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November 29, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

The Wedding Has Been Cancelled!


Catherine Gryp a newly single gal joined the show. She is starting fresh after a seven-year relationship, cancelled wedding and overall major life changes. But all signs point to it’s gotta get better from here on out. Follow her on first dates, new friends, fun experiences and learning to love being Simply Solo at Want to reach me? Leave a comment on one of my posts (I LOVE comments!) or send me an e-mail at edrugstore.jpg

Partial Transcript of Interview with Catherine Gryp

Eric Michaels: Your blog is about the solo life through lifes experience - obviously a particular event triggered you to start this blog - could you share briefly what took place?

Catherine: Sure, I was supposed to be married this past July to a man I was with for over than seven years, I am almost 26 years old and I've been with him since I was eighteen. He was my best friend - very important to me. About 3 months before we were supposed to get married I found out he had been lying to me about a bunch of things and we had to end the relationship. He wasn't the man I thought he was. I started the blog because I was newly single, first time in my adult life that I had been single since I had been with him since I was eighteen and I really didn't know what to do. There was one night that I was kind of having a pity party for myself it was in June, I had nothing else better to do and was looking around the Internet trying to find women like me who were starting over - normal women! All of these blogs you see online are single women all in Miami, New York - they are living fabulous lives. I live in Chester, Virginia, right outside of Richmond and I do not have a lot to offer here so I was looking for someone like me. So I started this blog so that people could see someone that is single starting over and enjoying life.

Eric Michaels: That's a pretty disastrous series of events for sure, an investment for seven years of your life - you seem to be taking this very well and moving in the right direction hats off to you. I would stand up and applaud you for what you are doing now and your attitude. What are some of the best BREAK UP LINES you've heard?

Catherine: When you mean best - you mean worst? Some of the best lines I have heard that are NOT helpful at all are - everyone tells me "there are plenty of fish in the sea". When you hear that you don't want to go fishing after a break up or ending a relationship. Even after one year you aren't ready to go out to the market and find someone else. So anytime you hear there are plenty of fish in the sea that is not reassuring to hear. One of the best lines that was hard to hear at first because you don't want to hear it so much is "time heals all wounds." I think that is really true but is a hard one to hear because you want to fast-forward through time and make things better. I have learned after 6 months broken up that time does heal and even though I am not completely healed every day does get a little bit better and this is what I try to tell anyone else that is going through a hard time.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think breaking up hard to do? I am sure there are a lot of people who that are in a relationship right now - they are questioning whether or not they should continue - what makes it so hard to officially BREAK UP?

Catherine: I think it is really hard because no one really likes change. You know you get used to being with someone and they understand you - they know you - whether it's sexually or they know you personality they love you and they've chosen to be with you and especially if you are the one that has to end it that's really hard because you are starting completely over and you aren't sure if you are making the right decision for most people there is always a nagging part of you that isn't sure that you made the right decision. You don't want to look back and say what if. I think that is really hard and for me it was hard because I was with this person for seven years and he was my very best friend. I had gone to college with him, I had gotten my first job with him - all of those different things, all of those life experiences and just to have that be over - you aren't just losing that person you are with and that person that you love - you are losing your best friend...


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Catherine Gryp discusses & answers:

-  Do women really feel good when men stop and look at them walking down the street - or better question angle - do women in general liked to be noticed? And if so, do they still crave it after engagement or marriage?

- What are some of the most fun dates you have had recently? Would you desire to get back into a serious relationship anytime soon?

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