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March 2, 2011 @ 10:08 pm

Love and Fat with Zen Gray


Zen Gray, a fitness coach and Chicago native currently living in Los Angeles joins the show. She is newly engaged and rescued a very cute puppy from the West LA Animal Shelter after running her first marathon in December.

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Zen Gray is most recognized on the street from being on Season One and Season Two of Work Out, Bravo TV’s docu-drama on the lives of personal trainers. She's also written and hosted amusing fitness tips on ExerciseTV called, "The Skinny" - segments that illuminate the challenges of staying fit, provide commentary on popular methods and training videos, and suggest easy ideas to help you stay healthy while living a normal life.

Zen is an A.C.E. Certified fitness professional with over 17 years of experience in group fitness instruction and personal training. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois and is very involved with Project Angel Food, the Sirens Society and the AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) charity - where she helped raise over $600,000 for AIDS research by running in her first marathon.

Zen's current passions include: writing her blog "Love and Fat", training for her first fitness competition, speaking to groups about making healthy lifestyle changes, teaching her new puppy NOT to go on the carpet, and planning her wedding.


Zen Gray discusses & answers the following:

  • You have a blog entitled "Love and Fat". Is there a relationship?
  • Could you describe the four ways that you believe love can affect body weight?
  • Are you just talking about intimate relationships?
  • What kinds of exercise do you recommend?
  • How else can we battle love handles?
  • Conclusion Tip...

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