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November 23, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

How to Look Good 24.7


Constance Dunn, Author of the book "Practical Glamour" joined the show. She says "Your mindset–not your budget–is the key to lifting your look to its maximum level. And your appearance is a package deal, which includes looks and attire alongside movement, style and spirit. No matter how perfectly pulled together and lovely you may look, without proper poise and attitude, no presentation can be complete. Practical Glamour is your enduring guide to the essentials and the lesser-known ins and outs of presenting your most beautiful, polished and authentic self to the world.

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Segment of Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: Where does a woman start looking glamourous especially if the pocketbook is an issue?

Constance Dunn: The very first place she starts whether she has millions or way less than millions would be to know herself. The biggest issue is buying to much stuff and particulary too much of the wrong stuff. The 80/20 rule applies really well to all of our closets - 20% of our clothes are worn 80% of the time, the rest linger around with their sad little price tags still attached fluttering in the wind.  The first thing you need to understand is how to dress your body and that means what silhouttes are going to work with your body what silhouttes are not going to work with your body. You do that by getting a sense of balance for your figure. For instance, if you have very narrow shoulders you are typically always going to look for garments, tops and garments that are broad in your shoulders or at least balanced against your hips - knowing yourself in that way but also understanding your colors as well. I always say we can wear any color we want, we just have to wear the right shade and right intensity - so know your colors whether you get a color analysis done just understand what's going to look good and then you can get rid of most clothes that you see when you walk into the store it becomes a much quicker, YES - NO, YES - NO type of situation. Finally understanding what I call your personal style brand. Knowing exactly what you want to project to the world when you go outside the door each day. I get into that in depth in Practical Glamour. I have a whole chapter that get's quite reflective, it gets into your preferences understanding the formal elements of clothes that you are interested in, like the fabrics that have attracted you since you were young and also the style. So once you have those three C's down, the colors the characteristics and the cut - you are on yoru way no matter how much money you have. If you have a limited budget you are going to be able to shop and dress in a more targeted and resourceful way.  You will make fewer mistakes and you'll understand yourself.

Eric Michaels: How does a woman determine the brand of clothing that is right for her?

Constance Dunn: What you should do first of all is buy the highest quality that you can afford. It's funny, now days the coorliation the relationship between the quality of a garment and the cost is really negotiable. It is not a strait line, so you can often buy clothes at a very high quality for a cost that is well what you would expect. Once you get into the three C's that I talked about a minute ago and have a firmer sense of who you are you're going to be in a much narrower area. You are going to become, particulary with time - shopping is going to become YES or NO. What you are going to do is reflect and look at manuafacturers who consistently delivers on your three C's, they produce a quality that is of a level that is acceptable to you and they typically produce clothes of a certain characteristic that is consistent with your personal style brand. Their color schemes are consistent from season to season and of course the cuts are similar as well.You normally can nail it down to three different manufacturers and I always say educate yourself and if you can get a book, you can get an old school book on understanding garment analysis and understanding how to look at the differences between fabric betwen laces etc. Getting a great tailor is the best tip I have, having someone who can take a let's say a fairly decently built shirt dress for instance and you are able to buy that and bring that to your tailor and have them nip it up a little bit to make it fit you better - that's the best thing you can do with a limited budget.


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Constance Dunn discusses & answers:

- Importantance of closet organization to a woman being glamourous.

- We all have had this problem and that is not knowing what to wear to a function, being fearful we would under of overdress - is there any rule of thumb to go by?

- What is your opinion on jewelry - wearing too much, bulky looking - should this depend on the person's taste or style?

- And a Special Tip...

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