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February 27, 2011 @ 10:09 pm

Your Final Physique with Michael Davenport and Ashlee Linteau


Michael Davenport and Ashlee Linteau, fitness professionals and physiotherapists & founders of Toronto based fitness company called Your Final Physique joined the show.

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Your Final Physique is a joint venture of Ashlee Linteau and Michael Davenport, which originally started in 2007.

Upon graduating university, Ashlee began working in the health and fitness industry. It wasn’t long before her vision of creating a fitness company of her own became a reality. In the spring of 2010, together with Mike, Your Final Physique was created to expand and increase the services available to existing and new clients alike.


Ashlee and Mike are dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire. They are very attentive to your personal needs and guide you with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Ashlee and Mike are approachable and friendly and their positive attitudes with regards to everything Health and Fitness related are infectious.

Mike Davenport

Mike Davenport is an English trained Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer with over 7 years experience in strength and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

An ex-professional soccer player and fitness enthusiast his entire life, Mike is a keen athlete himself and has taken pride in working with everyone from the social gym member to the elite sportsman.

Ashlee Linteau

Ashlee is a CPTN certified Personal Trainer and has 3 years experience working at a leading health club. Her fortes include individual personal training, group training and conditioning.

Ashlee has been an avid gym athlete since her late teens and brings advanced techniques and training methods, learned from training with some of the best athletes and fitness professionals in the business, to her sessions.


Mike & Ashlee discuss and answer the following:

  • What advice would you give to someone who currently works out but has stopped seeing results?
  • From a females perspective what would be the most effective method of exercise for women who are looking to get fit?
  • As a fitness professional, what is your stance on the various forms of fad dieting out there today?
  • If you do not recommend the latest diet craze, what do you suggest as an alternative to help people with their eating habits?
  • What is one of the most common nutritional mistakes that you find your clients making on a daily basis?

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