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February 20, 2011 @ 9:27 pm

The Reason Why It’s So Hard To Change a Habit


Dr. Bobbie McDonald, doctor of psychology and an expert in the subconscious mind joins the show.  She helps individuals find solutions for reaching their goals, healthy relationships, and effective parenting.

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Dr. Bobbie McDonald is an expert in the subconscious mind who has made her mark in the field of psychology with her distinctive strategies for effectively empowering individuals to create lasting positive change in their lives. As a doctor of psychology, she is a respected expert and speaker on issues of self-esteem,  weight loss, relationships, child and adolescent issues, and parenting.  Dr. Bobbie brings her unique brand of empowered living to individuals as varied as heads of corporations to homemakers.

Dr. Bobbie has been featured on CNN, ABC, and CBS as well as in publications including SmartMoney, The UK Observer, Diane Magazine, A Girl’s Life and others.

Insightful, intuitive, and compassionate, Dr. Bobbie gets to the root of the problem with striking precision and comforting compassion. While her style of communication and interaction can be direct, pragmatic, and sometimes playful, she maintains a connection of unconditional regard.  Reknown for her use of metaphor and allegory to illuminate correlation or condition, she empowers individuals to find their own solutions for relating, parenting, and living life to its greatest possibility through her stories and analogies.

Her correspondence files are filled with stories of success from her clients, fans, and listeners who have gratefully recounted their experiences of finding new and successful ways to approach their lives as they practice the tools of empowered living.


Dr. Bobbie McDonald discusses & answers the following:

  • How is the subconscious mind formed?
  • Does our subconscious mind sabotage us?
  • How does the subconscious mind relate to weight issues?
  • Why is it so difficult to change a habit?
  • Is it possible to change our subconscious programming?
  • And a Special Conclusion Tip...

Web Sites:
Twitter: @DrBobbieMcD

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