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February 2, 2011 @ 12:27 pm

Social Media Affecting the Way We Date


Maria Avgitidis, whis a matchmaker and dating coach in New York City joins the show. She discusses the dating scene in New York and its culture, dating ideas and how social media is affecting how we date today.

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Maria Avgitidis, or "The Date Coach", provides solutions in dating and relationships. As a fourth generation matchmaker, and founder of Agape Match, a full scale matchmaking firm based in NYC, Maria is an astute observer of how various personality types interact with each other. Together these skills allow her to find and nurture romantic relationships for her clients, and often help improve their platonic relationships as well. More information can be found out about Maria at and


Maria Avgitidis discusses the following on this eHealth Radio Episode

  • How did you become a matchmaker?
  • What does Agape mean in Agape Match? [your matchmaking firm]
  • What is the hardest part about dating in NYC?
  • How has social media affected the way we date?
  • Valentine's Day is coming up... Do you celebrate even if you've only gone on 1 or 2 dates?
  • Favorite Date Ideas in NYC
  • Don't Miss Special Conclusion Tip...

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