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January 31, 2011 @ 11:18 am

The biggest problem when it comes to people’s overall health and wellness


Darshan Shanti who is an expert in human motivation, rapid transformation and helping people eliminate unwanted, unhealthy, self-destructive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in hours, not years joined the show. He is an author of three books including his best-seller, The 24 Hour Champion – Discovering AND Living Your Priceless Life.

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Darshan is a workshop facilitator, transformational speaker and he is the founder and President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc. Across North America, he has worked with over 30,000 people from many diverse industries and backgrounds to help them find their hidden potential, purpose, passions, dreams and desires so they may experience true freedom and health in their lives and big success in their business.

He has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own mind about who they are, what they want and what's possible, both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their change is permanent. That leaves them free to make new decisions, take new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

His personal mission is to reach out and help at least 25 million people through his books, seminars, audio/video programs to discover and replace their core, limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers so they have the freedom to live the powerful, fulfilling and magnificent lives they truly deserve.

What makes his work so sought after by thousands of entrepreneurs, independent sales professionals, corporations and small/large businesses is his one-of-a-kind, training/teaching system called:

Core Problem Removal (CPR).

CPR is an interactive, transformational system that causes permanent shifts in awareness, enabling people to discover the unconscious barriers that hold them back from their greatest achievements.

Unlike most other speakers or trainers, Darshan’s work focuses only on the core issues that stop people. By dealing with issues at their core, they don’t come back anymore, just like weeds in a garden. If you pick them by their roots, they’re gone for good. If you don’t they will come back for sure. He is often hired as a ‘last resort’ when nothing else has worked for a company to come in and turn them around.


Darshan discusses the following on this eHealth Radio Episode:

  • You have a remarkable story about how you almost died and how you healed yourself from Multiple Sclerosis and Sleep Apnea and Acid Reflux Disease, naturally. Can you tell us about that?
  • What were the most important lessons you learned from that?
  • What do you believe to be the biggest problem when it comes to people’s overall health and wellness?
  • People know what to do to lose weight and be healthy (Eat right, exercise, take time out to relax, etc.) Given that, what is it that stops people from taking care of themselves.
  • Right now, what is one thing you would recommend for my listeners that they do in order to start to gain control of their health and fitness?

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