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January 4, 2011 @ 7:05 pm

Holistic Methods to Treating Allergies


Dr. William LaTorre who is a member of the American Holistic Medicine Association and is the founder of the LaTorre Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida joined the show to discuss holistic methods to treating allergies successfully.

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For more than thirty years, Dr.William LaTorre has helped restore health and wellness to thousands of patients. Whether they've come to him after years of chronic arthritis, back or headache pain, discomfort caused from a car accident or a fall, stomach problems, obesity and other weight issues, or to end the suffering caused by asthma and allergies, Dr. LaTorre has helped heal many people who thought they would never feel healthy again. Dr. LaTorre holds a bachelor's degree in human biology and a master’s degree in biomechanical trauma and human kinetics, plus did fellowship training in the biomechanics of impact trauma and subsequently earned his designation as a diplomate from the American Academy of Biomechanical Trauma. Dr. LaTorre is Board certified in chiropractic medicine, and is certified as one of approximately only 100 Brimhall-trained wellness and holistic practitioners in the U.S. with advanced training in nutrition and cold laser therapy. Dr. LaTorre has trained also in DNA, hormone, genetic testing and treatment.  He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, is an author and has lectured widely throughout the U.S. at universities, national and local professional organizations, corporate seminars and on television and radio. To find out more about the LaTorre Wellness Center visit


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Dr. William LaTorre

Eric Michaels: Why do some people have allergies and others don’t?

Dr. LaTorre: Being a holistic health care practitioner I believe it is all dependant upon the immune system and our flow of energy. Remember the human body is only nothing more than energy. In fact everything in the universe is nothing more than energy. Here at the clinic we practice quantum physics and knowing there are several energy channels that make everything in the body work; first we have the brain and nervous system that carries electrical energy from the brain to every cell in the body then we hve the acupuncture meridian system that carries energy to every part of the body...

Eric Michaels: How does conventional medicine treat allergies?

Dr. LaTorre: Conventional medicine either uses an antihistamine or cortisone which knocks out inflammation. All that is doing is treating the symptoms and what we do is to take the information the patient gives us then we use their body's own energy and we put these little tiny vials with the DNA of all the food and environmental allergies in them one at a time in the patients energy field. Then we test the strong muscle say the shoulder muscle or a leg muscle. Once we have identified the strong muscle and we put the DNA let's say - eggs...we take a little vial with the DNA from eggs and put it in the patients energy field...

Eric Michaels: How do you treat allergies holistically?

Dr. LaTorre: Pretty much how I just explained it. In addition to, and I have dozens and dozens of these little vials of all these food and environmental allergens in them, and when we put them in the patients energy field we put a bib on them so to speak we put the little vials in the bib, then we go about the process of treating them with acupuncture points, cold laser therapy...


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Dr. William LaTorre discusses & answers:

  • How long does the treatment last?
  • What have some patients told you about how their allergy treatment has changed their life?
  • Conclusion Tip...

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