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December 28, 2010 @ 11:10 am

Is it possible to “get over” allergies?


Registered nurse Cara Landes joins the show. Cara has extensive experience in the medical field has ranged from working in a Trauma Center, to working on a Neuro & Orthopedics floor, to serving as a hospice nurse. She shares some very down to earth basics and interesting information to keeping allergies in check.

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Cara Landes, RN has been a registered nurse for over a decade. Her extensive experience in the medical field has ranged from working in a Trauma Center, to working on a Neuro & Orthopedics floor, to serving as a hospice nurse.

In an industry were bedside manner makes all the difference in the world, Cara has always been a beacon of light for those around her. Her patients describe her as a dedicated, caring, and thorough nurse and appreciate the sense of humor, honesty, and the safety and trust that she routinely provides for them.

Cara has an amazing gift for explaining complex medical details in easy-to-understand terms. This gift has led her to take on an education role, not only with her patients, but with her colleagues as well, teaching such classes as Total Joint Replacement to those in her field.

Cara has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career. She is well-respected by the physicians she supports, and receives ongoing accolades for the accuracy of her assessments and her ability to care immediately for patients, especially in times of crisis.

Cara’s exposure to patients in all different stages of their medical journey’s has taught her the importance of taking a proactive approach to health. She has the knowledge and experience to help individuals evaluate their current state of health, and has the background and heart to craft a caring solution to improve their health.


Partial Transcript of Interview with RN Cara Landes

Eric Michaels: Cara, what are the different types of allergies?

Cara Landes: There are basically three different type of allergies. The first one is food allergies. It may be specific type of food like seafood for instance or medication - with medication sometime people may have what they consider an allergy to a certain medication although it may be more of a sensitivity as in a rash or hives or they may have a reaction to a certain type of medication and that would just mean that for may people with a reaction, it is a very severe reaction and this would cause their throat to swell maybe stop breathing and those kinds of things - that would be the second type. The third type would be more seasonal allergies. People usually experience this in the spring or the fall. It may be brought on by dust and pollen. An example of that would be hay fever...

Eric Michaels: Is it possible to "get over" allergies?

Cara Landes: Yes, that is a great question. I would say it is possible to eliminate allergies, especially food allergies. For example, for food allergies it is possible to be able to remove that food from your diet and to gradually bring it back in or a person is able to take and adjust that food once again, like dairy and wheat products to name a couple of them. The more severe allergies its possible to decrease the time that a person may have the symptoms of the severity of the symptoms. For example, some people will have a asthma attack with the symptom...

Eric Michaels: Why do some people have so many allergies while others have none?

Cara Landes: As a registered nurse I have taken care of many people over the years and through my experience it comes down to two things: One is lifestyle choices. The second one would be immunity. What I see across the board is that people that are healthy make healthy choices - they really watch what it is that they put into their body. The second thing is immunity. Our bodies were designed, and whatever your belief system is, to fight off the warriors or the diseases that come to us. That is how we were designed. So the stronger your immunity, the more capable your going to be to fight off these kinds of things...


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Cara Landes discusses & answers:

  • Are there other factors that can increase or decrease the symptoms of the allergy?
  • What can people do in the next year to stay healthy and to decrease or eliminate the symptoms of their allergies?
  • Conclusion Tip...

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