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February 22, 2011 @ 9:34 pm

What do you associate food with?


Dr. Randy Gilchrist, a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnosis for weight loss expert joins the show. He himself has lost and kept off 70 pounds through hypnosis, and he is the creator of The Weight Loss Mindset audio hypnosis program at

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Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D. is on the cutting edge of the use of hypnosis and other therapeutic methods to help people quit smoking successfully. The author of The Coping With Stress and Anxiety System ©, a comprehensive stress- and anxiety-management system, Dr. Gilchrist has the rare ability to educate people while helping them make beneficial life changes.

A licensed psychotherapist with advanced training in clinical hypnosis from Michael Yapko, Ph.D., Dr. Gilchrist uses the most advanced hypnosis techniques available today. He specializes in strategic multi-session hypnosis programs that are much more effective than single or double sessions for complex issues such as smoking cessation.

Along with certification in Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Gilchrist possesses extensive therapy training from dual, complementary perspectives. He possesses a masters degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a doctorate degree and license in Clinical Psychology.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Dr. Randy Gilchrist

Eric Michaels: As a psychologist, why do you think we have such an extreme weight problem in today's society?
Dr. Gilchrist: 2 Main Reasons:  #1 Our society conditions us to associate food with things besides weight loss: entertainment, stress relief, boredom relief, etc., and offers many high fat, high sugar, high carb foods well beyond what our bodies need.  In short, we eat from external cues instead of internal cues because our bodies crave nutrition, and we eat excessively for emotional reasons vs. because our bodies need replenishment. #2 We live a more sedentary lifestyle and have careers where we sit more.  Eating more and moving less = the weight problem we have today where 2/3 of people are over weight and 1/3 are actually obese.

Eric Michaels: What is clinical hypnosis and how can it be used for weight loss?
Dr. Gilchrist: Clinical hypnosis is a psychotherapy technique to promote powerful change through bypassing our conscious resistance to change.  The subject simply closes their eyes, relaxes, and focuses on the creative and disarming direction and suggestions given by the hypnotist to change and improve (such as to eat less and exercise more). These suggestions are then much easier to accept and embrace because the subject’s conscious resistance to change is much lower since they are in a more relaxed, focused state. As the subject embraces the suggestions to change in their mind, these improvements eventually translate over to improved behavioral/lifestyle habits, and positive lifestyle changes follow.  In other words, the person eventually eats less, moves, more, loses the weight, and keeps it off.

Eric Michaels: What are the main myths out there about hypnosis and how would you answer them?
Dr. Gilchrist: Myth 1:  I will get stuck in hypnosis.  Reality:  you can break out of hypnosis whenever you wish to open your eyes and reject the suggestions. Myth 2:  I’m too strong willed to be hypnotized.  Reality:  you can benefit from hypnosis by simply relaxing, focusing, and going with the suggestions in the session.  Since the goal to lose weight is something you want, and the fact that you as the subject co-creates the session in your mind, the problem of resistance or “being strong willed” usually isn’t a problem.

Eric Michaels: Please tell us your own story of losing 70 pounds through hypnosis.
Dr. Gilchrist: My journey into the world of hypnosis and weight loss began as a doctoral student in clinical psychology in San Diego.  Between 1996-2001, I gained an embarrassing 70 pounds—going from 203 pounds in 1996 to 273 pounds in 2001 (I’m 6 foot 5 inches tall).  To deal with the stress and anxiety of graduate school, I ate and ate and ate—Home Town Buffet, Godfather’s Pizza buffet, Taco Bell, etc., etc.  I didn’t know what to do.  I had never managed any dieting success during all of these years, even though I had tried everything I could think of.  I felt frustrated, embarrassed, and hopeless.

Fortunately, at my lowest point in March 2001, I signed up to learn clinical hypnosis at a 6-day seminar by Dr. Michael Yapko, the world-renown expert of therapist-level clinical hypnosis training.  During the last segment of the final day of training, a fellow hypnosis student hypnotized me to lose weight upon my request.  I honestly didn’t think much of the novice hypnosis session I received at the time.  However, I greatly underestimated the power of hypnosis.

About 2 weeks after my hypnosis session, I was trying on a new shirt at Old Navy and said to myself—“I’m too fat to wear this”.  Right then, something seemed to “click” in my brain. I suddenly felt motivated to eat less, eat better, and exercise more.  In other words, I was finally ready to commit to a full-blown, permanent weight loss lifestyle.  Although I was surprised and a little confused by this development, I embraced it and ran with it.  The rest is history—I lost 1-2 pounds a week for 12 months until I lost a full 73 pounds—going from a high of 273 down to a low of 200 pounds.  I’ve stayed between 205-215 pounds ever since to this day (my ideal weight range).

Since my 2001 training, I’ve also been helping my live, face-to-face psychotherapy clients slim down through the power of hypnosis in my private practice.  Now, after years of preparation, training, and experience, I’ve decided to share my weight loss tools with as many people as possible, leading me to the eventual creation of this program—The Weight Loss Mindset™.

Eric Michaels: Besides doing hypnosis for weight loss in your private practice office, you also have a self-help version of your hypnosis for weight loss called The Weight Loss Mindset.  Please tell us about that.

Dr. Gilchrist: The Weight Loss Mindset is a self-help version of the same clinical hypnosis for weight loss sessions I offer in my private  ask for practice.  It’s a collection of 8 complementary 30-minute hypnosis audio sessions addressing all of the main subjects people in my private practice ask for assistance with: eating less, eating better, exercising more, overcoming junk food, etc. Customers of my program simply listen to a session when they can—such as just before they go to sleep.  They simply push play on their MP3 or CD player, close their eyes, relax, and focus.  Then, the suggestions to change and improve their weight will follow.  To learn more, simply go to to learn more.  On my site, you’ll see a simple 60-second introductory video that will introduce the program, as well as show my own embarrassing before and after photo, along with one of my testimonial subjects—a 58 year old lady who lost and kept off 50 pounds in 5 months.

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