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April 12, 2011 @ 1:32 pm

Weight Loss Surgery Impacts Other Aspects of a Patient’s Health with Dr. Brian Quebbemann


Nationally respected expert in bariatric surgery Dr. Brian Quebbemann joins the show. His practice focuses entirely on laparoscopic weight-loss surgery.

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Brian B. Quebbemann, MD, FACS has lived and practiced surgery in Orange County, California since 1997. As a nationally respected expert in bariatric surgery, his practice focuses entirely on laparoscopic weight-loss surgery. Dr. Quebbemann completed his undergraduate and medical school training at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine and then completed residency training in general surgery, bariatric surgery and laparoscopy at the University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine. Due to his belief that a patient’s success after bariatric surgery is only maximized when state-of-the-art surgery is combined with a comprehensive education and support program, he created The N.E.W. Program to be the first truly integrated bariatric program on the west coast. The N.E.W. Program design is recognized in the bariatric industry as one of the most complete bariatric surgery programs in America.


Dr. Brian B. Quebbemann discusses & answers the following:

  • How have FDA guidelines for weight loss surgery changed?
  • The new guidelines have made the surgery available to more individuals, but who really is a good candidate for the weight loss surgery?
  • Can you explain the different procedures and how they impact a person's a weight loss?
  • How does weight loss surgery impact other aspects of a patient's health?
  • How do patients maintain a healthy, long-term weight after surgery?
  • And...Special Tip in Conclusion...


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