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November 24, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

Inner Circle Matchmaking & Dating


Relationship Coach Jeanne Monet Roberson joins the show to talk about relationships, matchmaking, her service/client types and dating. Her niche is the 30+ African American affluent but her service and business is privately channeled via small social circles in various cities/organizations.  All members must be referred in, and we do not take "public" memberships, as everyone who uses our matchmaking service is basically connected to someone that knows someone within those respective circles. And yes, we screen, interrogate, research and analyze THOROUGHLY!!! If you'd like to know a little more about Jeanne, she can be Googled-- "Jeanne Monet Roberson" or "Monet Jeanne Roberson". She is a former news reporter and media advisor in addition to owning several successful businesses.

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In our interview with Jeanne Monet Roberson, she explains that there is no such thing as a perfect match. What matters in finding your mate is their values, their goals, how they see themselves long term 5 to 15 years, those things must be in sync. You don't want a man that is going to say that he will pursue his acting career for the next fifteen years of his life while the woman is saying she is focused on building her corporation for the next fifteen years with her husband by her side.  They may have the same exact background, exact same upbringing, the exact same economic status, they may have everything else in common but if those two things are not in synch it is a disaster waiting to happen. It all boils down to values and equally the same long term vision for the relationship to have a valid chance.

Eric Michaels ask, "As a relationship coach, your niche is the 30+ African American affluent - what do those consist of? Jeanne responds with professionals such as lawyers, politicians, doctors, nurses, corporate big wigs...Eric confirms whether or not there are any clients of hers that are professional athletes and Jeanne says she currently has two clients that are and they are very serious and not playing the field. Believe it or not a lot of high profile names such as musicians, athletes or actors prefer to use their services because they do not want to feel as though whoever they meet is after their name or title. In looking to match people together we do not disclose names initially so that they are matched more accurately by who they say they are.

Eric ask Jeanne,  "What is your take on offline vs online dating? Her response was; I have many many many opinions about that. She says online does have its advantages to a small degree. You are able to screen hundreds of people. You can find what matches you best on paper. When you actually sit down with that online find in person, it can be a totally different situation with personalities clashing. Our company can sit down and decipher the best match. Online dating can be extremely misleading and dangerous and it's much easier to find a more genuine match offline than online.

When asked how she would help an African American client who is desiring a white male or female relationship or a white client looking for an African American....does that make your work difficult? Jeanne answered with it doesn't make it difficult. Our service is 100% geared to African American clients. Because our network is tied in and with people that know people we refer you to another source for that situation.

In regards to your first date Jeanne says having sex on the first date is a BIG NO NO! After getting feedback from dates on their match making service a major issue that is not reccomended is disclosing too much information about yourself on the 1st date. Can be a very negative first impression. Keeping it light and fun and just simply enjoy yourself is the best approach on going out on a 1st date.

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