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October 31, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

Depresssion is Repressed Anger


Psychotherapist, Author & Teacher Jeffrey Sumber joined the show. Jeffrey says, "My belief is that depression is repressed anger. Often times we get irritated, frustrated and upset about things and we just dont have a healthy way to express them & what happens is that we supress that anger. It is important to find good healthy outlets for your anger - exercise, find a hobby, volunteer in the community, study something new". He also says that most of us have a choice when it comes to depression.

Jeff has been practicing as a licensed professional clinical counselor for over ten years and specializes in working with people who are struggling to live their best life. While receiving several degrees from highly reputable programs, Jeff has been most influenced by the people he has worked with in the process of facilitating their healing. He incorporates a combination of alternative and conventional methods, & strives to create a safe, effective path for clients as they navigate toward the resolution of current and longstanding issues.

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