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November 13, 2010 @ 6:29 pm

The Inside Track Within Online Dating


Mike Muson, CEO & Founder of My Online Dating Consultant.  being born on the East Coast, educated in the Midwest and living on the West Coast has afforded me a diverse and balanced experience in life. Since childhood, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Whether it was my own newspaper which I wrote, printed and distributed at age 9 or my café where I made and served after dinner treats for neighborhood kids at age 10, I loved making people happy with my creativity.

After college, I took my talents to the corporate world and tasted the glamour and financial reward that came with it. However, after 12 years I knew that was not my life’s passion. I wanted to make people’s lives better on a daily basis. My Online Dating Consultant utilizes my extensive experience, writing expertise and inclination to help people every day. You will get online dating advice from someone who is actively successful "in the game" and knows what you encounter today. I am humbled and honored to follow this mission with you.

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Eric Michaels: What was the inspiration that was behind the creation of

Mike Muson: Well, you know it was an idea that I had been kicking around for a number of years. I started writing a book just for fun about my experiences that was, with a fun tone with some what of an an instructional piece as well. As I started to develop it I really felt that there was something more here. It was shortly after I began writing the book that I had my big AH HA moment. That moment was a friend coming to me and saying that was just starting his online dating experience and he said you know Mike, I have seen you out with all these really attractive women that really seem to have their act together, intelligent, confident and you really seem to be enjoying your interaction with them and he said I am not having that experience you are having. Could you sit down with me and take an hour and kind of show me what you do, maybe read through my profile and make some suggestions. I thought to myself, there has to be tons of people out there just like my friend that are really good people that are just struggling with this unique medium and making it work for them. So I took a little more time, dug a little more deeper and looked around and saw literally hundreds of online dating sites out there catering to every preference for religion, ethnicity, cultural background but they all had one thing in common: They take your money and leave you to figure it out on your own & to be successful with it. So I developed this concept of what I like to call bridging the gap from sign up to success. That's taking you from that point where you sign up for an online dating site and making you successful and making you efficient and how you approach the process and getting the results you desire.

Eric Michaels: I see you offer consulting for online dating - where do you start with your consulting individuals whether its a man or woman?

Mike Muson: You know I usually have two kinds of different customers or clients. I like to call them the newbie or the soured apple. The newbie is someone who has never tried online dating before, they are really brand new to this process and they know they want to be involved in this kind of growing avenue to meet people that now is comprised of some 40 millions people in North America but they are overwhelmed with the process and they're really struggling to figure out how to present themselves very much like my friend that came to me and inspired this business. The other type is the soured apple what has the experience but has a different set of needs.  They have been online dating for some time perhaps through a few different online dating sites but they are just not getting the results that they want. They are at their last straw and they are ready to have an expert look at their profile and process with a fresh set of eyes and make some constructive adjustments. Now whether it is the newbie or the soured apple and whether it is a man or a woman, my first goal is really to sense what that person is really like at their core. What makes them unique, what are their goals in online dating and I look to strip away all of the window dressing and really understand my client so I can cut out wasted time and their process with mostly bad targets.

Eric Michaels: Your friends are amazed at the quality of women you attract and develop relationships with through online dating. Is there one tip that you can share that made you so effective?

Mike Muson: That process was certainly not an easy one. The method and the process that I have developed is really the result of ten years of sometimes painful trial and error of seeing what works and what doesn't. My clients really get to benefit from my experience in making mistakes and also having successes along the way. They get the advantage of hyper-spacing through the online dating learning curve and skipping having to figure out what works and what doesn't. The key for me is that I really try not to make my clients me. I really believe that everyone has a unique set of qualities that makes them exciting and interesting and what I do for my clients is that I help customize a winning strategy that truly fits their individual style.

Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Mike's entire interview.

Mike Muson discusses & answers:

- In your opinion, what would give one an advantage to opt into online dating as opposed to the traditional methods?

- What is the best advice to give to help make one comfortable in meeting new people and especially on that 1st date that leave little room for error?

- Special tip of advice...

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November 9, 2010 @ 12:58 pm

eLove: A Singles Guide


Paul A. Falzone "the CEO of eLove", one of the world's largest online dating services and matchmaking services joined the show. He also literally wrote the book of love, eLove: A Singles Guide.

