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December 5, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

Oh No! He Didn’t Send Me a Facebook Friend Request!


Attorney & Author Lisa D. Wright joined the show on eHealth Radio. She discusses her dating advice from her life experiences.

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Attorney Lisa D. Wright was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area.  From 1986 - 1989 she attended Kentucky State University (KSU), pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting - Cum Laude with Business Departmental Honors at the age of 20.  After KSU she worked as a Bank Examiner in Michigan before returning to graduate school.

From August 1996 - December 1999, she attended Duke University's School of Law and Fuqua School of Business to complete the Juris Doctorate (JD) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) dual degree program in three and a half years.

In January 2000, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work in corporate America at as a marketing analyst and then as a corporate bankruptcy consultant. In February 2001, she took the Georgia Bar examination for the first time and was notified in May 2001 that she passed.  She then decided to actively pursue a legal career.  In May 2002, she opened the Law Office of Lisa D. Wright, LLC.  Attorney Wright has represented clients with family law, criminal law, consumer law, and business law issues.

Oh No He Didn't! is Attorney Wright's first book. Attorney Lisa D. Wright is living in Atlanta, is single, is dating, and is looking forward to writing her next book.

Please visit her website at or email her at  You may also follow Attorney Wright on Twitter at AttorneyWright.


Partial Transcript of eHealth Radio's Interview with Attorney Lisa D. Wright

Eric Michaels: What an eye catching title for your book - what inspired you to write it?

Lisa D. Wright: There are several things that inspired me, men that I spoke with about my outrageous dating experiences actually were the ones that got me to write Oh No He Didn't! Whether it was men that I knew or men that I had just met, they were asking questions about different stories and articles being done on dating in Atlanta and they said oh, this is hilarious, you should write a book and so shortly there after I started researching the process of actually going about the process of writing a book and publishing it. I started working on the concept of the book, I started thinking that I actually date different than most because of being a litigating attorney so this led me to providing not only personal advice but legal advice as well. This book provides dating advice for women that can't afford to hire an attorney...and it also provides dating advice for men that need to hear the strait forward advice of what to do and what not to do on a date from someone other than their male friends. 

Eric Michaels: Would you be willing to share briefly 1 of those 15 outrageous dating experiences mentioned in your book?

Lisa D. Wright: Sure! The first experience in the book is "Oh No He Didn't" send me a Facebook request and he was a convicted bank robber. Before I got on Facebook my sister kept saying you should get on Facebook, you should get on Facebook, it may help you promote your business. The initial name I had on the profile was Attorney Lisa D. Wright so the gentleman knew I was an attorney. He pretended to be someone who I knew from that past from hanging out, partying and undergrad. Some of his later post started mentioning that he later was running and I started running and doing some 5K's in the summer. So I mentioned maybe we could go run a race together and you could run your first 5K. Then I began to say that I really don't know you, I'm not sure what the real connection is from looking at Facebook post. The more I talked to him I said you aren't the same person I thought you were from the past that I knew back from undergrad so we had a few more conversations. I was later going to Detroit where the gentleman resides and he mentioned if I needed a ride to the race he could have his friends pick me up. First of all I wouldn't have you pick me up because I don't know you...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Lisa D. Wright discusses & answers:

- African American women are not in the midst of a “dating crisis.”  However, that is not what the national media wants everyone to believe. - touch on this if you would.

- Oh No He Didn't! To the Rescue Campaign...

- What is a good first date situation - what to do or where to go?

- And a Special Tip...

Connecting with Lisa D Wright:

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