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November 16, 2010 @ 11:52 am

From Attorney to Matchmaker


CEO of Intersections Match Jasbina Ahluwalia joined the show. The uniqueness of Intersections is in part a function of its Founder, Jasbina Ahluwalia. As a former practicing lawyer holding a graduate degree in philosophy, Jasbina can relate first-hand to the demands and challenges facing her accomplished clients.

Having found her special someone, Jasbina can also relate first-hand to the challenge of juggling professional, social, and personal demands. Jasbina’s first-hand experience motivated her to create a premium service which could be effectively leveraged by selective professionals wishing to focus on finding that special someone, while at the same time maintaining demanding schedules. As a second-generation Indian-American raised in the U.S., Jasbina has a unique understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures. Previously Jasbina practiced law in San Francisco and Chicago. Jasbina has a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University and earned her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

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Part of Interview:

Eric: What are some ways for both men and women to increase the chances of meeting someone?

Jasbina: Importantly, relationship minded singles should be pro-active as possible in the relationship arena of their lives. Just as in other areas of life as they achieve their goals, both men and women should make sure they align their actions with a goal of finding a partner. Here are some suggestions for concrete action both men and women can take. First cast a wider net. What I mean by that is just be opened minded to prospective partners beyond the type you maybe currently restricting yourself. I also ask that people prioritize their essentials, must haves in term of a partner and be as flexible as possible to areas outside of those essentials. Second concrete action is to let everyone in your life know that you are completely open to being introduced. It is interesting, ninety percent of people will not volunteer introductions unless they know you are enthusiastic to receive them. If and when you do get an introduction, graciously thank the person who set you up regardless of the outcome. Apart from one on one set ups, why not throw a party with friends where all show up with a platonic friend of the opposite sex. This is another great way to meet eligible singles in a group setting. Third concrete action is to attend events where you would expect to meet the kinds of men or women you would like to meet. If you are seeking to find an intellectual partner, consider book readings, classes, memberships with organizations such as the consulate of foreign relations or common wealth club. If you are seeking an athletic partner consider team sports and if you do that make sure you keep your schedule open for after practice drinks and dinners. Likewise if you are seeking a civic minded partner consider volunteering with an organization that you care about. Another way reflect on how you approach online dating. Consider whether you have strategically selected appropriate sites and create a thoughtful and welcoming profile that really reveals your authentic and unique self. Make sure to post pictures that are accurate representations of the best versions of yourself. I always suggest meeting folks in person instead of getting caught up in endless emails, phone text communication before meeting.  Also consider matchmakers and or dating services to increase your possibilities and very importantly maintain a positive attitude and view each date as an adventure. Be sure to allow yourself down time from dating if you start to feel like you really need it.

Eric: What was the inspiration for creating Intersections Match?

Jasbina: As an Indian-American and born and raised in the U.S., with an understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures I knew there was a need for someone in the South-Asian community nationwide who could relate first hand to those challenges of juggling professional, social and personal demands. As a result of my personal experiences searching for a life partner or practicing lawyer, I believed there to be a demand for a service to assist young professionals navigate what I believe to be the most important life decision one ever makes. Despite that great demand among South-Asian professionals, for what i believe to be a personalized introduction service there is no one really meeting that need. Given my professional and cultural background and experiences, I really thought that I was in a unique position to provide value to clients. Importantly our clientele tends to mainstream men and women of South-Asia many who are open to meeting no South-Asians as well as other South-Asians. We do welcome all commitment minded men and women regardless of ethnicity to register for free in our confidential and free data-based web site at


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Jasbina Ahluwalia discusses & answers:

- How is the service Inter-sections Match offers different from online dating?

- What's your advice for our successful female listeners on the dating scene who may be concerned about intimidating men?

- Does Intersections Match focus exclusively on working one-on-one with clients?

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