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Eric Michaels: Where does a single start if they have never had a date and are afraid to step into the ring but are desiring to do so?

Paul Falzone: The first thing one has to do if they're single is to take a good look at themselves - do a personal inventory of themselves. Whatever it is that you aren't crazy about yourself - FIX! Whether it's to lose a few pounds, get a haircut, fix your tooth, whatever it might be. You got to be in a condition mentally and physically to feel like you are putting your best foot forward. Before you go out there and want to get involved with somebody else, take care of yourself first. There is no better impression than a good first impression.

Eric Michaels: Wisely put! Why would one have an advantage by enrolling into an online dating service such as yours?

Paul Falzone: Our service is pretty much a life stage company where we've got online dating, we've got personal matchmaking, there's just a whole variety of services that we do offer so depending on the level of service that you're looking for, we should be able to accommodate you. If you're out there looking for somebody that's like minded as you, we take a of of that guess work out of it. If you're looking across the room and you see somebody and you say OOO, she's cute, or he's cute, I wander if she's catholic cause I am catholic, I wander if she likes dogs cause I have a dog, I wander if they want children cause I really want to have children one day, I wander if they are real serious about meeting someone or if they are really single whatever those questions are...had you walked up to them in the hall and asked them those questions they would have looked at you like you were crazy and run the other way. All those questions are pretty well answered because if our personal interviewing and qualifying people to find the right person to match up with. Most of the more uncomfortable things that you are wandering are already addressed. You know the person sitting across from you is going to be single, they aren't playing games, they aren't running around on their spouse or whatever, they are single they have current backgrounds checked on them and they are ready to date. If you are part of the match making division, you work one on one with concierge where they will hold your hand through the whole process you get back to them with feedback in other words, hey, had a great date with Paul, he was a lot of fun but he was a little too outgoing, can you send me someone that is little more subdued or he was losing his hair, I didn't realize I didn't like follicle impaired guys, can you send me someone with a little more hair up top. It's a learning process and when you give us your feedback we keep honing the next referral so we can get that thing right on the money.

Eric Michaels: You are the author of eLove: A Singles Guide. How does an average guy win the woman of his dreams?

Paul Falzone: The average guy wins the woman of his dreams by being self confident, by feeling good about themselves, by being, if you are funny, use it - humor works unbelievably well. Every woman out there isn't looking for a Tom Cruise or whatever. They just want a nice guy and someone that they can have a good time with so make sure you take care of yourself. Chivalry is certainly not their job gentleman, definitely hold the door open, let the lady step off the elevator first - just be a gentleman and enjoy yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with the person and you can genuinely look at that person and inflict your sense of humor on them and both of you laugh and kinda lose track of time an average man can meet the woman of his dreams by being themselves, by being confident, by being a good person, by being a gentleman and by making others smile and enjoy the time they spend when they are around them.

Want the rest of this interview? Want the audio version of this E Health Radio Episode? Listen to the rest of Paul's interview not included in this transcript.

Paul Flazone answers the question: What is an absolute no no - on the 1st date & what seems to be the #1 battle for singles even now after they have online dating as an option.

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November 7, 2010 @ 4:46 pm

Making Personal Connections


Jill Crosby is the owner/founder of the largest exclusively spiritual/conscious dating site on the Internet,, originally founded in 1998 and launched in 1999. She is a dynamic public speaker, workshop/retreat leader and hypnotherapist. She communicates with dolphins and whales and facilitates Wild Dolphin and Whale Swim Retreats for Singles.

E Health Radio was able to catch up with Jill Crosby for a brief interview:

Eric Michaels: What is your best tip to help singles make a personal connection?

Jill Crosby: That's a great question - my best tip would be for people to really be the source of love, joy and completeness within themselves instead of looking outward to be completed or made happy. Like, remember the movie Jerry Maguire and the famous line "You Complete Me"? Well, I totally disgree with that! I think the best thing to do is for us to complete ourselves and that way we can turn our realities around from looking outwardly towards other people to love us, towards looking inwardly and looking at each relationship as an opportunity to share the love that we already have within us. Then we just radiate love, confidence and inner peace and we magnetize someone else that's already in that healthy space. So without starting there, really nothing else matters. So to me that's the most important tip for singles to make a personal connection.

