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January 23, 2011 @ 10:39 am

Do Your Large Breasts Make Your Back Sore?


Rebecca Savich, Inventor and President of Contour Table Systems, who has created an innovative new massage table designed to support women’s breasts and people of all body, shapes and sizes.

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After a 3 day cross country drive from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania, Rebecca Savich spent 5 days trying to get in touch with Jeff Riach, President of Oakworks, (a leading Manufacturer and Retailer of massage tables).  “I drove to Pennsylvania without an appointment but figured when I did get a hold of him, I wanted to be there and ready.”  When Rebecca finally spoke to Jeff, he invited her to come in for a meeting the next day.  He was going to give her 15 minutes.  The 15 minutes turned into 2½ hours, they shook hands that day and “The Utopian” and “The Euphorian” began to take form.

Rebecca’s company, Contour Table Systems signed a deal with Oakworks, Inc. in August 2009. “Although I have lived in Los Angeles for many years, I am proud to have been born and raised in Pennsylvania. I love that Oakworks is based in Pennsylvania and that their products are manufactured in the USA.  For me, it’s like paying homage to my home state. The fact that they are a family-owned business with incredible ‘green’ values, made them the right choice for me.”

As a naturally endowed woman, Rebecca faced major discomfort when lying face down getting a massage. “It’s a Catch-22 situation.  I received massages often because my back aches from carrying my breasts, but the massages that were meant to help my back, would hurt my breasts!” Her own “breast distress” turned into a personal quest to invent a device that could be built into massage and medical tables. The ABC System (Adjustable Breast Comfort system, patent pending) was born.

It has been an amazing journey for Rebecca to finalize the deal. Her story is riddled with obstacles, determination and many ups and downs. “I owe a great bit of gratitude to my friends and family who supported me through this. But most of all, she dedicates her project and success to her mom. “Without her, I would not have been able to do this,” she says of her mom Sandra K. Savich (1948- 2005) in whose honor Rebecca has set up the Sandra K. Savich Foundation. Contour Table Systems is dedicated to donating a portion of its proceeds to various charities through her foundation.

A bit of a renaissance woman herself, Rebecca graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she majored in music marketing, media and project management. She created and wrote “The Adventure Brigade,”’ an online children’s animation program in development. She is an award-winning photographer, a certified scuba diver and has been a member of Screen Actors Guild since 1996. For more information visit


Media Inquiries: For additional information about Contour Table Systems or to schedule an interview with Rebecca Savich, please contact Amy Levy PR at (310) 444-5250.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Rebecca Savich

Eric Michaels: What prompted you to invent a device for massage and medical tables that adjusts for different breast sizes?

Rebecca Savich: I am a naturally large breasted woman. When you carry that kind of weight, you need to get massages because your back is always sore. I had tried many different masseuses, many different places and tables and it was pretty much the same thing - they would roll up towels, put them under your shoulders and the pressure that they would apply to help my back was actually making my breasts sore which was counter productive...

Eric Michaels: Tell us about your ABC System. Other than adjust ability for breast comfort, can the Contour Table Systems platform perform other functions?

Rebecca Savich: Well the ABC System itself is a cushioned platform that moves up and down throughout the table. The whole top is a cut out and it moves so that's where the adjustability comes from but the great thing about this is, that it does actually have other functions, whereas it raises above the table - so when the client is laying on their back it can actually use it as a head rest so the therapist doesn't have to hold up the back of the neck...

Eric Michaels: Please tell our audience about how your tables work and who would most benefit from them.

Rebecca Savich: The first table that came out last year is called the "Utopian". It's a portable version and with this table it is simply, the platform itself is raised up and down with an airbag that is used with a quick pedal so it just puts air into the air bladder and it makes it go up and it has a simple release valve that allows the air to go out so it can lower and it's light benefits everybody - men and women....


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Rebecca Savich discusses & answers:

  • Other than a massage therapist, what other professionals would benefit from using these tables?
  • Why did you choose Oakworks as your manufacturer and developer?
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