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November 24, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

Inner Circle Matchmaking & Dating


Relationship Coach Jeanne Monet Roberson joins the show to talk about relationships, matchmaking, her service/client types and dating. Her niche is the 30+ African American affluent but her service and business is privately channeled via small social circles in various cities/organizations.  All members must be referred in, and we do not take "public" memberships, as everyone who uses our matchmaking service is basically connected to someone that knows someone within those respective circles. And yes, we screen, interrogate, research and analyze THOROUGHLY!!! If you'd like to know a little more about Jeanne, she can be Googled-- "Jeanne Monet Roberson" or "Monet Jeanne Roberson". She is a former news reporter and media advisor in addition to owning several successful businesses.

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In our interview with Jeanne Monet Roberson, she explains that there is no such thing as a perfect match. What matters in finding your mate is their values, their goals, how they see themselves long term 5 to 15 years, those things must be in sync. You don't want a man that is going to say that he will pursue his acting career for the next fifteen years of his life while the woman is saying she is focused on building her corporation for the next fifteen years with her husband by her side.  They may have the same exact background, exact same upbringing, the exact same economic status, they may have everything else in common but if those two things are not in synch it is a disaster waiting to happen. It all boils down to values and equally the same long term vision for the relationship to have a valid chance.

Eric Michaels ask, "As a relationship coach, your niche is the 30+ African American affluent - what do those consist of? Jeanne responds with professionals such as lawyers, politicians, doctors, nurses, corporate big wigs...Eric confirms whether or not there are any clients of hers that are professional athletes and Jeanne says she currently has two clients that are and they are very serious and not playing the field. Believe it or not a lot of high profile names such as musicians, athletes or actors prefer to use their services because they do not want to feel as though whoever they meet is after their name or title. In looking to match people together we do not disclose names initially so that they are matched more accurately by who they say they are.

Eric ask Jeanne,  "What is your take on offline vs online dating? Her response was; I have many many many opinions about that. She says online does have its advantages to a small degree. You are able to screen hundreds of people. You can find what matches you best on paper. When you actually sit down with that online find in person, it can be a totally different situation with personalities clashing. Our company can sit down and decipher the best match. Online dating can be extremely misleading and dangerous and it's much easier to find a more genuine match offline than online.

When asked how she would help an African American client who is desiring a white male or female relationship or a white client looking for an African American....does that make your work difficult? Jeanne answered with it doesn't make it difficult. Our service is 100% geared to African American clients. Because our network is tied in and with people that know people we refer you to another source for that situation.

In regards to your first date Jeanne says having sex on the first date is a BIG NO NO! After getting feedback from dates on their match making service a major issue that is not reccomended is disclosing too much information about yourself on the 1st date. Can be a very negative first impression. Keeping it light and fun and just simply enjoy yourself is the best approach on going out on a 1st date.

Jeanne can be contacted directly at


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Listen to Jeanne's entire interview including her special tip in conclusion.

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November 23, 2010 @ 1:06 pm

Stop that Arguing NOW!


Mitch Newman, M.A. is The Relationship Coach, known for his unique perspective on what it takes for two people to consider being together for more than a long holiday weekend.

Mitch learned from the relationship guru himself, John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus). As a Relationship Coach for his company, Go Ask Mars/Venus, Mitch quickly noticed a pattern of fighting between couples arguing over the same issue over and over again without resolution. From this foundation Mitch created Scripting, a fun and dynamic process that engages people in seeing themselves and their partner through the window of the actual fight that slowly tears away at their relationship.

Mitch joined eHealth Radio and discussed several issues with us.

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Eric Michaels: You have said - Even Adam and Eve had their ups and downs! The only temptation back then was an apple! CUT TO - present day. The apple is now a computer - talk briefly in regards to technology as today's temptation.

Mitch Newman: Really, technology provides, for me it provides three main things: 1) Exposure - we are no longer living in a small town we now have access to the world. Our ability to present ourselves to the world whether its through a web site or through emails, whether it's through any variety of ways now that we can access the Internet, can help us create an image out there both personally and professionally. Now we start to reach out and reach more people and really create that image for our self. The other piece is really about the 2) global access which is really based upon the fact that I touched upon this briefly just before and was brought up in conversation just the other day, that we are no longer limited by our immediate environment whether we are living in a small town or a large city we now have access to the world. That can sometimes create a sense like WOW, there are unlimited possibilities out there for me. So in a relationship, am I settling by being in this particular one when there is all of these relationships and access to other people out there. Is the grass greener on the other side is really what it comes down to. The third thing is 3): How the Internet and technology creates almost like a at the risk of making up a word here an intimate-less relationship.I have had people that I have dealt with who have called me and said my boyfriend told me that he loved me and I haven't talked to him and he hasn't called me in two weeks. I then asked when was the last time you saw him and she says well we haven't actually met yet, we met on the Internet. So there's a lot of interesting dynamics that happen in terms of our communication even via email and text that kind of helps create a false sense of intimacy and creates massive exposure but not necessarily intimate authentic relationships.

