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December 2, 2010 @ 11:47 am

Making Sense of Your Personal and Professional Relationships


Co-Founder of - Dana Kanze joined eHealth Radio.

Prior to launching Moonit, Dana served as a Director of Winterberry Group, a strategic consultancy catering to the marketing services and technology industry. During her three years at the firm, she led research and buyside strategic advisory efforts for a wide variety of the firm’s engagements, including those serving clients in the digital media and private equity sectors.

She is the author of white papers “Digital Marketing Services Transaction Activity: Transforming the Marketing Landscape” and “The Evolving Role of Direct Response Television in Multichannel Marketing Execution,” sponsored by the Electronic Retailing Association. Dana’s speaking engagements include a keynote speech at the Direct to Consumer 2.0 and Beyond Conference and ERA’s 17th Annual Convention.

Prior to Winterberry Group, Dana honed her skill set during a five-year career in Citigroup’s Corporate & Investment Bank and Smith Barney Equity Research divisions. An NASD Series 7 securities certification holder, Dana graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in economics and concentration in management from the Wharton School and concurrent minor in Italian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Dana Kazne of

Eric Michaels: Tell us what is all about?

Dana Kanze: Our mission at MoonIt is better relationships through astrology. We help people make sense of their personal and professional relationships by providing them with relationship compatibility readings and daily relationship horoscope alerts based on birth date analysis.

Eric Michaels: So what was the inspiration behind the creating of

Dana Kanze: My co-founders and I at MoonIt have always had a passion for astrology but we found that the information provided online was rather inaccurate or over generalized or not very entertaining so we set out to provide users with tangible advice that they could take away with them to improve their relationships and make sense of them every day.

Eric Michaels: Would someone need to believe in the dynamics or be into astrology to become a part of this?

Dana Kanze: Well that is an interesting question. We find that our users are those who are grappling with relationship issues. Whether they believe in astrology or not they are really looking for answers from any source out there and we happen to be a useful tool in their tool kit - that's how we think of ourselves. As they seek out all different types of resources to make sense of their past relationships or breakups or feel out a current relationship we are there for them and are able to provide for them with answers in the form of these relationship compatibility assessments which are 200 - 300 words long and they have a quantitative component of 1 - 100 percent that tells you of your compatibility on a quantitative percentage scale. There is also a qualitative version of it that tells you what to look out for, what to appreciate more about your relationship and what's in store for you in someone else. What we find after a user tries us and this offering, and the relationship compatibility assessment resonates with them, they are likely to feel that we are a trusted source for information and they are likely to sign up for daily horoscope alerts that let them know what's in store for that relationship every day.


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Dana Kanze discusses & answers:

- How the "Matchmaker" game integrated with friends on Facebook works.

- Unique membership features of Moonit?

- And a Special Tip...

Bonus: To get your relationship compatibility, go to or text LOVE to 97124 to sign up for relationship horoscope alerts!

Connecting with MoonIt:

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