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December 5, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

Oh No! He Didn’t Send Me a Facebook Friend Request!


Attorney & Author Lisa D. Wright joined the show on eHealth Radio. She discusses her dating advice from her life experiences.

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Attorney Lisa D. Wright was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area.  From 1986 - 1989 she attended Kentucky State University (KSU), pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting - Cum Laude with Business Departmental Honors at the age of 20.  After KSU she worked as a Bank Examiner in Michigan before returning to graduate school.

From August 1996 - December 1999, she attended Duke University's School of Law and Fuqua School of Business to complete the Juris Doctorate (JD) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) dual degree program in three and a half years.

In January 2000, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work in corporate America at as a marketing analyst and then as a corporate bankruptcy consultant. In February 2001, she took the Georgia Bar examination for the first time and was notified in May 2001 that she passed.  She then decided to actively pursue a legal career.  In May 2002, she opened the Law Office of Lisa D. Wright, LLC.  Attorney Wright has represented clients with family law, criminal law, consumer law, and business law issues.

Oh No He Didn't! is Attorney Wright's first book. Attorney Lisa D. Wright is living in Atlanta, is single, is dating, and is looking forward to writing her next book.

Please visit her website at or email her at  You may also follow Attorney Wright on Twitter at AttorneyWright.


Partial Transcript of eHealth Radio's Interview with Attorney Lisa D. Wright

Eric Michaels: What an eye catching title for your book - what inspired you to write it?

Lisa D. Wright: There are several things that inspired me, men that I spoke with about my outrageous dating experiences actually were the ones that got me to write Oh No He Didn't! Whether it was men that I knew or men that I had just met, they were asking questions about different stories and articles being done on dating in Atlanta and they said oh, this is hilarious, you should write a book and so shortly there after I started researching the process of actually going about the process of writing a book and publishing it. I started working on the concept of the book, I started thinking that I actually date different than most because of being a litigating attorney so this led me to providing not only personal advice but legal advice as well. This book provides dating advice for women that can't afford to hire an attorney...and it also provides dating advice for men that need to hear the strait forward advice of what to do and what not to do on a date from someone other than their male friends. 

Eric Michaels: Would you be willing to share briefly 1 of those 15 outrageous dating experiences mentioned in your book?

Lisa D. Wright: Sure! The first experience in the book is "Oh No He Didn't" send me a Facebook request and he was a convicted bank robber. Before I got on Facebook my sister kept saying you should get on Facebook, you should get on Facebook, it may help you promote your business. The initial name I had on the profile was Attorney Lisa D. Wright so the gentleman knew I was an attorney. He pretended to be someone who I knew from that past from hanging out, partying and undergrad. Some of his later post started mentioning that he later was running and I started running and doing some 5K's in the summer. So I mentioned maybe we could go run a race together and you could run your first 5K. Then I began to say that I really don't know you, I'm not sure what the real connection is from looking at Facebook post. The more I talked to him I said you aren't the same person I thought you were from the past that I knew back from undergrad so we had a few more conversations. I was later going to Detroit where the gentleman resides and he mentioned if I needed a ride to the race he could have his friends pick me up. First of all I wouldn't have you pick me up because I don't know you...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Lisa D. Wright discusses & answers:

- African American women are not in the midst of a “dating crisis.”  However, that is not what the national media wants everyone to believe. - touch on this if you would.

- Oh No He Didn't! To the Rescue Campaign...

- What is a good first date situation - what to do or where to go?

- And a Special Tip...

Connecting with Lisa D Wright:

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December 4, 2010 @ 5:00 pm

Don’t Panic If You Are Still Single


Dr. Karin Anderson joins eHealth Radio to talk about being a single woman.

