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December 2, 2010 @ 10:42 pm

The Coolest Way to Flirt - EVER!


RACHEL DeAlto Founder, FlipMe! Cards

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A graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Advertising from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Rachel DeAlto planned and purchased media for various regional and national clients before deciding to go to law school. She received her Juris Doctorate at Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, NJ. After passing the New Jersey Bar, Rachel joined a law firm in Central New Jersey specializing in civil litigation.

During law school, Rachel caught the eye of a curious guy (her future husband John) across the dining room while having lunch with her parents at a local restaurant. With intentions of not disrespecting Rachel’s parents, John left a note with the waitress along with his phone number and asked her to slip Rachel the note after he left. Three days later, Rachel dialed into her fate. Six weeks later, they were engaged to be married. Having met through their own “flip experience,” Rachel and John are excited to give others the opportunity to be ready the next time someone catches their eye. After several years as a trial attorney, Rachel unexpectedly found herself literally face to face with her first entrepreneurial venture.  The unique way in which John and Rachel met reinstated the importance of the initial face to face chemistry needed for the perfect dating formula. Combining initial chemistry with personalized and private dating cards, Rachel has boxed the perfect dating formula with the creation of FlipMe cards.

In June 2010, John and Rachel launched FlipMe cards, a new dating retail product with an online component which gives singles the chance to make connections they might otherwise miss and puts fate back in the hands of the desired. It’s as simple as looking, liking and flipping. Rachel resides with her husband, John, and children in New Jersey.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Rachel DeAlto of

Eric Michaels: In regards to dating and ways to meet new people - this is a very cool & clever approach! Why did Rachel DeAlto create FlipMe?

Rachel DeAlto: It's funny because it actually started the way I met my husband. We were at a restaurant, I was having lunch with my parents and he was sitting next to me at a table near his collegues and he kept giving my eye contact. In a normal world, everyone would leave and would have missed an opportunity instead my husband actually ripped of a piece of the place mat and passed a note to me through the waitress. Two years after that, we have been married for five years now, we were sitting around just thinking what if we created a way where other people could avoid those missed opportunities and meet people in daily life that they are making that eye contact with and could have a really good chemistry with without having to put themselves too far out there and have to approach somebody by going up and asking for a phone number or something of that sort - so that's what led to the creation of Flipme!

Eric Michaels: So....tell us how does work?

Rachel DeAlto: It actually is very simple. The member receives a pack of 30 cards, they activate their card and they can pass them out to anyone they see in daily life that they're attracted to. You could pass the card out to a woman on the subway, in a coffee shop - each card has a flirty phrase and it has unique codes on it that links her to you and only the two of you are allowed to communicate on the web site. So bascially it is just a way to communicate with people in every day life without giving too much personal information.

Eric Michaels: How is FlipMe different than other online dating sites?

Rachel DeAlto: Online dating sites are great and they do work for a lot of people but I think they are missing out on one key ingredient and that's chemistry. There is something that you can't explain when you meet somebody and when you have eye contact with someone. There is that attraction that you have for an individual that really helps build that foundation of the relationship. As opposed to online dating you are actually meeting in real life and having that physical chemistry with that person and then falling in love with them instead of the reverse which is how online dating is set up that you are almost falling in love with a profile and when you meet them in person you realize that this isn't a person that you are attracted to and it's someon that you can't actually build a relationship with.


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Rachel DeAlto discusses & answers:

- So I give a beautiful woman one of these cards - now what?

- Will I have the ability to search for others on the site?

- And a Special Tip...


Connecting with FlipMe:

Facebook Fan Page - FlipMeDating

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