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April 19, 2011 @ 11:40 am

It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet with Dr. Karin Anderson


Associate Professor of Psychology and Counselor Education at Concordia University Chicago & author of the book "It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet" - Dr. Karin Anderson joins the show.

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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Karin Anderson is currently an associate professor of Psychology and Counselor Education at Concordia University Chicago.  She received her doctorate in developmental psychology from Northern Illinois University and has delivered a number of well-received presentations at national and international psychology conferences, covering issues such as identity development and family dynamics.

She first became interested in the psychology of women when she began to examine the complex emotions involved in her own engagement to be married.  As she questioned her motivations for marriage, she pondered women’s roles and options in the post-feminism era.  How much had really changed?  After months of internal conflict, she ended up calling off her wedding two months before it was to occur.

Back “out there” in the dating scene, she became keenly aware of the messages directed toward single women—messages that appeared disparaging and illogical, yet hailed from reliable sources such as the local bookstore’s self-help section.  Drawing on the data of other academic researchers and firsthand accounts of the many women she interviewed personally,  Anderson wrote It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet as an effort to provide a logical counter-message of encouragement.

A compelling teacher and speaker, Anderson speaks to groups on women’s issues, single adulthood, developmental psychology, and family relationships.  For more information, visit


Dr. Karin Anderson discusses & answers the following:

  • What inspired you to write It Just Hasn't Happened Yet?
  • Why did you see a need for yet another book about dating/relationships?
  • Do you have a sense of how readers are responding to your book?
  • Have you heard any unfavorable feedback in reaction to your message?
  • Tell us about your website,
  • Where can we purchase It Just Hasn't Happened Yet?
  • Tip in Conclusion...


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