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As an associate professor of psychology and counselor education at Concordia University Chicago, Dr. Karin Anderson has a doctorate in developmental psychology, a track record of well-received presentations at national and international psychology conferences, and a speaking platform focusing on women’s identity construction and cultivation. Despite these credentials, she’s no stuffy academic peering down from the Ivory Tower. In fact, the inspiration for her writing derives from the ebb and flow of her personal relationships—not the data garnered from professional research. Yet it’s precisely this fusion of academic chops and “girl about town” experience that perfectly positions her to tackle themes of relationships and single adulthood. Readers perceive her as “one of them,” connecting with her accessible and engaging voice. Yet as an academic, she provides a measure of objectivity and authority that enlightens, encourages, and empowers. Her first book, It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet presents a new angle sorely needed in the relationship genre―one that counteracts the messages single women frequently field, such as “You’re too picky!”, “You’re too needy!”, or “You’re too neurotic, which is why you aren’t married.” It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet encourages women to stay true to themselves, instead of changing just to “snag a man.” It asserts that single women are smart, sexy, cream-of-the-crop “catches” who will eventually be “caught” ―it just hasn’t happened yet.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Karin Anderson

Eric Michaels: I understand the writing of your book was directly from real life experiences through personal relationships - was there one event that inspired this book to become a reality?

Dr. Karin: I think it was actually a combination of a lot of experiences but in thinking that over there was probably that one moment that cystalized for me the need for a book like this. I have had a lot of interviews with women who are single and struggling with identity issues. About two years ago, I was in a local bookstore looking and seeing that in the psychology section overall was seeing the message that a single woman - if she hasn't been married yet - has some what of a flaw that she has yet to overcome. Books like "10 Things You Need to do to bring in Mr. Right" and these sorts of things and I thought to myself - wait a minute - I know a lot of single women and I know a lot of married women and everyone is flawed in their own way. To suggest that there is just that one thing you need to do, or get over or work it through and then you will be fit or prepared for marriage I thought - A. WRONG B. Disempowering for women and C. We need a counter message available!

Eric Michaels: What are the common struggles that most single women have from your perspective?

Dr. Karin: I think the struggle that most single women have in our society today really relate to what I just said basically we get told that there is something wrong with us and it is rwally interesting if you look at the socialogical trend over the last fifty to sixty years where we went through a strong womens movement which was to provide women with more options and more opportunities for women to be who they are supposed to be and so women today do have opportuntities and options that weren't available to our mothers and certainly our grandmothers. These opportunities are wonderful and at the same time we haven't loosened the expectation in terms of womens relationship. Women are still viewed as - it's great if she has a career, it's great if she has accomplishments etc. but if she is still single after a certain age we are suspect! What's going on here? What's the problem there? That seems to be the most important factor of a woman and her person and how she is judged.

Eric Michaels: Would you have any advice for a single mom desiring to date again?

Dr. Karin: I do think that single mothers have an additional challenge ahead of them as they look for love and partnership. It would just depend on the type of men that they are surrounding themselves with. Some men are absolutely not interested in fathering someone elses child but I would say that most men in their 30's and 40's who have had similar life experiences and several relationships under their belt, I think most men are open to finding the right woman and if their is a child involved then they will start to negotiate through that and weed their way through that experience. I don't know that I have any specific advice for single moms that is any different than I have for other women who are at a certain age and feeling the pressures or the desire to couple up. I think the advice that is typically given is usually off the mark. Usually I suggest that the woman needs to change herself in some way as I eluded to earlier....


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Dr. Karin Anderson discusses & answers:

- Her book - "It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet"

- On your site, there is a link that allows you to download discussion questions for a book club which is a pretty cool idea by the way....I would assume you wouldn't mind answering or discussing one of them?

- What's the most obnoxious comment you’ve heard or situation you’ve endured regarding your single status?

- And a Special Tip for single women...

Connecting with Dr. Karin

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December 4, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

Can the Pick Up Lines!!


Jamie McDaniel, President of got dates? joined eHealth Radio. She discusses her approach on coaching, how to be noticed when attracted to someone, pick up lines and her thoughts on using them and much more.

got dates?, was founded by a group of dating experts working in the singles industry over the last 10 years. Our coaches have worked in every part of the dating industry from matchmaking, online dating, activities clubs, and dating services. We have interviewed thousands of singles for these companies and realized that something was missing. Many of the singles needed assistance with these services in order to make them successful. They didn't have the understanding, skills or tools necessary to makes these services successful for themselves. They needed a coach.

At got dates?, our coaches are committed to helping you engage in new loving, healthy long term relationships.  We believe in diversity in our programs.  There are so many ways to meet available singles that we work in all aspects of the singles industries.  Everyone can turn back the clock and remember when dating was easy.  Think back to high school and college.  All of us were there to get a education but during the process we had fun, created friendships and had relationships.  All because we never gave dating a second thought.....we just did it.  Well now that we are into our professional careers somehow someway we forgot the process.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Jamie McDaniel of got dates?