Eric Michaels: In some of your material you mention how it is possible to once again see your partner's annoying habits as part of the charm that 1st sucked you in...touch on this if you would.

Mitch Newman: For many people this could be a very subtle or a very distinct form of anger and resentment. The jokes that we once laughed at that our partners once told that they maybe tell all the time in front of other people and now we are rolling our eyes and we are less enthusiastic - you know, the wet towel in the bed which was cute  and you were upset but you were kind of in a playful way is no longer funny anymore. To pull out a cliche although a true one the toilet seat that's left up that never gets put down. It was once cute once a cute annoyance - it was a wonderful reminder of being in a relationship and a connection, and when you are unhappy it is anything but cute.

Eric Michaels: Explain how your Scripting Process works.

Mitch Newman: Generally it's a twelve week program and couple pick an ongoing fight that they can't resolve. I often refer to it as every couple has their ground hog day - the fight they've been having for years that never gets resolved and only get interrupted because the children walk in the door or you arrive at the restaurant and "it's" to be continued. So, I have them decide on what that fight is and they usually come to that conclusion quickly and I have them each create that fight in a script format. I take my background as a screen writer and a comedy and sitcom writer and I marry together with my coaching and I help them re-create that fight in a script format that they don't share with each other but they share with me and I am able to see a variety of different rolls that they take on when they are fighting - let's face it - we are not in partnership when we are fighting, we are taking on one aspect of ourselves or some aspect of our parents. I get to look at that and help them to see what rolls they are taking on with the text and sub-text we have to talk about that in screen writing and TV film writing. For me it is about what's in beliefs, what is it that they are believing to be true. Also looking at those non-verbal ques, he huffs and puffs and walks out the door and the assumptions that are made by his partner when he does that and what that must mean...


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Listen to Mitch's entire interview.

Mitch Newman discusses & answers:

- What if I am having the same argument with my spouse repeatedly, how do we overcome this?

- What can you say to help someone who is jealous of his or her spouse for no reason...could be jealous of kids, other people, opposite sex, time etc...when these situation arise its like they go into panic mode - but yet in a quiet behaved manner.

- And a Special Tip...

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November 23, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

How to Look Good 24.7


Constance Dunn, Author of the book "Practical Glamour" joined the show. She says "Your mindset–not your budget–is the key to lifting your look to its maximum level. And your appearance is a package deal, which includes looks and attire alongside movement, style and spirit. No matter how perfectly pulled together and lovely you may look, without proper poise and attitude, no presentation can be complete. Practical Glamour is your enduring guide to the essentials and the lesser-known ins and outs of presenting your most beautiful, polished and authentic self to the world.

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Segment of Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: Where does a woman start looking glamourous especially if the pocketbook is an issue?

Constance Dunn: The very first place she starts whether she has millions or way less than millions would be to know herself. The biggest issue is buying to much stuff and particulary too much of the wrong stuff. The 80/20 rule applies really well to all of our closets - 20% of our clothes are worn 80% of the time, the rest linger around with their sad little price tags still attached fluttering in the wind.  The first thing you need to understand is how to dress your body and that means what silhouttes are going to work with your body what silhouttes are not going to work with your body. You do that by getting a sense of balance for your figure. For instance, if you have very narrow shoulders you are typically always going to look for garments, tops and garments that are broad in your shoulders or at least balanced against your hips - knowing yourself in that way but also understanding your colors as well. I always say we can wear any color we want, we just have to wear the right shade and right intensity - so know your colors whether you get a color analysis done just understand what's going to look good and then you can get rid of most clothes that you see when you walk into the store it becomes a much quicker, YES - NO, YES - NO type of situation. Finally understanding what I call your personal style brand. Knowing exactly what you want to project to the world when you go outside the door each day. I get into that in depth in Practical Glamour. I have a whole chapter that get's quite reflective, it gets into your preferences understanding the formal elements of clothes that you are interested in, like the fabrics that have attracted you since you were young and also the style. So once you have those three C's down, the colors the characteristics and the cut - you are on yoru way no matter how much money you have. If you have a limited budget you are going to be able to shop and dress in a more targeted and resourceful way.  You will make fewer mistakes and you'll understand yourself.

Eric Michaels: How does a woman determine the brand of clothing that is right for her?

Constance Dunn: What you should do first of all is buy the highest quality that you can afford. It's funny, now days the coorliation the relationship between the quality of a garment and the cost is really negotiable. It is not a strait line, so you can often buy clothes at a very high quality for a cost that is well what you would expect. Once you get into the three C's that I talked about a minute ago and have a firmer sense of who you are you're going to be in a much narrower area. You are going to become, particulary with time - shopping is going to become YES or NO. What you are going to do is reflect and look at manuafacturers who consistently delivers on your three C's, they produce a quality that is of a level that is acceptable to you and they typically produce clothes of a certain characteristic that is consistent with your personal style brand. Their color schemes are consistent from season to season and of course the cuts are similar as well.You normally can nail it down to three different manufacturers and I always say educate yourself and if you can get a book, you can get an old school book on understanding garment analysis and understanding how to look at the differences between fabric betwen laces etc. Getting a great tailor is the best tip I have, having someone who can take a let's say a fairly decently built shirt dress for instance and you are able to buy that and bring that to your tailor and have them nip it up a little bit to make it fit you better - that's the best thing you can do with a limited budget.


