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February 27, 2011 @ 6:40 pm

Where the core belief comes from


Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor Lisa Zaccheo. She is the founder of Mind Matters Hypnosis Center in Central Connecticut and specializes in helping people learn how to harness the incredible power of the subconscious mind – that other 90% of our mental capacity.

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Lisa Zaccheo, BCH, BCI is a highly sought after practitioner for a wide array of mind, body and spirit applications of hypnosis. She has been professionally involved in the study of the mind and hypnotic theory since the mid eighties, and has been in private practice for almost a decade, having served thousands of clients from around the world. Lisa’s passion is learning and developing techniques to leverage the subconscious mind for self-improvement and healing on all levels. Her dedication, passion and firm belief that there are no limits to what the mind and body can achieve has earned her the reputation as the “go to” person when more conventional methods of therapy have not achieved the desired results.

Psychological and medical professionals refer the bulk of Lisa’s clients to her. Lisa believes that more minds looking at a challenge, means more perspectives, which often enables the  solution to be identified and implemented sooner than it would be otherwise. This team approach garners positive results for all concerned.

Being an educator and inspiring motivator is part of Lisa’s life purpose. She has become a popular speaker and trainer. Lisa has worked with several of local area hospitals including The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Hartford Hospital where she lectures to the medical staff and patients on a wide variety of topics.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Lisa Zaccheo

Eric Michaels: What are you referring to when you say there’s a hidden national epidemic?

Lisa Zaccheo: When you look at so many of the things that people are struggling with in life, such as obesity, destructive habits, addictions, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, self or professional sabotage and yes even many diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraines, or Cancer they are, in my opinion, the surface symptoms of a much deeper problem.  That problem is the existence of the core belief “I’m not enough.” or “I’m not as good as.”   To me all those challenges or symptoms are like the branches and leaves of a tree, and what feeds those branches and leaves are the roots below the surface.  The root of most of our challenges as individuals, as a society, a nation and a world are seated in the fear of “not enough”.  “I’m not enough. If I’m not enough then I’m not capable. If I’m not capable I’ll never be enough. If I’m not enough then I’m not likeable. If I’m not likable, I may not be loveable. If I’m not lovable, I might be abandoned. If I’m abandoned I might be left alone. If I’m alone, I might not be safe. If I’m not safe, I might die, and so on and so forth. Not much of this dialog is conscious but make no mistake about it, it goes on below the surface all the time. If you break it down insecurity is the opposite of security. Security is safety – insecurity equals unsafe. Feeling unsafe causes stress and tension. It’s that inner dialog and those inner feelings of fear, which causes us to reach for coping mechanisms outside of ourselves.  So, we turn to food, we turn to cigarettes, drugs, gambling, destructive relationships. That constant underlying fear takes its toll on our immune systems, which leaves us vulnerable to disease. It’s all part and parcel of the same thing, the subconscious fear that we’re not good enough.

Eric Michaels:Where do you think that core belief comes from?

Lisa Zaccheo: I think it comes from a number of places.  I believe that as much as our genetics are passed forward so are thought forms, beliefs and feelings.  We are energetic beings. If we have a mother or father who is insecure, the emotional energy of that insecurity will be housed in all the cells of their body, including the sperm and egg that forms a fetus. When sperm and egg combine, not only genetic information gets transferred, but the emotional energy gets transferred as well.  So I think for many people it starts there, in the moment of conception.  The insecurity we’re feeling isn’t even ours – it’s an energetic foundation that came from our parents. And it continues from there. If you have a mother that is highly anxious about her pregnancy, anxious about her ability to be a good mother the baby is surrounded by that energy and spends 9 months soaking in her fear – not realizing that the fear it’s feeling is its mother’s insecurity, that it has nothing to do with the child itself.  Then we’re born and our parents, because it how they’ve been parented, put the bulk of their energy into all the things we do wrong instead of all the things we do right, we wind up with these internal scales that are imbalanced.  The “not good enough, not right” outweighs the “good enough,” so we’re left to conclude “I’m not good enough.”  Then we grow up a bit more, we go to school and we realize – “Oh my goodness – I’m different!! I’m not like everyone else.” And so we judge our differences to be wrong or bad instead of realizing that we’re intended to be different – that our differences are our gifts, our assets instead of faults.  We get teased, picked on or bullied and so it goes from there.  We believe we’re not good enough so we start to live down to those beliefs instead of up to our potential. We begin collecting evidence around “not good enough” and the belief gets bigger and stronger. And so it goes.  It’s obviously a bit more complex than that but you get the idea.

Eric Michaels: How can you as a hypnotist help people with this challenge that affects so many parts of their lives?

Lisa Zaccheo: The beauty of hypnosis is that it gives us access to the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is amazing at cutting through all the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter.  Time and time and time again, the subconscious mind leads the conscious mind to the fear of not good enough. Even those that say to themselves, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m totally confident, I’ve got life by the horns.” and yet they’re work alcoholics or are in a lousy marriage.  Once light is shed on that fear or whatever happens to be contained in the client’s roots, the healing process begins.  The subconscious mind also houses our long-term memory so it knows exactly where the seed of our tree of challenges got planted. Whether the seed got planted in our history, in our soul history or our ancestral history, the subconscious mind has the power to travel wherever it needs to go to find the seed and heal that moment in time. It’s like a game of dominos. When you knock down the lead domino, the rest of them follow.  The subconscious mind is also our protective mind so it will never take a client anywhere that it doesn’t deem healthy or beneficial for the client.

Lisa Zaccheo also discusses and answers the following:

  • How is the process you use different than traditional therapy and different than how other hypnotist’s work?
  • What do you think is the most important thing for people to carry forward from this conversation?
  • Special Tip in Conclusion...

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