Eric Michaels: Talk to us about your perspective of being REAL.

Jill Crosby: Being Real! That's really, that's important too. Chris Rock - I love what he said about, in one of his stand ups he said that we send out our representative when we go out on a date, its not really us but a represenatative. Because so many people are used to putting up there wall and their guards and just not letting their true selves show. So, to be real, its really important to let go of the ego, drop the guard, stop trying to impress and be really honest and genuine - just be yourself. Eventually somebodies gonna, if you end up dating someone and being with them long term, marriage or whatever, they're gonna get to know you. So why waste all the time of putting up this front of somebody that you are not, and, I am very efficient when it comes to dating and I think the more that we an just be genuine and be real the more efficient it is and the better it works and the more fun it is anyway. So, everyone kind of needs to know, when I was a hypnotherapist and also in the bricks and mortar dating industry for 9 years, everyone I talked to had a bit of a self confidence issue. When we realize that we are worthy of having a healthy loving relationship and that's OK and that's part of that self love that I was just talking about then it gets, then we can just be real. It's like we don't need to impress, we don't need to do anything special just be ourselves we're ok as we are and have some fun - you know - just have fun.

Eric Michaels: You wrote an article on 6 keys to spiritual dating...touch on one of those if you would.

Jill Crosby: OK. Probably my favorite tip or my favorite key if you will is staying in the flow. What that means to me is getting out of our head and really, really being in our heart. Being heart centered and getting in touch with our feelings, the current energy, just in that divine flow because when we are really tapped into our divinity we know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, we don't have to think things through for hours or days or weeks or plan, it's more of a spontaneous flowing with being present and being open right now and right here. So, even that applies to meeting somebody or being on a date or any part of our lives really it's just letting go of any preconceived expectations or notions about what something should look like or how something should be it's really helpful in staying in the flow because then if we aren't planning ahead and we aren't expecting things and we aren't - don't have all that build up then we can just let it all go and be present and be in that flow and in that moment and really thoroughly enjoy the other person. Not be thinking ahead what we are going to say next or how we are going to impress them it all kinda goes together when we are in the flow of just letting things just unfold naturally without planning everything out in advance. That's propably my favorite key of spiritual dating.

Want the rest of this interview? Want the audio version of this E Health Radio Episode? Listen to the rest of Jill's interview not included in this transcript? Save this to your iPod/mp3 player or the desktop on your computer and listen to it again for your dating guide and motivation or simply subscribe to this feed and never miss another episode on E Health Radio - powered by Refer to audio player and links below.

Note: The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show host or it's owners.

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November 6, 2010 @ 6:53 pm

Your Last First Date


Today we are with Certified Dating Coach Sandy Weiner Founder of Last First Date here on E Health Radio powered by

Eric Michaels: Tell us briefly what inspired the "Last First Date."

Sandy Weiner: Well, I am about 3 years post divorced, I was married for 23 years and as I began dating again for the first time after like 25 years, I realized I was a whole lot better at it - probably  because of my life coach training and my communication skills training. As I started dating, my friends looked to me for advice and I started helping them write their online profiles. I noticed also that in a lot of online profile essays, people were writing I hope that my first date is my last first date - and it just struck as a good name for this new business that I was forming and I switched my life coach career to become a dating coach.

Eric Michaels: Why are you called the 'man whisperer'?

Sandy Weiner: That is a funny name that somebody dubbed on me. I seem to have a natural ability to understand men and I am not quite sure why. I think part of it is, I think I have always been sort of a tom boy - very strait forward, kind of, think like a guy in a lot of ways and I was able to really understand how to communicate better to men than most of my clients were able to. So this client of mine said to me you are a "man whisperer" - you really get it, you really know how to in a behind the scenes way be able to sort of prompt how to respond to men when they say certain things. Men tend to say things that are pretty up front. Women tend to over analyze and say they must mean something else. I think men say what they mean more often than not.

Eric Michaels: How do you not get weary of dating when it feels that the effort doesn't seem to develop into a promising long-lasting relationship?

Sandy Weiner: I think dating is a sifting process. You are not looking for every man out there, you are looking for somebody really specific who is going to really be a good match for you. So I would say don't give up hope, just think of it as, if you have to meet 100 guys in order to find the right one, then you know, might be up to number 99 and you might be pulling your hair out - but number 100 could be around the corner. So keep at it, you might need more skills, you might need some more coaching some help, some therapy to change some patterns but keep optimistic and keep doing it, I really believe you have to stay in the game.

