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February 23, 2011 @ 11:12 pm

Making Sure the Cravings Go Away


Debbie Lane who has been internationally recognized as the hypnotist who stopped a famous case of hiccups joins the show.  She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows motivating and inspiring people to go for broke and make the change in their life that they desire through the power of their thoughts.

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There is a reason that Debbie Lane is a high media hypnotherapist in Tampa Bay, because she’s handled high profile and complex cases, while making her mark as one of the region’s most sought-after mind/body/spirit speakers.  Lane uses the lessons of hypnotherapy to empower the people in her audiences to shed their limits and go for broke. She has been awarded the 2007 Hypnotist of the Year, by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) and the 2007 Achievement Award, Hypnosis Education Association.  She is well known for her work with the “Hiccup Chick”.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Debbie Lane

Eric Michaels: Why is it that people who make and act upon important decisions all day, every day can’t seem to follow through with stop smoking?
Debbie Lane: Thinking in the conscious (or rational) mind is how we learn a new skill or attack a new challenge. Once a task becomes routine we go into “the zone”, the area known as the subconscious mind.  So, when we are making logical, conscious decisions we are applying that part of the mind.  We know at a rational level that smoking is not good for us and we are well aware of all the harm that cigarettes cause our bodies.  The problem is, it has become a habit and even to many smokers a “friend”.  They light up without a thought; turn to their “friend” in times of stress, loneliness or some other emotional need.  Every behavior we have benefits us in some way or we wouldn’t exhibit it.  The habit of smoking is often a filler of time or consolation.  I have had many clients who are mourning the loss of that “friend”.

Eric Michaels: Smoking is a friend that has always been there for many smokers, how do they get over the grief?
Debbie Lane: Once again, at a logical level we understand that a friend isn’t a very good friend that empties our wallets, causes us harm and lies to us on a regular basis.  What we do in hypnosis is allow the subconscious mind to understand that.  As that part of the mind is programmed to protect us, once that is truly understood, it immediately begins the process of stopping that relationship. The subconscious mind has an amazing ability to help a smoker create new and healthier ways of filling the needs that they once believed smoking did.

I encourage the client to create new habits and beliefs regarding their healthy habits while in trance. We can review each of the reasons that the individual was attached to smoking and ask the internal genius, care giver (whatever title is appropriate) for a better way to meet that need.  We also allow issues of self image and self esteem to be improved.  It no longer is necessary have the identity of a smoker.  In fact, a stronger, more powerful self image is created.

Eric Michaels: How do you make sure the cravings go away?
Debbie Lane: Many of what the smokers previously believed were cravings were actually the body detoxifying.  So, while the body mind connection can cause those sensations to lessen, any remaining sensations are redefined in the thought process as feelings of self empowerment.  It is also explained that a thought, any thought is one of thousands of inputs in any given moment.  So, a thought of a cigarette is not the same as a need or a craving.  A thought grows as it is given attention.  Instead of fighting the thought of a cigarette, take three deep breathes and become aware of the body for a moment.  Breathing deeply, focus on the improved sensations of the breath as it enters the body. Exhale any distractions. Breathe in the understanding of being stronger than Big Tobacco. Exhale any person, situation or thing that might want to take your power away.  Breathe in the moment, exhale and relax.

Eric Michaels: What makes your program so effective and long lasting?
Debbie Lane: I approach smoke cessation as an opportunity for the individual to become stronger in more ways than one.  This is about making a personal choice to breathe easier, to feel self empowered and appreciate themselves.  While I have an audio that is effective for stop smoking and many have used it, when I work with an individual, I record our session and give them that to use as well.  It is a great way to reinforce what they accomplished in session.

Most of my clients report better sleep after a hypnosis session with me.  So, the body heals and recovers while they sleep at night.  The recording often helps to continue the process of better sleeping as well.

I also have hand outs that my clients read and sign.  These have practical suggestions and easy follow up activities to really make this a commitment.  Now, when I say easy, I really mean easy.  Things such as taking three deep breathes every time you get into the car as a reminder of your desire to be focused and relaxed.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

I work with clients around the world, using Skype.  They have the same fabulous and long lasting results as those who come to my office and they do it in the comfort of their own home!

Eric Michaels: What if you are strong willed or strong minded, will this program still work?
Debbie Lane: It is a common fallacy that hypnosis is for the weak minded. Actually, quite the opposite is true.  The client is in control the whole time.  A good strong mind is well equipped to problem solve and create new habits.  I have been tickled many times by a client who tells me they can’t go into trance.  They have even been told by another hypnotist that they can’t go into trance!  We all experience trance on a daily basis; we just don’t call it that.  But, if you have ever been to sleep in your life, then you have been through the brainwaves identified as trance. Just recently I worked with a woman who had been told she couldn’t go into trance. Well, obviously there was no rapport between her and the hypnotist who told her that.  She went into trance so fast it was amazing.  What’s more, she gave up a two pack a day habit!  She has a fabulous mind, and now she is using it for her benefit.

Check out my website, on the Your 1st Visit page.  I have a video that explains what hypnosis is and is not.  While there, try the free audio called Serenity. It can be found on my products page.


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