Eric Michaels: You offer coaching to those who need help and advise in dating...what is your coaching approach?

Jamie McDaniel: My coaching approach for each client is actually different. The reason being is because everybody that is coming through who is actually having a coaching session literally they are unique but there story is not. Ironically everytime we get a new client in we have to find out how long have they been single, what they are currently doing to get out, their daily schedule, how they go about meeting singles, what they have tried, their likes, their interest, their last relationship - it's always nice to have their history within their relationships and to know what they want for their future. Every person that is coming in, if you look at this like personal training, we find out what's not working and we put together a program that is going to work in their best interest.

Eric Michaels: If I see a good looking woman out... let's say at the mall...what would be my approach in grabbing her attention or introducing myself?

Jamie McDaniel: Everything starts with "HELLO"! You can never go wrong with "HELLO"! But if you want to have a conversation with her, you need to speak her language. Basically, women like to talk about themselves, it doesn't matter what you say, or how you say it - the best way to put this is - more so about complimenting them. If you see that they have pretty ear rings on compliment her - that's a great conversation piece. Number one, we are going to tell you where we got them from or we wil say, Oh, this old thing? It really catches them off guard. A lot of time when a woman is in the mall and a guy approaches them we are already expecting what they might say. When you throw something out that they don't expect you've thrown their thought process off so they are always going to come back with - thank you & nine times out of ten we're going to tell you where we got it from and that starts the conversation right there.

Eric Michaels: What is your take on pick up lines.....use them, carefully use them or can 'em?

Jamie McDaniel: "Can 'em"! They are so predictable. They are literally so predictable! So many guys are - it's something that's been going on since the bars have opened - the pick up line, the pick up line! There is not one in this day and age that we haven't heard. The reason being is because technology has launched all of those. Girls go now to the internet surfing to know what guys think, surfing from one site to another and then you come to the one with the pick up lines...when you've hear it so many times it gets old and I still go back to...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Jamie McDaniel discusses & answers:

- How would one of your potential clients know that a dating coach would work for them?

- Would you approach coaching a divorced middle aged gentleman differently than say a early 20 year old?

- And a Special Tip on the dating/single scene...

Connecting with got dates?

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December 2, 2010 @ 10:42 pm

The Coolest Way to Flirt - EVER!


RACHEL DeAlto Founder, FlipMe! Cards

joins eHealth Radio

A graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Advertising from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Rachel DeAlto planned and purchased media for various regional and national clients before deciding to go to law school. She received her Juris Doctorate at Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, NJ. After passing the New Jersey Bar, Rachel joined a law firm in Central New Jersey specializing in civil litigation.

During law school, Rachel caught the eye of a curious guy (her future husband John) across the dining room while having lunch with her parents at a local restaurant. With intentions of not disrespecting Rachel’s parents, John left a note with the waitress along with his phone number and asked her to slip Rachel the note after he left. Three days later, Rachel dialed into her fate. Six weeks later, they were engaged to be married. Having met through their own “flip experience,” Rachel and John are excited to give others the opportunity to be ready the next time someone catches their eye. After several years as a trial attorney, Rachel unexpectedly found herself literally face to face with her first entrepreneurial venture.  The unique way in which John and Rachel met reinstated the importance of the initial face to face chemistry needed for the perfect dating formula. Combining initial chemistry with personalized and private dating cards, Rachel has boxed the perfect dating formula with the creation of FlipMe cards.

In June 2010, John and Rachel launched FlipMe cards, a new dating retail product with an online component which gives singles the chance to make connections they might otherwise miss and puts fate back in the hands of the desired. It’s as simple as looking, liking and flipping. Rachel resides with her husband, John, and children in New Jersey.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Rachel DeAlto of

Eric Michaels: In regards to dating and ways to meet new people - this is a very cool & clever approach! Why did Rachel DeAlto create FlipMe?

