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November 9, 2010 @ 12:58 pm

eLove: A Singles Guide


Paul A. Falzone "the CEO of eLove", one of the world's largest online dating services and matchmaking services joined the show. He also literally wrote the book of love, eLove: A Singles Guide.

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Eric Michaels: Where does a single start if they have never had a date and are afraid to step into the ring but are desiring to do so?

Paul Falzone: The first thing one has to do if they're single is to take a good look at themselves - do a personal inventory of themselves. Whatever it is that you aren't crazy about yourself - FIX! Whether it's to lose a few pounds, get a haircut, fix your tooth, whatever it might be. You got to be in a condition mentally and physically to feel like you are putting your best foot forward. Before you go out there and want to get involved with somebody else, take care of yourself first. There is no better impression than a good first impression.

Eric Michaels: Wisely put! Why would one have an advantage by enrolling into an online dating service such as yours?

Paul Falzone: Our service is pretty much a life stage company where we've got online dating, we've got personal matchmaking, there's just a whole variety of services that we do offer so depending on the level of service that you're looking for, we should be able to accommodate you. If you're out there looking for somebody that's like minded as you, we take a of of that guess work out of it. If you're looking across the room and you see somebody and you say OOO, she's cute, or he's cute, I wander if she's catholic cause I am catholic, I wander if she likes dogs cause I have a dog, I wander if they want children cause I really want to have children one day, I wander if they are real serious about meeting someone or if they are really single whatever those questions are...had you walked up to them in the hall and asked them those questions they would have looked at you like you were crazy and run the other way. All those questions are pretty well answered because if our personal interviewing and qualifying people to find the right person to match up with. Most of the more uncomfortable things that you are wandering are already addressed. You know the person sitting across from you is going to be single, they aren't playing games, they aren't running around on their spouse or whatever, they are single they have current backgrounds checked on them and they are ready to date. If you are part of the match making division, you work one on one with concierge where they will hold your hand through the whole process you get back to them with feedback in other words, hey, had a great date with Paul, he was a lot of fun but he was a little too outgoing, can you send me someone that is little more subdued or he was losing his hair, I didn't realize I didn't like follicle impaired guys, can you send me someone with a little more hair up top. It's a learning process and when you give us your feedback we keep honing the next referral so we can get that thing right on the money.

Eric Michaels: You are the author of eLove: A Singles Guide. How does an average guy win the woman of his dreams?

Paul Falzone: The average guy wins the woman of his dreams by being self confident, by feeling good about themselves, by being, if you are funny, use it - humor works unbelievably well. Every woman out there isn't looking for a Tom Cruise or whatever. They just want a nice guy and someone that they can have a good time with so make sure you take care of yourself. Chivalry is certainly not their job gentleman, definitely hold the door open, let the lady step off the elevator first - just be a gentleman and enjoy yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with the person and you can genuinely look at that person and inflict your sense of humor on them and both of you laugh and kinda lose track of time an average man can meet the woman of his dreams by being themselves, by being confident, by being a good person, by being a gentleman and by making others smile and enjoy the time they spend when they are around them.

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Paul Flazone answers the question: What is an absolute no no - on the 1st date & what seems to be the #1 battle for singles even now after they have online dating as an option.

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