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February 27, 2011 @ 3:19 pm

Effective forms of dieting


Josh Gould, the owner of Exercise Expertise, LLC and creator of joins the show.

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Josh Gould is one of Boston’s most respected fitness experts. He has a bachelor of science degree in Clinical Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Josh is also a certified personal trainer and member of the American College of Sports Medicine. His experience ranges from working in the clinical, public, and corporate fitness settings. The broad range of  education Josh as acquired including biochemistry, physics, human biology, nutrition, and health education gives him the ability to aid a client with a holistic health approach. Josh is more than a personal trainer and nutrition consultant he is a health and fitness expert. For more info on Exercise Expertise & Joh Gould visit


Josh Gould discusses & answers the following:

  • What is nutrition's/ exercise's role in fat loss?
  • What are the effective forms of cardio for fat loss?
  • What are effective forms of dieting?
  • What are the most effective forms of measuring fat loss?
  • How do we lose weight in certain areas (spot reduction)?
  • Special Tip in Conclusion...

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