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February 20, 2011 @ 4:36 pm

The Secret Behind Hypnosis!


Marti Liebowitz is a Certified Hypnotherapist and owner of Harmony Through Hypnosis a hypnotherapy practice in Colorado Springs, CO joins the show. Marti is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and specializes in smoking cessation, weight management, Fertility by Hypnosis, and hypnosis for stroke recovery.

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As a hypnotist, Marti Liebowitz helps people change their other words, through hypnosis we can replace negative thoughts, habits, and behaviors with positive ones that put the client back in control of his or her life. Marti’s practice is focused on client-centered hypnotherapy. This means that she customizes her sessions to the client's individual personality and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all technique with hypnosis.
Marti is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, which is the largest and oldest hypnotherapy membership organization in the world. For those who are interested in a hypnotherapy session who live outside the Colorado Springs area, she offer sessions online via Skype. It's the next best thing to sitting in her office.

Hypnosis is a quick, safe and effective solution to reach goals, overcome undesirable habits, and bring dreams to life. A common myth about hypnosis is that the participant is under the hypnotist's control. This is absolutely not true. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so the power to bring about positive change lies within you. The hypnotist is merely a guide into the deep levels of the subconscious.
Just a few examples of common applications of hypnotherapy are: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Fertility, Stroke Recovery, Anger and Stress Management, Confidence and Self-Esteem, Habit Control, Memory and Study Habits, Sports Performance, Test Anxiety, Public Speaking, Sales and Business Motivation and Trauma.

Marti is also trained in using hypnosis for fertility. This powerful program helps a woman boost her fertility by creating a balance between her mind and body. Not only will any stress about trying to conceive be drastically reduced, but through hypnosis we can remove any subconscious blocks that she may have about becoming pregnant. This program works well not only for women trying to conceive naturally, but also is a wonderful complement to medical procedures that enhances the chances for success.


Abbreviated Transcript of Interview with Marti Liebowitz

Eric Michaels: What is the secret behind hypnosis when it comes to pound shedding or stopping smoking?
Marti Liebowitz: Imagine that you have a steel lock box, which represents your subconscious mind. This lock box  contains all kinds of beliefs and emotions, including habits and behaviors. People develop behaviors and habits because somewhere along the way those actions felt good or natural or safe or comfortable to them. Because that action creates an emotion of “this feels good,” that action gets stored as a belief in the lock box. We tend to like to do stuff that feels good to us…we don’t like to do stuff that feels bad.  For example, we might have stored in the lock box a belief that “setting fire to a bunch of leaves rolled up in a piece of paper and inhaling the smoke makes me feel good.” Or “relaxing on the couch in front of the TV after an exhausting day at work feels better than working out.” Or “eating this entire bag of cookies makes this sad feeling go away.” Or “I’m safe from unwanted attention under this layer of fat.”

After a while, most people decide that they want to change some of those behaviors locked in that box. They discover that their habits and behaviors, although comfortable and easy, are actually holding them back.  They might try to quit smoking, or eat healthier, or exercise more. However, they cannot open the lockbox because the feelings inside are so strong, the beliefs contained inside are so powerful, and change is incredibly difficult.

Think of hypnosis as the key that opens the lockbox. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind where that lockbox is wide open, and the contents are open for examination and change by the power of suggestion.

Eric Michaels: How do you help clients who want to shed pounds?
Marti Liebowitz: There are so many different factors that contribute to difficulties in losing weight. For a person who overeats, I give them suggestions to help their subconscious minds to recognize when they are full to avoid overeating.   If the client needs to exercise more, then there are suggestions to encourage the subconscious to enjoy the benefits of exercise. If the client makes poor choices in what they eat, hypnosis can be used to help the client’s subconscious mind accept that he or she has control over the choices in food, drink, and exercise. I’ve also helped clients uncover emotional reasons their bodies are holding on to excess weight. If they are emotional eaters, I help the client to change the emotional patterns on a subconscious level.

Eric Michaels: What about clients who want to quit smoking?
Marti Liebowitz: Before hypnosis begins, I find out what the clients’ motivations are for quitting. I find out what they like about smoking, and what they hate about it. I find out what they are going to miss about it. I emphasize the beliefs that are the most emotional for the client. Once the client is in hypnosis, I suggest to the client that the things they do want as a non-smoker are so much better, so much more rewarding, and makes so much more sense than smoking. For those who have a deeper emotional connection to smoking, then I ask them to think of a time right before they decided to start smoking. I ask their “present” or “current” or “adult” self enter into the scene and convince their younger self not to do it. I encourage them to make that younger self understand, and then I encourage the younger self to respond. I’ll have the two “selves” go back and forth until the client can imagine his/her younger self making a better choice from smoking. Or I’ll invite the part of the client that wants to continue smoking and the part that wants to give it up to have a discussion and come to a resolution.

Eric Michaels: How have you helped the clients’ mind stop the craving for nicotine or for food?
Marti Liebowitz: One of the unique benefits of quitting smoking with hypnosis is that when the client is successful in becoming a non-smoker, then they have no cravings, urges, or physical withdrawal symptoms. I remind them of this fact before hypnosis even begins, and once in hypnosis I emphasize it again. I suggest to them some imagery around the physical changes occurring in their brains that make this phenomenon happen. I suggest that there will be no cravings or urges. I also suggest positive alternatives for feelings should a craving arise. I work with what is important to the client. I use their language, their “hot buttons”, their own suggestions. The clients want the cravings to go away, so their subconscious minds are already on board to accept the suggestions for the new feelings.

Food cravings work in a very similar way. I might suggest that they feel uncomfortable, bloated, slow, tired, sluggish, etc. when they consume that item. I’ll emphasize that they’ll want to do anything to avoid these feelings and sensations, and that anytime they might feel tempted by the item, they’ll remember those uncomfortable feelings.

Eric Michaels: What are some of your most memorable experiences with hypnosis?
Marti Liebowitz: I had a client who wanted to stop drinking so much diet soda. She drank two 44oz cups of it a day. When she came to her session, she even brought one in with her because she was thirsty. When we were done, she took one look at her half full cup of soda, said “I can’t believe this,” and immediately dumped the rest of it out. It’s been nearly two years and she still won’t drink the stuff. I once had a smoker who was having trouble letting go of his need to smoke, and under hypnosis we discovered there was an internal power struggle between a “feminine” side of him that wanted to quit for health and vanity reasons, and the part of him that held firmly to the belief that smoking made him appear more manly and tough, which were traits that he needed to personify in his profession.  But my most memorable moment was my own first experience with hypnosis. One of the suggestions I received was to take stairs more often. At the time I worked in an office two floors above the parking garage, and I used to play a game with myself that if I pushed the elevator button and the elevator was waiting, I’d take the elevator upstairs, but if I had to wait, I’d take the stairs. When I went back to work after my hypnosis session, I couldn’t even make myself push the elevator button. I just kept thinking about how stairs were a better choice, the elevator was the lazy way out. That kept up in the weeks and months that followed, even the day that I was bringing back coffee for the whole office and was balancing the coffee cups in my arms. I had to talk myself into the reasonable justification for using the elevator JUST THAT ONE TIME.

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