Eric Michaels: Definitely persistence! What are three deadly dating mistakes that women make that lead to men dumping them?

Sandy Weiner: That's a really good question. I think people make the same mistakes over and over again. Number one is, women who lead men to think that they are needy and insecure. You can be the most secure woman, but there are certain actions that women take that lead men to believe they are are insecure and needy. Men do not like clingy women. One of the things they might do is to talk badly about past relationships and go into lengthy discussions about the past. Gives them sort of a metaphor like, are they going to talk about me like that? Do not talk badly about your girlfriends or really anybody for that matter. It is bringing negative energy into the relationship.  Another way to appear needy is to have too much physical, sexual content up front. As much as women think that men want that, men really want you to appeal to which brings me to number two, they want you to appeal to the man's emotional side as well as his sexual side. It's a balance. A really good quality man is going to be a little bit more grounded. That cheapens the woman that just throws themselves at a man in that way. The third is not knowing how to size up a man's relationship potential. Too many women begin relationships with men who are really not emotionally available. That is a deadly mistake. Men do not become emotionally available as you are dating them. They either are or they are not available. Maybe they need to go get some help but they will not change in the moment. I had an experience with somebody who said I am 100 percent sure that I want to get married and it's the first time in 10 years since my divorce that I am sure. Like 3 seconds later I also have a confession to make, I just sold my business and lost a ton of money and financially I am doing very poorly right now. What happened was he was not at all emotionally available to be in a relationship. He was completely consumed by his work and within about 2 weeks I said to him, you let me know if you are ever available because right now, you are not. So you have to know, it would have been a horrible relationship for me if I was always playing second fiddle to his work.

Eric Michaels: I see you offer help for writing online Dating Profiles. Give us an example or two of a before and after profile as you call them the "blah" to "aha"...

Sandy Weiner: I love writing online dating profiles for people. I think people mis-represent themselves. Dating online is kind of like marketing yourself. If were to go online to find an expert in something and you were not clear right away what this person stood for you would bounce right off the site in a second. Online dating you are looking at hundreds and hundreds of people and your eye has to be caught by both the picture and the essay I believe. Here is a before that actually this person wrote and it's very short: "Loves sushi, Yankees, laying out by the pool in no particular order. Passionate about my family, reading good books, traveling and animals." This says very little about the person and what is important to him. So here is what I re-wrote: "On summer weekends, you can find me lounging poolside, reading the latest James Patterson novel. I love spicy mayo on my tuna sashimi, and would enjoy sipping sake with you at a great Japanese restaurant, preferably sitting in a quiet booth. I’m just as comfortable eating a hot dog at a Yankees game as I am sharing a gourmet steak dinner with my three grown kids." You want to give somebody a flushed out idea about who you are. A lot of people say they are funny but they never write anything funny. I believe you have to show and not tell. That's really one of my biggest things that I talk about re-writing profile essays.

Eric Michaels: Well, I certainly like that profile that you just shared with us, beautifully written, grabs the attention and even kind of gets the emotions going there. Tell us about your laser love call program.

Sandy Weiner: I offer a 15 minute laser love call as part of my coaching offers. Sometimes people have a dating question that is pressing and they just need fifteen minutes of my time and so it's an inexpensive way to access coaching as opposed to an ongoing coaching program when you need more comprehensive work so that is why I offer that.

Eric Michaels: Where can our listeners find you online?

Sandy Weiner:

Want the audio version of this E Health Radio Episode? Listen to Sandy's motivational tip not included in this transcript? Save this to your iPod or the desktop on your computer and listen to it again for your dating guide and motivation or simply subscribe to this feed and never miss another episode on E Health Radio - powered by Refer to audio player and links below.

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October 30, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

The Advantages of Online Dating


Online dating profile expert Kate Houston joins the show and talks about the advantages of online dating. Online dating increases ones chances of finding their soul mate. You are able to find out much more quickly if one is the type of kind of person you are looking for or not. She also mentions that your profile message should consist of content that would attract exactly the person you are looking for. She gives great examples of several profiles from real life examples. A very fun episode of E Health Radio.

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