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March 27, 2011 @ 1:56 pm

Moving Forward - Life Coaching with Dr. Marilyn Gustin



Dr. Marilyn Gustin, a professional Certified Life Coach for 10 years joins the show. All her life she has worked in various ways to assist people in their personal and spiritual expansion.

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Marilyn Gustin, Ph.D. is a Certified Life Coach, workshop leader, teacher and author. Her one-on-one work, and her workshops and publications have explored personal and spiritual growth for nearly 40 years. As a Life Coach, she offers assistance to creatives, to people in transition, to people with dreams who are ready to make creative changes in their lives. She is expanding her Coaching practice these days with an exploration into feminine values in the business world.

She earned her doctorate in Comparative Spiritualities in her forties. She continues to explore this field with much enthusiasm. She’s been an adult educator for over 35 years. All of her professional life has been people-oriented. She also is a fabric artist, enjoys nature, likes to hike. Her personal passion is to keep growing, keep expanding, to the very end. Her friendships are vital and cherished. She enjoys exploring new experiences, finding them always enriching.

Work experience includes:

  • Founding/Directing a hospitality center for European merchant sailors, in California; managing a halfway house for recovering mental patients
  • Work in what today would be called an assisted/independent living situation for seniors.
  • Administrative assistant and retreat leader at Picture Rocks Retreat, Tucson
  • Teaching in and helping design a variety of adult education programs, usually in churches or dioceses
  • Traveling nation-wide to offer growth programs in several formats: keynote speeches, parish missions, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Teaching at the college level, mostly in scripture, some spirituality


Dr. Marilyn Gustin discusses & answers the following:

  • What is Life Coaching?
  • How is Life Coaching different from psychotherapy?
  • What might be included in a Life Coaching session?
  • Who might benefit from Life Coaching?
  • What's the most important quality a client needs to have, in order to succeed with Life Coaching?

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(520) 575-1255

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