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March 1, 2011 @ 2:32 pm

Sport Clips - Massaging the Scalp with Julie Vargas


Julie Vargas, a licensed stylist and director of Career Opportunities for Sport Clips, the nation's largest men's and boy's hair care provider joined the show. She has been in the hair care industry for 20 years working daily with leading cosmetology educators, product representatives and professional stylists.

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Julie Vargas discusses & answers the following:

  • What do men need to do to keep a healthy look?

Hair tends to grow about a half inch per month, so Sport Clips recommends a hair cut about every three to four weeks, depending upon the style you choose.

  • Do you recommend trims in between haircuts or does once-and-done every few weeks cut it for guys?

At Sport Clips we focus on men's haircare, and they tend to see growth around the neckline in-between cuts.  We offer free neck trims to keep the look tidy, especially if you're in the working world and want to maintain a polished image.  For younger guys and those in more creative professions, a little shaggier look is common, so the neck trim is not as critical.

  • Are there special shampoos or tactics that really seem to work to make your hair look and feel healthier?

Anytime you use a professional product you are using a product that is better for your hair than a store bought product with a high alcohol content.  We uses products that contain Tea Tree Oil and there are many positives associated with that ingredient, it definitely tingles the scalp.  Also, we offer something called an MVP Experience, it's a steamed towel, neck and shoulder massage -- something that offers guys a stress reducer when they're in for a haircut, adding to their overall relaxation and well-being.

  • What about massaging the scalp...does that stimulate hair growth?  Can it prevent baldness?

It can help to stimulate growth and blood circulation…maybe prevent the quantity of hair loss.

  • About the shampoos and treatments that are out there really work?

Sure they do…however, the real key is to catch it before it happens so that it becomes a preventative process verses a recovery process which very seldom has a high success rate.


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