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Contance's entire interview.

Constance Dunn discusses & answers:

- Importantance of closet organization to a woman being glamourous.

- We all have had this problem and that is not knowing what to wear to a function, being fearful we would under of overdress - is there any rule of thumb to go by?

- What is your opinion on jewelry - wearing too much, bulky looking - should this depend on the person's taste or style?

- And a Special Tip...

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November 22, 2010 @ 4:23 pm

Learning From Mistakes


Thomas Edwards is quickly establishing himself as one of the nation's  top dating coaches. From every aspect of today’s dating world, Thomas  has been helping people enhance their dating and social lives since he’s  started this site in September of 2008.

Frequently described as  “Hitch,” Thomas has helped men find relationships and more fulfilling  lives, through personal development over the course of months of  coaching. With his unique approach to helping others find love combined  with his infectious personality, he’s been able to help men and women of  all kinds find the happiness they’ve been looking for.

Even  though he coaches a variety of people, most of his clients are men who  are smart, successful and in need of understanding what is preventing  them from connecting with the women they desire. Some of these men are  in their 20s, looking to understand how to socialize after college and  eventually settle down. Some are eligible men in their late 30s who are  looking to settle down. Some are in their 40s who may be divorced and  are ready to start something new. Whatever the case is, Thomas has  proven to be able to prepare any man or woman to find love implementing  his unique methods.

Thomas has been striving to reach out to as  many people as possible, no matter their dating circumstance. He  originally started a blog called Project Infinity, that allowed him to start a company, The Professional Wingman. The company blog focuses on dating, lifestyle development, places to go  in Boston, fashion and many more topics. He has been quickly growing  his online presence through social media networks such as, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo. He is also the host of LoveNation, a web show that covers emerging trends in the dating world. Thomas currently resides in Boston.

eHealth Radio had the opportunity to catch up with Thomas Edwards in a recent interview.

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Part of Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: What inspired you to create the Professional Wingman?

Thomas Edwards: So it actually goes back to my sophomore year in college which is back in 2004. I was dating someone who I truly loved and I thought she was the one, even at my young age. I went as far as asking her parents for their blessing as I was wanting to propose to her. A week later after I had met with her parents she cheated on me. I was totally heart broken and wasn't sure what to do. I almost felt as if I had lost a sense of identity & purpose. What I tried to do was really alter everything that was going on in my life as a way to A. Try to forget what happened and B. Try to start a new life. So, I transferred colleges, I moved off campus, I picked up a job and I even went as far as buying a new car and realized that none of those materialistic things worked. I have always been someone that has always blamed myself first for problems that have gone on in my life. If it was a way I could control it or there was always a problem that it is my fault. By taking that approach it motivated me to see what was I doing wrong in my relationships that was causing me to be dumped or cheated on have it not work out. The first book I came across was "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". That book written by Stephen Covey completely changed my whole perspective on communication and negotiation and just being a more efficient and effective person overall. That kind of jump started my quest become a better person all around so I continued to read more books on being more efficient in life, fitness nutrition, style and fashion, sexiness - anyway to just be a better person. I was doing a lot of reading for a year and a half but not much practicing. Being at this new college I figured why not - there's nothing to lose and nobody to dump me. I then began to practice some of these things and realized that these things are actually working, these things that I had been reading in these books are actually working.  I went full force and a year later I'm kinda living like a rock star on campus. I had an apartment, I was active on campus, I was involved in athletics, I was really doing well in my classes, my professors loved me and I was pretty much living the ideal college life. Even at this point I was single by choice because I was just focusing on me and who I was as a person. I don't think I was ready to share my life with somebody or have enough quality. Finally I made that decision to share my life with someone and she actually lived a couple of floors above me in my dorm and I thought, hey, everything I had wanted to accomplish in college has been done and I even had the hottest girl in school - WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? Eventually it led to failure just because I got complacent. I didn't think there was anything else to accomplish. One of the biggest lessons I had to learn was - it may take a lot of work to get to the top but it takes just as much work to stay up there and I forgot that part. All the things that I did to get to that point I stopped doing like working out, dressing up well, taking my girlfriend out on dates, communicate and continuing to build relationships with my friends who at the time were really good friends of mine and even my professors, they love me so they will pass me so I neglected my work ethic as well. Seven months later, I get a call from my girlfriend during spring break and she breaks up with me because I wasn't the same guy she started dating when we first started. So, now I am almost back to square one where I really had nothing. