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April 20, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes with Teresa Tapp


International Fitness Guru and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp joins the show.

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Treat your body like a machine! This is the mantra of fitness expert Teresa Tapp, an muscle activation specialist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman. Teresa knows how a woman's body works, especially women over the age of 30. For the past 35 years she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of thousands of female clients developing exciting new insights on women's health and fitness. She worked as a personal trainer, new face developer, booker and scout for several modeling agencies including Ford, Metropolitan, and Page Parkes. After working in an industry that demands body perfection, she knows how to get the female body in shape no matter what age or fitness level. Now, she is passionate about sharing  her valuable expertise with men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Teresa is living proof that, even above age 40 (Teresa is over 50), your body can be a lean, well-tuned, balanced machine without spending hours at the gym. Many of Teresaís clients have better "machines" at 50+ than they did in their 30's. The T-Tapp Method of Movement Workouts are truly the most  effective and efficient fitness program around!

Teresa has always had an ardent interest in health and fitness, specializing in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition during college and ultimately writing a detailed research paper on Metabolisms in Women Over the Age of 30. Her original plan was to pursue a medical degree; however, tuition money was tight and the fashion industry came calling.  Working with models of all different body types and genetic heritage allowed Teresa the opportunity to capitalize on her education and gather statistical information.

The French philosophy of eating what you want and exercising in secret, along with the fact that models are constantly on the go, living in hotel rooms and unable to spend hours slaving away at the gym, led this cutting edge fitness expert to develop a novel approach to working out. Based on a copyrighted sequential order-of-movement, Teresa approaches the body as a machine, dividing the muscles into layers and systematically fatiguing eachlayer. Done without weights or body-jarring aerobics, anyone can workout for less than an hour and do it in the privacy of their home or hotel rooms.

While Teresa certainly enjoyed her jet-setting life in the fashion industry, nothing gives her greater satisfaction than hearing the success stories real everyday men and women have with T-Tapp - especially those over 35. Teresa's proven techniques are unparalleled and cutting edge, yet applicable for all men and women at any age. Because she completely understands the body, Teresa has created a program that will work for everyone regardless of fitness level. She enjoys making it simple, with explanations as to how and why our bodies work the way they do as a machine. In that way, we understand each movement or technique and how it effects the machine.

Now, with DVDs and a book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes (Ballantine), these secrets can be shared so that all men and women (not just models) can be the best that they can be and be in balance - body, mind, spirit and soul.

Teresa lives in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and maintains a high quality staff that is completely trained to walk you through any problems you may be having with any portion of the workout. It is also completely natural for Teresa to pick up the phone and talk directly with clients herself. There is a toll free number for any customer or interested person to call in and get their questions answered. This is totally unheard of in this competitive industry. In the overall scheme of things, Teresa Tapp is, indeed, a giant among fitness gurus!


Teresa Tapp discusses & answers the following:

  • What is the T-Tapp Method of Movement and why is it more than a Workout?
  • Can I really lose a size or more in a month?
  • What is “functional fitness” and “mental fitness” and why do I need both of these?
  • How is T-Tapp’s way of using leverage isometrics different from traditional isometric worksouts (squeeze & tighten)?
  • What if I can’t afford to purchase a T-Tapp Workout to get started?
  • Tip in Conclusion...


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