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March 27, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

Help our brains be the best they can be with Suzanne Holman


Suzanne Holman who is committed to supporting boomers in having optimal brain power - avoid Alzheimer's Disease and live a full and joyous life joins the show! Suzanne wants you to know that you CAN make a difference in your memory and other cognitive skills.

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Suzanne Holman, MAEd is a coach and a consultant who supports boomers in keeping their bodies, brains and businesses as healthy as possible.  Before creating her coaching business, Suzanne was an educator of Psychology and Technology.  She has extensive coach training through Thomas Leonard Graduate School of Coaching and at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Suzanne is an Emotional Intelligence Certified coach. Other areas of expertise include fitness, nutrition, parenting, money management, Alzheimer's disease, relationships and communications.   She is not only educated in these areas, but has the wisdom of expertise in all that she teaches.  Suzanne works with each client in all facets of life and business to make the most of their unique abilities and for the greatest productivity.


Suzanne Holman discusses & answers the following:

  • How did you get interested in the study of the brain?
  • How do we know if someone is experiencing "normal aging changes to the brain" or if they might have Alzheimer's?
  • If there is Alzheimer's in your family are you doomed to have it as well?
  • What can we do to help our brains be the best they can be?
  • How effective are the supplements being advertised to help the brain?
  • Special Tip in Conclusion

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