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November 27, 2010 @ 7:03 pm

Learn to Communicate: Starts with “Good Morning”


Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa joined eHealth Radio to discuss behavioral and management psychology. He is also a creative problem solver with over 25 years of training and management experience. As a dynamic and high-energy professional keynote speaker, trainer, and marketing consultant, his focus is on results and solutions--the immediate transfer and application of learning to the workplace. He feels that, "No matter how good business is, it could always be better."

Dr. Jaffa does not hide behind a lectern (unless you want him to) but rather wanders into and interacts with his audience. He takes great pride in his sense of humor and common sense in addressing today's management problems and guarantees to make learning fun while exceeding your training objectives.

Dr. Jaffa's Rx: a "how-to," practical, creative, interactive, high-energy presentation to motivate you and your colleagues that reap maximum value for your time and training dollar$. Dr. Jaffa holds a doctorate in education from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University.

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300x300-radio-3.jpg Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Jaffa

Eric Michaels: So if you make contact with someone for the first time as you are walking down the road - they extend their hand as a greeting how do you approach that in a Dr. Elliott way?

Dr. Elliott: Well people skills literally are the number one skill. You obviously want to make eye contact, you want to smile, you want to extend your hand, shake their hand - you are assessing they are not diseased and tell them your name and introduce yourself.

Eric Michaels: What do you believe are key ingredients to a long lasting healthy relationship?

Dr. Elliott: We are looking at relationships as two kinds. First there is the personal and then there is the business. In any relationship, you have to value that relationship and if you are valuing the relationship for example in your personal relationship it can be with a family member or with a next door neighbor, it can be with your boss or employee on a business side it could be with a client, a customer, a vendor you have to continually work on that relationship if you value it. By that I mean you have to look at communication, keeping it two way - give and take - can't get offensive and you have to accept any suggestions that someone might say without becoming defensive. The relationship has to be based on honesty and also more so in a business relationship you want to under promise and over deliver. For example, I tell you it will be done Friday I know I can get it to you on Wednesday. So I under promised the delivery of whatever and I over delivered by getting it to you two days ahead of time.

Eric Michaels: I see you are the "Ralph Nader" of distant learning - what courses do you provide that keys in on personal development.

Dr. Elliott: Distance learning has changed a lot in the last 20 years. In the early days, the Rolls Royce of distant learning was the live TV satellite broadcast which was no different than watching your evening news as opposed to video conferencing when you were a second behind and the persons lips kind of drove you crazy. At that time computer based training was the Yugo - was the low end of it. Now, its reversed that today's major companies are literally and then the only ones who could afford the satellite on the roof of the building where computer based training is the kind of the nice to hear.  We see webinars all the time and with a webinar we are kind of looking at something for an hour or less where you aren't giving it your full attention. But back to your questions to the kinds of courses that I teach, they are essentially known as the Soft Skills - anywhere from communication - people skills, how to conduct a performance appraisal painlessly, sales and marketing, customer service those type of courses. These are the courses that 80% of any company need, and 80% of any employee need time management to managers boot-camp. I have developed about twenty training programs bases on what are known as the Soft Skills.


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Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa discusses & answers:

- Within our careers, what kinds of strategies do you implement in developing relationships?

- What are the 5 skills that you teach that are Critical to our own survival and our organizations excellence?

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