Rachel DeAlto: It's funny because it actually started the way I met my husband. We were at a restaurant, I was having lunch with my parents and he was sitting next to me at a table near his collegues and he kept giving my eye contact. In a normal world, everyone would leave and would have missed an opportunity instead my husband actually ripped of a piece of the place mat and passed a note to me through the waitress. Two years after that, we have been married for five years now, we were sitting around just thinking what if we created a way where other people could avoid those missed opportunities and meet people in daily life that they are making that eye contact with and could have a really good chemistry with without having to put themselves too far out there and have to approach somebody by going up and asking for a phone number or something of that sort - so that's what led to the creation of Flipme!

Eric Michaels: So....tell us how does work?

Rachel DeAlto: It actually is very simple. The member receives a pack of 30 cards, they activate their card and they can pass them out to anyone they see in daily life that they're attracted to. You could pass the card out to a woman on the subway, in a coffee shop - each card has a flirty phrase and it has unique codes on it that links her to you and only the two of you are allowed to communicate on the web site. So bascially it is just a way to communicate with people in every day life without giving too much personal information.

Eric Michaels: How is FlipMe different than other online dating sites?

Rachel DeAlto: Online dating sites are great and they do work for a lot of people but I think they are missing out on one key ingredient and that's chemistry. There is something that you can't explain when you meet somebody and when you have eye contact with someone. There is that attraction that you have for an individual that really helps build that foundation of the relationship. As opposed to online dating you are actually meeting in real life and having that physical chemistry with that person and then falling in love with them instead of the reverse which is how online dating is set up that you are almost falling in love with a profile and when you meet them in person you realize that this isn't a person that you are attracted to and it's someon that you can't actually build a relationship with.


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Rachel DeAlto discusses & answers:

- So I give a beautiful woman one of these cards - now what?

- Will I have the ability to search for others on the site?

- And a Special Tip...


Connecting with FlipMe:

Facebook Fan Page - FlipMeDating

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November 30, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

Where do individuals fail on the 1st date?


Kimberly Koehler joins eHealth Radio. Kimberly is a life long student of relationships. She brings the knowledge and training she has obtained from the past 18 years to her clients. With a very unique perspective, Kimberly coaches her clients through a process that allows them to understand and live the life they love.  Kimberly, coaches clients internationally and is a motivational speaker.

250sq_edrugstore.jpgeHealth Radio is brought to you by

Transcript of Interview with Kimberly Koehler.


Eric Michaels: From your perspective, why do so many struggle in where to start when it comes to dating?

Kimberly Koehler: People struggle with the process because it's confusing to them. They get advice from so many sources from married family members, married mothers, married friends and what ends up happening is they stop listening to them because they think what do you know about dating cause you haven't dated in a while. Then they have single friends that will chime in & single family members that will chime in and they see how they dated or see how their relationships haven't worked and so they are confused - why would I listen to any of you guys and then the social pressures in general with how we were raised. In our society in general we are supposed to go to school, pick a job, get married, have a great job and then start a family. There are some people that do not fit that mold. As we have evolved as a culture, what you would say are traditional methods of meeting people and traditional pressures don't necessarily match how we are living our life and so essentially what ends up happening is there is just a lot of noise and a lot of confusion and people aren't quite sure what direction they are supposed to go. There is or there isn't - I am doing online dating, some people are comfortable with that others don't want anybody knowing. There are many couples that come up with a story on how you met and we don't tell people generally it was through online dating. So what the way I help my clients is to break down that noise and stop the confusion...

Eric Michaels: Where do individuals fail on the 1st date?

Kimberly Koehler: I think expectations. A lot of times people will sit and have this huge idea of how this date is supposed to be and you play out the date several different times in several different ways before they go on the date and end up getting incredibly nervous. We go into the date with a huge expectation of is this going to be the person or not the person. Instead of looking at this as gathering as a way to get to know someone better that you just met over a cup of coffee or ice cream or a walk and having it be something very casual and laid back with zero expectations other than getting to know somebody - when you go into it like we are going to have dinner, this big huge date and this big huge pressure of performance and what have you you end up setting both parties up for failure...

Eric Michaels: What are some good date ideas?

