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January 31, 2011 @ 10:06 am

Dont’ Stay Stuck on Stupid!


Tiffani Murray, the creator of the Stuck on Stupid Book Series and a freelance writer joins the show. She talks about what brought on the inspiration to write her popular book series and to point at, at worse case scenario - dont' stay stuck on stupid!

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T. Murray is a seasoned writer contributing content on a multitude of topics, including love and relationships, for over 10 years. A single woman just entering her thirties, T. Murray has been through just about everything and can relate to women who have been careless in love, confused or left to cry alone in the dark.

As the author of Stuck on Stupid: A Guide for Today’s Single Woman Stuck in Yesterday’s Stupid Relationships  ( T. Murray has appeared on radio and television, hosting book signings on both the east and west coasts. She's been featured in Money, Redbook and Black Enterprise Magazines and quoted on CNNMoney, and Reuters. She's been heard on Atlanta stations V-103, STAR 94 and WAOK.  T. Murray also wrote the feature article "Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom" for Black Health Magazine. She was the Dating Connection columnist for the Atlanta based & has launched her relationship writing with

In 2010 Murray was featured in both Money and Black Enterprise magazines which covered her ability to use writing as a source of income.  In the fall of 2010, called her relationship book “hilarious” pointing out the use of humor to help women with dating issues.  Ms Murray also appeared in the January 2009 issue of Upscale Magazine and the March 2009 issue of Redbook Magazine regarding her book Stuck on Stupid in the article “Thrive Outside Your Comfort Zone.” She also participated in the fall 2008 Your Way Singles TeleSymposium with her presentation “Stuck in a Bad Relationship? Symptoms, Signs & Getting Unstuck.” She was a showcased author in the May 2008 Atlanta Press Club event, From Journalist to Author: Stories from the Trenches. She is also the Content Manager for the newly launched love and relationship site, writing and managing 8 bloggers.

With the release of the second book, Stuck on Stupid: A Guide for Today’s Professional Stuck in a Rut, she is sharing practical advice for professionals.  From being laid off or downsized to making moves to get out of a profession that doesn’t appeal to your passions, this book will help professionals and business owners work on getting unstuck.  Featured in magazines and writing for some of the best sites on the web, Murray is recognized as a talent and her take on life leaves an imprint on others.


T. Murray discusses the following on this eHealth Radio Episode:

  • Tell us about your book series - Stuck on Stupid Books
  • I see you have a book on relationships. What can you tell us about that book and why you wrote it?
  • What do you think are some of the common unhealthy relationship situations people stay stuck in? Why do people stay stuck in them?
  • What would you tell someone who is stuck to do to change their situation, especially with Valentine's Day coming up?
  • Where can listeners find out more about your book or contact you for relationship advice?
  • Do not miss this episodes "Tip in Conclusion"...

Web Sites:
Twitter: @SOSBooks

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