Total Health (PATH Medical and the PATH Foundation) in New York City. Dr. Braverman  received his BA from Brandeis University Summa Cum Laude/ Phi Beta Kappa and his MD from New York University Medical School with Honors. He is the author of Younger Sexier You (2010), the New York Times bestseller Younger (Thinner) You Diet (2009), and of over 100 research papers. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Neurosurgery at Cornell Weill Medical College, as well as a lecturer on mild cognitive decline.


Dr. Braverman discusses & answers the following:

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  • You mention that sex is the prescription for a healthier, more youthful life. What is considered a healthy sex life? Does it vary with age?
  • Can an inactive sex life be the cause of any common medical issues?
  • How exactly can particular foods enhance your sexual drive and pleasure? Are there certain foods that improve everyone’s sex life, regardless of the type of chemical imbalance?
  • You mention that infidelity can be traced to a hormonal imbalance. What exactly causes this urge to cheat? Can this actually be controlled by diet and supplements alone?
  • What is a SexQ?
  • Can couples predict their sexual compatibility from SexQ test results? What about from personality tests such as Meyers-Briggs?

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