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January 8, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

Solutions for Women & Children Hair Loss


Hair Loss Expert & Owner of Nadwa Hair Spa - Nadwa Yono joins the show. She discusses hair loss, how many women in the United States suffer from hair loss and what can be done to help these women and children in a non-surgical and non-medicated method.

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Nadwa Yono is the owner of Nadwa Hair Spa, the most high-tech and innovative salon and spa. Nadwa is nationally recognized for hair, color, hair attachments, wigs, wellness and as a fashion expert with more than twenty-eight years of professional experience.

The second youngest of nine children, Nadwa was born in Telkif, Iraq and immigrated to Michigan in 1970 at the age of seven. She became a cosmetologist at the age of eighteen and began honoring her craft at leading Detroit area salons. Throughout the years, she has trained with the industry’s most elite schools and educators. The most influential of these masters in Nadwa’s career was the renowned Trevor Sorbie of London. In 1991, Mr. Sorbie selected Nadwa from hundreds of applicants in a nationwide search to work with him as an educator at various national shows.

Nadwa’s newest love in hair involves hair attachments, wigs, and extensions. Nadwa is among the less than 4% of hair dressers in the United States to perform these specific types of attachments and services. Nadwa has studied all over the United States and abroad for these types of attachments, wigs, and extensions.

In 1994, Nadwa pursued the American dream and founded Salone Nadwa and Day Spa. This was a 6,400 square foot full-service facility, employing forty highly skilled and educated professionals. Salone Nadwa and Day Spa grossed more than $1 million in sales in its initial first year during business and approximately $2 million by its fourth year, with revenues near $2.8 million by its fifth year.

Nadwa is frequently invited to conduct interviews for local and national media as a spokesperson for health and beauty. Throughout her many years being a hairdresser, she has done the hair of multiple local celebrities, TV anchors, and Red Wing players and their wives. She also has a visible role in the community, sponsoring such organizations as Haven, Karmanos, and various cancer charities. Nadwa was named as one of the top young business people in Michigan as part of Crain's Detroit Business Magazine’s "40 under 40" for the year 2000. Nadwa resides in West Bloomfield, Michigan and is the dedicated mother of her two sons, Brandon and Kyle.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Nadwa Yono

Eric Michaels: How many women in the United States suffer from hair loss?

Nadwa Yono: Over 30 million suffer from hair loss out of every 5 men 3 women have hair loss.

Eric Michaels: What causes hair loss?

Nadwa Yono: Hair loss is mostly genetic, over 95% is genetic. A lot of people think that it's just medication or something like that - hair falls out slowly and only 5% has to do with stress, poor diet, medication and hormone changes is only 5% anything else is 95% genetic.

Eric Michaels: What are different types of hair loss that exist?

Nadwa Yono: Well there is the Alopecia Areata which means bald in patches, Hypotrichosis is where someone totally loses their hair from head to toe and there is Scarring Alopecia which is mostly caused from burns...


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Nadwa Yono discusses & answers:

  • What can be done to help these women and children that is a non-surgical or non-medicated method?
  • What kind of hair attachments do you use?
  • Special Conclusion Tip...

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