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December 29, 2010 @ 2:54 pm

How to Keep Our Hands & Feet Moist in the Winter


Co-founder of Indie Beauty brand, Three Custom Color Specialists - Trae Bodge joined the show to discuss caring for winter skin.

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In addition to being the co-founder of indie color cosmetic brand, Three Custom Color Specialists, Trae has recently embarked on a new career as a beauty & lifestyle journalist for, makeup artist, author and product development consultant. She loves sharing beauty & lifestyle tips, product reco's, gift ideas and deals with her readers. She loves this new era in her professional life!


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Trae Bodge

Eric Michaels: Why does our skin feel so dry in the winter?
Trae Bodge: The cold air really drys out the skin, as does the heat in our homes, cars and offices.

Eric Michaels: How should you adjust your skin care routine in the dry, winter months?
Trae Bodge: If you are using a cleanser that foams at all, change to a creamy, non foaming cleanser.  You will also need more moisture - if you really like the moisturizers you are using, you can can supplement then with a serum, which will provide moisture and help your moisturizers work more effectively.  Otherwise, you can use richer moisturizers in winter and then switch back to lighter ones in the warmer months.

Eric Michaels: What if a person has oily breakout-prone skin, but is feeling dry in areas?  How should they adjust their skin care routine?
Trae Bodge: Use a slightly less foaming cleanser and use a serum just where there are experiencing dryness.

Eric Michaels: What about the skin on our bodies?
Trae Bodge: Our body skin will also suffer in the winter months.  I would recommend exfoliating a few times a week - I find that the oily, sugar scrubs are the most effective.  Also, use rich creams or oils after bathing.

Eric Michaels: What about our hands and feet?  How do we keep them moist in winter?
Trae Bodge: A great trick is to apply a rich cream or balm on hands and feet before we put our gloves and socks on. The mild perspiration will create a "spa-like" effect and really allow the moisture to penetrate into those trouble areas.

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