Kimberly Koehler: If you are just newly dating obviously it can be fun - let's face it, it is a fun time in your life - there is the energy, the honey moon period - getting to know somebody.  Really what I think is more important is that are you showing up on your dates with confidence? What is interesting is that if you are going into a date meaning you where feel the pressure of needing to pull something off - you could have planned the greatest date in the world, like you said you went to a pizza parlor and here is this woman and you both weren't on the same kilt, and so you start out with your first meeting at a coffee shop or ice cream. And you next meeting would be, and on the first date you would have found out since you are going to have a conversation that will engage one another - is this person into a museum or does this person into outdoor activities - so does that mean you can do a walk and a picnic which gets into an element is this going to be expensive...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Kimberly Koehler discusses & answers:

- Dating Safety Tips

- Pick Up Lines

- And a Special Tip...

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November 30, 2010 @ 9:56 am

Types of Men & Women You Should Avoid and Why!


Sandy Weiner, Certified Dating Coach and Founder of Last First Date joined the show on eHealth Radio powered by

Interview Transcription:

Eric Michaels: Sandy, I see that you are beginning your four-week Dating 102 course, the Power of Attraction, tonight. Can you give us an overview about what you will be covering during this date coaching tele-class?

Sandy Weiner: Dating 102, the Power of Attraction, is for women who are smart, self-aware, and successful in most areas of their lives except for their ability to find a loving, long-term relationship with a wonderful man. This course will help them find out who will make the best partner. They will discover who not to date and who to date. They'll learn the most important qualities to look for in a man, and discover how to turn that first date into a long-term relationship.

Eric Michaels: Can you tell us about some of the types of men women should avoid and why?

Sandy Weiner: First and foremost, women should avoid men who are self-centered. How can you tell the difference between a healthy sense of self and a narcissist?  Watch if he makes eye contact with you, if he talks about his many accomplishments instead of his inner experiences, and whether or not he's a good listener. Another thing to stay away from is if the guy has any outstanding financial or legal obligations, or if he is still emotionally involved with an ex.

Eric Michaels: What's one secret mistake that smart, successful, self-aware women make that prevents them from attracting the right kinds of men?

Sandy Weiner: Many smart, successful, self-aware women give off a masculine energy by appearing too self-sufficient. They often want to attract strong, successful men, but the more feminine man will be attracted to the masculine energy of a very driven, independent woman. The key is for women to access their feminine side. Most emotionally healthy men enjoy nurturing their women, so I tell women to allow their vulnerability to show. This is much harder to put into practice than it would seem. It takes a great deal of trust and letting go in order to reveal a more vulnerable side. but this is key to building a close, trusting relationship. You don't want a guy to look at a successful dynamic woman on a date and think, " I don't know whether to hire her or date her."

Eric Michaels: What are some things to do on a first date in order to secure a second date?

Sandy Weiner: When greeting a man for the first time, shake his hand by covering it with your second hand and look him straight in the eye and smile. This is key to establishing a sense of warmth and connection from the get go. Most people shake hands on a first date in the same way that they would in meeting a business colleague for the first time. Pay attention to body language. Yours and his. If you're interested, keep your body open, arms uncrossed, lean forward, and by all means, don't speak with your mouth full!

Eric Michaels: What are some of the things not to do on a first date in order to secure a second date?

Sandy Weiner: 1. Don't follow up a date with a text or email any time over the following 24 hours. If he's interested, he will let you know. He will probably ask you out for a second date as the first date is ending. 2. Don't drink more than one drink on the date. You want to be sober and in control of what you say on the date. 3. Don't do more than kiss him. Leave him wanting more...

Eric Michaels: Can you share a tip that will help women find a loving relationship?

Sandy Weiner: Open up your mind to who may be a good match for you. You may be eliminating the right kinds of men by narrowing your search too much or focusing on the wrong kinds of guys. Stay away from romantic notions of love at first sight. Even though this can happen, it is rare. The most important tip: get out and meet as many men as you can. Love doesn't happen in a vacuum. It happens when you show up as your best self every time you leave the house and engage in conversation with people. Notice that I didn't say with men only. Talking to women increases your chance of meeting the right guy, too. Someone who is impressed with you may keep you in mind to introduce to some fabulous guy they know. You never know...

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November 29, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

Have Your Mother Set You Up!


Colby Brin joined eHealth Radio to talk about him being the co-founder and director of, the innovative online dating website which allows FabOverFifty (FOF) moms to play matchmaker for their adult children. Unlike other dating sites, whose members interact and make their own matches, connects FOF moms and engages them in conversation to determine if there’s a prospective match between their children.  Once the moms feel comfortable about a potential fit, they turn the reigns over to their kids. Under Colby’s direction, the site blends old world tradition with today’s modern technology and has quickly become an overnight sensation. Nearly 1,000 moms from around the world have posted their kids’ profiles since it launched on July 6, 2010.

