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November 2, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

Safeguarding Your Marriage on Facebook


K. Jason & Kelli Krafsky, authors of the book Facebook and Your Marriage talk about what inspired them write their book. In today’s society, we’re electronically interconnected in more ways than ever before.  Some lament this.  Others celebrate.  Whatever your stance, technology keeps on evolving.  How is technology affecting your relationship?  What do you do in these situations?

My fiancée just changed her status from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated.”  What’s that mean?

I just found my high school flame.  Do I friend them or not?

It won’t hurt to let the rest of the world know that my spouse was a jerk for doing….

I’m afraid my wife is spending too much time with a guy online.  She says it’s innocent, but I’m starting to wonder.

They give advice on Facebook in how to use it as a married couple and the precautions that you should take. This is the 1st book ever written on how relationships can survive and thrive on the world’s most popular online social network.

K. Jason & Kelli Krafsky: Over the last 13 years, Jason has trained thousands of pastors, counselors and leaders in premarital, marriage and relationship programs and provides leadership with the Marriage CoMission, Coalition for Marriage, Couple and Family Education and Association of Marriage and Family Ministries. He is trainer of trainers in PREPARE/ENRICH and trained to facilitate many of the best marriage and relationship programs including: PREP, PAIRS Essentials, FOCCUS, Couple Communication, Mastering the Mysteries of Love, and more.

Over the years, Kelli has worked with young wives, unwed, pregnant mothers and volunteered for several schools, churches and community-based organizations. She has spoken with Jason to married couples groups, taught premartial classes and been involved with the Marriage CoMission and Association of Marriage and Family Ministries.

In early 2009, she began co-writing articles with Jason, including, "Our Top Dozen Do’s and Don’ts for Facebooking Couples," “How Facebook Can Improve Your Marriage” and “Is Facebook a Cyber-Threat to Your Marriage?” Due to the popular demand of the articles, Kelli and Jason began writing Facebook and Your Marriage, which was released in 2010.

Kelli and Jason have been referenced and featured in many news stories and articles on social media’s impact on marriages, including The Washington Times, The Seattle PI, The Chattanooga Times Free Press and The Oregonian as well as several radio, podcast and television programs.

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