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December 5, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

Relax and Be Confident!


The CEO of Maayan LLC & owner of the brand MindEssential Orly Glick joined eHealth Radio. She discusses how MindEssential's products can aid with your mindset and confidence - naturally!

Note: You can listen to this interview by referring to audio player at the end of this post.

About MindEssential

MindEssential™ waters are functional beverages that evoke the natural healing power of flower essences to flood out your negative thoughts and emotions and help you relax.  Our patented formulas are enhanced only with pure water, natural flavors and the plant-based sweeteners Stevia and Erythritol.  They contain no drugs, hormones, chemicals or other synthetic substances, making them a natural, holistic therapeutic approach to sound mental wellbeing.


Complete Transcript of Interview with The CEO of Maayan LLC & owner of the brand MindEssential Orly Glick

Eric Michaels: As you know, it's difficult to have good healthy relationships when we have a negative or polluted does MindEssential help change the direction on an individuals mindset?

Orly Glick: It is interesting as MindEssential™ is bringing a new concept to consumers. Let me give you a quick background: 150 years ago, Dr. Bach who lived in the UK and was an MD, a microbiologist, a scientist and a homeopath found 38 flowers that with certain processing – can have a good effect on specific moods. So, imagine you take the chamomile flower, it is going through some process and its dried out and pouring hot water over it, the extract, or sipping chamomile tea, can help with sleeplessness, stomach unease or headaches. And for most people this is common knowledge today. Similar to that, those 38 flowers discovered by Dr. Bach in the UK can help with different moods. For example, there is a flower that helps with fear, with mood swings there is one for separation anxiety and others. Our confidence shot contains 5 of those flower essences that together boost the drinker’s confidence.

Eric Michaels:  Hypothetically, I have a problem with my self-esteem - lacjing the confidence I need to deal with every day life -  how does MindEssentials beverage change  that to give me a boost of confidence naturally?

Orly Glick: The confidence shot contain 5 flowers give different boosts of confidence. For example, Centaury is amazing – you know how many of us find it hard to say no or to dare to contradict someone when they are imposing upon our good nature and you can’t find the confidence to raise an objection. Centaury is exactly working on this aspect: it for people of moments when you find it hard to say no or when we are easily influenced by those stronger than us. Larch – is for feeling inferior or when you are sure you are about to fail. Cerato is for second guessing our own decisions or when we often change direction when we are unsure of our own decisions. Confidence has many aspects to it and each flower will boost the confidence from a different angle.

Eric Michaels:  What makes MindEssential unique or different than other health companies?

Orly Glick: MindEssential™ is a supplement as opposed to a drug. It is all natural, and the beverage itself is all natural. No drugs, chemicals, hormones or any preservatives. We simply took the flower combination, added to water, added agave and natural flavor. You don’t need any prescription for buying supplements and people all over Europe have been using flower essences for years.

Eric Michaels: Who is the perfect consumer of MindEssential?

Orly Glick: MindEssential™ Confidence shot is basically for anyone that needs a confidence boost. For example, if you have a presentation to do and you are a little anxious, if you are meeting new clients, if you have a very important meeting with your managers, clients, partners, if you have a first date, if you have an important exam or test if you are afraid of flights. In general anyone that feels they need a boost of confidence.

Eric Michaels: Relieving stress is a part of us being productive in all part of our lives, do you have a product that would naturally aid in this respect.

Orly Glick: Yes, we have the RELAX water, that similar to the confidence shot, we took a combination of other flowers that can help an individual relax. For example, one flower in the RELAX water is impatiens – which amazingly enough boosts your patience. Another flower is White Chestnut, also very interesting, it helps calm down the running thoughts in your head. You know how many people can’t fall asleep at night because of all the running thoughts – what happened today, what do I need to prepare tomorrow, all the tasks and the events that are running in our heads and keep us awake – those are calmed by white chestnut essence. So the combination of flowers in the RELAX water is making you relaxed and it is also all natural with no preservatives nor drugs or hormones, and this beverage is 0 sugar or calories.

Eric Michaels: Orly, where can our listeners connect with you online and know more about MindEssentials?

Orly Glick:

Eric Michaels: In conclusion any advice or a tip you could lend our listeners in regards to better mental health that would only help our every day relationships?

Orly Glick: CONFIDENCE TIP - I taught public speaking for many years and it is known that the fear number 2 of people after dead is fear of public speaking. To become a confidence speaker is a 2 day seminar but if I had to choose 1 tip, I would say the following: communication is a matter of perception. The way you come across is combined of what you feel and what the audience perceives you or THINKS that you feel. If you take 3 days prior to the presentation or, for that matter, this could also help with important meetings, a date etc. so you take 3 days, and every day, 3 times a day, you imagine the situation, how you are presenting, or speaking, and people listen to you. Imagine them asking you questions, imagine their expressions, imagine you answering them. this is not only practicing but preparing you and building your confidence in your ability to succeed, while it is not threatening at the same time.

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