Colby advises website management and has expanded the site to appeal to an international audience, from countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands. Italy, the UK and Columbia.  He has played an integral role in updating the site’s technology, appearance and resources, such as increasing browsing capabilities so moms can easily search kid’s profiles. Colby also acts as a liaison for matchmaking parents, offering advice and tips to help facilitate the best matches. As a client of the site, he’s gone on dates his mother has helped arrange. This aids his site research and development as well as enhances his perspective on dating, matchmaking and relationships.

Through his professional and personal relationship with, Colby has inadvertently become a relationship expert in his own right, offering advice on love, dating and relationships to new and older generations of men and women.  He has recently appeared on programs including Today Show, Gayle King Radio Show, and WPIX to discuss the site and relationship matters.

Colby co-founded with his mother, Geri Brin, as a subsite to, which celebrates the dynamic generation of baby boomer women.  An interactive space, FOF invites its members to promote their passion projects and businesses and share their wisdom and fab faves on everything from restaurants to nail salons, local gourmet treats to trainers. It also features original and well-researched content on a spectrum of subjects relevant to their lives, from health and beauty to finances and fashion.

Colby is about to earn a Master’s degree in Sports Media from New York University. He has also worked in finance and non-profit arenas and was a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers for several years. Colby was born and raised in Manhattan and currently resides in Brooklyn with his Russian Blue cat, Brady.


eHealth Radio Partial Transcript with Colby Brin

Eric Michaels: Tell us about the site you started

Colby Brin: Well my Mom actually started a web site for women over fifty called It's a beauty, lifestyle, health, nutrition and networking site for women. My mom, for pretty much the last ten years whenever she meets women her age ask if they have a single daughter that she could fix me up with and when she was starting this web site she noticed that a lot of other women on the web site had similar interest in matchmaking for their kids so she thought since they were already doing an offline why not off a feature to do dating online and that was when was born. So that's a section of the site and I guess I was kind of the inspiration for it and now I've become the director of it and also the poster child.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think mom is a great matchmaker?

Colby Brin: I think that mom's know you very well. They raised you and I know at least my mom is also one of my best friends so she knows me very well. She is also a little older and a little wiser so I am more inclined to look for people or women that I really want not necessarily looking long term relationship potential so she is better at finding what I need. She might fix me up with people who I wouldn't otherwise go out with. Also my friends set me up so every bit helps its just like adding mom into the mix of helping me cast a wider net and you add all that together and it broadens the chance of finding that special person.

Eric Michaels: What would you tell a kid who was reluctant to have their mom set them up?

Colby Brin: I get that question a lot. I would say there is no harm and nothing to lose. Some may be embarrassed to go out with someone that their mom set them up with or for their mom to put them out there. I think times have really changed  - there is quote regular online dating and people are a lot more liberal how they meet people or people are very busy and don't have time to meet people...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Colby Brin discusses & answers:

- Are mom's are tapping into your service more for their sons or more for their daughters?

- Talks about the content on the site - Style Blog, Facts of Life, Finds, Geri's Diary, Deal of the Day and even a Fab Shop.

- And a Special Tip...

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November 29, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

The Wedding Has Been Cancelled!


Catherine Gryp a newly single gal joined the show. She is starting fresh after a seven-year relationship, cancelled wedding and overall major life changes. But all signs point to it’s gotta get better from here on out. Follow her on first dates, new friends, fun experiences and learning to love being Simply Solo at Want to reach me? Leave a comment on one of my posts (I LOVE comments!) or send me an e-mail at edrugstore.jpg

Partial Transcript of Interview with Catherine Gryp

Eric Michaels: Your blog is about the solo life through lifes experience - obviously a particular event triggered you to start this blog - could you share briefly what took place?

