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December 4, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

Are You Considering Divorce? WAIT!!


Dr. Robin Siebold joined the show to talk about marriage, divorce, children visiting rights & more.

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Robin Siebold, Ph.D. is trained in counseling psychology and spirituality. She specializes in divorce and relationship issues, dysfunctional family systems, communication skills, codependency, parenting and most recently, collaborative law. Dr. Robin graduated from the University of Maine and Nova University. She is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida, and is a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Known for her charismatic personality and flair, Dr. Robin has given scores of presentations to groups, associations and companies throughout the country, ranging from divorce survival, relationship enhancement and spirituality. Previously Dr. Robin was a co-host of a weekly radio talk show "Mind to Mind: Enhancing Your Personal Growth" and host of a live television show in Orlando, Florida, "Relationships...with Dr. Robin".

Dr. Robin is the creator of two audios: Self Esteem: Re-Membering Your Self Worth and To Divorce or Not: The Financial, Legal and Emotional Aspects and is scheduled to launch her first bestseller in 2010, "To Divorce or Not", a must read for anyone contemplating ending their relationship. Currently, Robin maintains a private practice in Brevard County, Florida.


Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Robin Siebold

Eric Michaels: Is your book titled "To Divorce or Not" available for purchase yet?

Dr. Robin: Not yet. It should be available any day now. This is a work that has been in progress for about 10 years mostly based on my procrastination and fear of finally getting it out there. One of the things I want the listeners to know that I am very PRO relationship and this book is NOT how to get divorced because even in my practice have always encouraged people to look at themselves before they make the leap to divorce because it is a live changing event.

Eric Michaels: If I were considering divorce after more than 5 years of marriage...where would you begin advising me?

Dr. Robin: First thing I am going to ask you is if you had had counselling yet. I get a mixed bag of that; I get people who tried it and failed, I've had people that have never done it or don't think they need to and way passed this and I still ask them if they would consider the possibility because I want them to turn over every stone possible before they make that decision particularly if there are children involved. Then I would encourage them to look at themselves because the answers are always within us and what people tend to do when they decide to get a divorce is look at the other person: if they had only done this or had been this way. So many times we get in a relationship and think we have the right or have the powers to get people to change and if they love me enough they would do it. We have authority or right or power to do that. I ask couples how did you first meet? What did you used to do together? A lot of times I fund out that they have not been having date nights, they haven't done the things that they used to do together and have started to live separate lives going in different directions with both working. They are not spending enough of that relationship time....

Eric Michaels: How do we stop the cycle of the past - that hasn't been so successful?

Dr. Robin: That's the other thing that people need to take a look at. This is what my book does it takes you - the subtitle is Reflections of Self - taking a look at what is your part in this whole scenario. It is never one person that makes the mistake or fails the marriage we can't point the finger as the old saying goes - we got one pointing at one and 4 pointing backward. Let's look at the relationship that your parents had...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Dr. Robin Siebold discusses & answers: - How she would counsel a couple in the middle of an ugly divorce where the child is with one of the parents and the other will not allow them visitation rights due to lack of child support and other issues?

- How would you help one to find their purpose in life?

- And a Special Tip...

Connecting with Dr. Robin:

FaceBook - Robin Siebold

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