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December 4, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

Can the Pick Up Lines!!


Jamie McDaniel, President of got dates? joined eHealth Radio. She discusses her approach on coaching, how to be noticed when attracted to someone, pick up lines and her thoughts on using them and much more.

got dates?, was founded by a group of dating experts working in the singles industry over the last 10 years. Our coaches have worked in every part of the dating industry from matchmaking, online dating, activities clubs, and dating services. We have interviewed thousands of singles for these companies and realized that something was missing. Many of the singles needed assistance with these services in order to make them successful. They didn't have the understanding, skills or tools necessary to makes these services successful for themselves. They needed a coach.

At got dates?, our coaches are committed to helping you engage in new loving, healthy long term relationships.  We believe in diversity in our programs.  There are so many ways to meet available singles that we work in all aspects of the singles industries.  Everyone can turn back the clock and remember when dating was easy.  Think back to high school and college.  All of us were there to get a education but during the process we had fun, created friendships and had relationships.  All because we never gave dating a second thought.....we just did it.  Well now that we are into our professional careers somehow someway we forgot the process.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Jamie McDaniel of got dates?

Eric Michaels: You offer coaching to those who need help and advise in dating...what is your coaching approach?

Jamie McDaniel: My coaching approach for each client is actually different. The reason being is because everybody that is coming through who is actually having a coaching session literally they are unique but there story is not. Ironically everytime we get a new client in we have to find out how long have they been single, what they are currently doing to get out, their daily schedule, how they go about meeting singles, what they have tried, their likes, their interest, their last relationship - it's always nice to have their history within their relationships and to know what they want for their future. Every person that is coming in, if you look at this like personal training, we find out what's not working and we put together a program that is going to work in their best interest.

Eric Michaels: If I see a good looking woman out... let's say at the mall...what would be my approach in grabbing her attention or introducing myself?

Jamie McDaniel: Everything starts with "HELLO"! You can never go wrong with "HELLO"! But if you want to have a conversation with her, you need to speak her language. Basically, women like to talk about themselves, it doesn't matter what you say, or how you say it - the best way to put this is - more so about complimenting them. If you see that they have pretty ear rings on compliment her - that's a great conversation piece. Number one, we are going to tell you where we got them from or we wil say, Oh, this old thing? It really catches them off guard. A lot of time when a woman is in the mall and a guy approaches them we are already expecting what they might say. When you throw something out that they don't expect you've thrown their thought process off so they are always going to come back with - thank you & nine times out of ten we're going to tell you where we got it from and that starts the conversation right there.

Eric Michaels: What is your take on pick up lines.....use them, carefully use them or can 'em?

Jamie McDaniel: "Can 'em"! They are so predictable. They are literally so predictable! So many guys are - it's something that's been going on since the bars have opened - the pick up line, the pick up line! There is not one in this day and age that we haven't heard. The reason being is because technology has launched all of those. Girls go now to the internet surfing to know what guys think, surfing from one site to another and then you come to the one with the pick up lines...when you've hear it so many times it gets old and I still go back to...


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Jamie McDaniel discusses & answers:

- How would one of your potential clients know that a dating coach would work for them?

- Would you approach coaching a divorced middle aged gentleman differently than say a early 20 year old?

- And a Special Tip on the dating/single scene...

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