Catherine: Sure, I was supposed to be married this past July to a man I was with for over than seven years, I am almost 26 years old and I've been with him since I was eighteen. He was my best friend - very important to me. About 3 months before we were supposed to get married I found out he had been lying to me about a bunch of things and we had to end the relationship. He wasn't the man I thought he was. I started the blog because I was newly single, first time in my adult life that I had been single since I had been with him since I was eighteen and I really didn't know what to do. There was one night that I was kind of having a pity party for myself it was in June, I had nothing else better to do and was looking around the Internet trying to find women like me who were starting over - normal women! All of these blogs you see online are single women all in Miami, New York - they are living fabulous lives. I live in Chester, Virginia, right outside of Richmond and I do not have a lot to offer here so I was looking for someone like me. So I started this blog so that people could see someone that is single starting over and enjoying life.

Eric Michaels: That's a pretty disastrous series of events for sure, an investment for seven years of your life - you seem to be taking this very well and moving in the right direction hats off to you. I would stand up and applaud you for what you are doing now and your attitude. What are some of the best BREAK UP LINES you've heard?

Catherine: When you mean best - you mean worst? Some of the best lines I have heard that are NOT helpful at all are - everyone tells me "there are plenty of fish in the sea". When you hear that you don't want to go fishing after a break up or ending a relationship. Even after one year you aren't ready to go out to the market and find someone else. So anytime you hear there are plenty of fish in the sea that is not reassuring to hear. One of the best lines that was hard to hear at first because you don't want to hear it so much is "time heals all wounds." I think that is really true but is a hard one to hear because you want to fast-forward through time and make things better. I have learned after 6 months broken up that time does heal and even though I am not completely healed every day does get a little bit better and this is what I try to tell anyone else that is going through a hard time.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think breaking up hard to do? I am sure there are a lot of people who that are in a relationship right now - they are questioning whether or not they should continue - what makes it so hard to officially BREAK UP?

Catherine: I think it is really hard because no one really likes change. You know you get used to being with someone and they understand you - they know you - whether it's sexually or they know you personality they love you and they've chosen to be with you and especially if you are the one that has to end it that's really hard because you are starting completely over and you aren't sure if you are making the right decision for most people there is always a nagging part of you that isn't sure that you made the right decision. You don't want to look back and say what if. I think that is really hard and for me it was hard because I was with this person for seven years and he was my very best friend. I had gone to college with him, I had gotten my first job with him - all of those different things, all of those life experiences and just to have that be over - you aren't just losing that person you are with and that person that you love - you are losing your best friend...


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Catherine Gryp discusses & answers:

-  Do women really feel good when men stop and look at them walking down the street - or better question angle - do women in general liked to be noticed? And if so, do they still crave it after engagement or marriage?

- What are some of the most fun dates you have had recently? Would you desire to get back into a serious relationship anytime soon?

- And a Special Tip...

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November 26, 2010 @ 10:22 am

How To Do Relationships Well


Lori Rubenstein has transformed her life and will help you transform yours. She is a life coach, mediator, author and teacher, and is known as the personal coach for passionate living. Raised by a teen mother in the projects, Lori became a compassionate warrior as a divorce attorney and relationship coach. Her mission is to help others heal from the hurts caused by relationships.

Lori is has authored three transformational books and a 10 CD/Workbook set, “I am Petrified to date again.” Now married to the man of her dreams, Lori is a witness to people’s personal growth as a life coach, workshop and retreat leader. The passion that keeps Lori going is her gift of bringing people back to love. Listen to her interview with us here on eHealth Radio.

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Eric Michaels: Briefly, what was the path that led you to becoming who you are today?

Lori Rubenstein: For me it started when I was four years and a half years old and my parents got separated. I didn't understand that until I was older but when they divorced I got to see how NOT to do divorce. They did not do divorce very well. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of arguing and basically it was like every single Sunday I saw my Dad and there was yelling and screaming. Somehow I grew up and decided I was going to save the world and get out there and teach people how to do divorce correctly and how to do relationships well and my path just took off from there.

Eric Michaels: How do you begin helping someone that has a broken heart from a past relationship?

