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March 27, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

Realizing He Was Different with J.C. Knudson


J.C. Knudson author of the book Living the Difference joins the show. As an entrepreneur and small businessman, he holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration. Knudson and his ex-wife are the parents of two adopted sons; today, Knudson lives with his partner in Oklahoma City.

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J.C. Knudson Lives the Difference, Brings Experience to Memoir of Being Gay in America

Joseph "J.C." Knudson is an author on a mission to educate the world's population about understanding and accepting people who are gay. His first book, a memoir, is called Living the Difference (2010, Espresso House Publishing). Its subtitle is "An Enlightening Story Revealed For People of All Ages, Straight or Gay."

Editorial reviews of Knudson's book call Living the Difference "a fascinating journey no gay author has been able to capture to date," "conquering the final frontier of bigotry and ignorance," and "filled with love, hate, joy, sorrow and much more."

Living the Difference also turned up on Vonnie Faroqui's book blog, Writers in the Sky. Faroquai calls the memoir "remarkably under-sensationalized," praising Knudson's honest storytelling style that leaves the reader to draw his or her own conclusions. She mentions how Living the Difference lifts the curtain on the so-called "gay lifestyle," revealing a human portrait that resonates regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It's a portrait of success, of meaning, and of hope.

From Faroquai's description, Living the Difference seems to be an important resource for young gay men living with fear, shame or self-loathing; or for anyone coming to terms with a friend or family member's coming out. Knudson, it seems, told his story not to shock, offend or "convert" anyone, but simply to lay out a roadmap for acceptance. The book lights a candle against the darkness of ignorance.

The podcast of J.C.'s recent interview with Vonnie Faroqui can be found here. To learn more about J.C. Knudson, along with details of his book, go to


J.C. Knudson discusses & answers the following:

  • J.C. the book you have written, Living the Difference, is biographical in nature and yet there’s more going on than the sharing of memoirs.  What inspired you to begin writing and what is the motivation for you to let readers inside your life in this way?
  • In the book you write of your childhood attractions, crushes and subsequent confusion about what was considered appropriate attractions by those around you. Can you share with our listeners a little of your experiences and how you were impacted?
  • Do you think that you were confused about what or rather who you were attracted to or was the confusion you describe centered in discovering that your attractions were different from those of other children, that you were somehow different.
  • How do you think that early confusion affected you?
  • As an adult looking back at those early years do you see a shift in cultural perception or religious teachings toward or about homosexuality?

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