Lori Rubenstein: So what happens is, people. everybody gets a broken heart at some point. If you are open and you are vulnerable in a relationship you are likely to get hurt if that relationship doesn't continue. So what people naturally do is that they build these big walls around themselves then they say to the next person, OK I'm willing to love you if you can beak down these walls...come on, come on I dare you! It is so hard because they're putting the other person that they're really interested in a place of having to compensate for the quote wrong - I don't believe there are any wrongs but the hurting that other people did to you, they have to make up for that. They have to climb and climb these big walls that you put out there. The greatest thing in the whole wide world is when you allow yourself to be vulnerable even though you might hurt. The key to that is to know! You have to get yourself to the point where you say no matter what happens I can handle it. I tell divorced people all the time that has to be your motto when heading back into the dating world again - No matter what happens - I can handle it! That is the truth. You have the ability to handle whatever comes your way. If you are feeling good enough about yourself, you love yourself, you feel self confident, you have self esteem, you are going to attract that kind of person into your life. It doesn't mean that every relationship is going to be successful and that every relationship is going to be a gift from God, the reason we have relationships is to learn. There are lessons that we are all here to learn - so be grateful. You can say, Oh my gosh, I really needed to learn how to take care of myself alone so thank you for leaving me. That is my goal working with client is helping them to get to that point.

Eric Michaels: What makes a great relationship?

Lori Rubenstein: Great relationships have very little to do with compatibility in terms of liking the same thing. People will say, we both love sports and we are meant to be together or we both love standing in front of a group teaching - that's really not what it's all about. Those are nice for friendships and doing things with other people but what really makes a great relationship is how you resolve disagreements. We always want other people to agree with us or our opinions are the right way or the best...


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Lori Rubenstein discusses & answers:

- What makes a great relationship?

- Why do some relationships work, while others don't?

- Her 28 day email course - "Transformation Through Forgiveness"...

- And a Special Tip...

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November 24, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

Inner Circle Matchmaking & Dating


Relationship Coach Jeanne Monet Roberson joins the show to talk about relationships, matchmaking, her service/client types and dating. Her niche is the 30+ African American affluent but her service and business is privately channeled via small social circles in various cities/organizations.  All members must be referred in, and we do not take "public" memberships, as everyone who uses our matchmaking service is basically connected to someone that knows someone within those respective circles. And yes, we screen, interrogate, research and analyze THOROUGHLY!!! If you'd like to know a little more about Jeanne, she can be Googled-- "Jeanne Monet Roberson" or "Monet Jeanne Roberson". She is a former news reporter and media advisor in addition to owning several successful businesses.

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In our interview with Jeanne Monet Roberson, she explains that there is no such thing as a perfect match. What matters in finding your mate is their values, their goals, how they see themselves long term 5 to 15 years, those things must be in sync. You don't want a man that is going to say that he will pursue his acting career for the next fifteen years of his life while the woman is saying she is focused on building her corporation for the next fifteen years with her husband by her side.  They may have the same exact background, exact same upbringing, the exact same economic status, they may have everything else in common but if those two things are not in synch it is a disaster waiting to happen. It all boils down to values and equally the same long term vision for the relationship to have a valid chance.

Eric Michaels ask, "As a relationship coach, your niche is the 30+ African American affluent - what do those consist of? Jeanne responds with professionals such as lawyers, politicians, doctors, nurses, corporate big wigs...Eric confirms whether or not there are any clients of hers that are professional athletes and Jeanne says she currently has two clients that are and they are very serious and not playing the field. Believe it or not a lot of high profile names such as musicians, athletes or actors prefer to use their services because they do not want to feel as though whoever they meet is after their name or title. In looking to match people together we do not disclose names initially so that they are matched more accurately by who they say they are.

Eric ask Jeanne,  "What is your take on offline vs online dating? Her response was; I have many many many opinions about that. She says online does have its advantages to a small degree. You are able to screen hundreds of people. You can find what matches you best on paper. When you actually sit down with that online find in person, it can be a totally different situation with personalities clashing. Our company can sit down and decipher the best match. Online dating can be extremely misleading and dangerous and it's much easier to find a more genuine match offline than online.

When asked how she would help an African American client who is desiring a white male or female relationship or a white client looking for an African American....does that make your work difficult? Jeanne answered with it doesn't make it difficult. Our service is 100% geared to African American clients. Because our network is tied in and with people that know people we refer you to another source for that situation.

In regards to your first date Jeanne says having sex on the first date is a BIG NO NO! After getting feedback from dates on their match making service a major issue that is not reccomended is disclosing too much information about yourself on the 1st date. Can be a very negative first impression. Keeping it light and fun and just simply enjoy yourself is the best approach on going out on a 1st date.

Jeanne can be contacted directly at


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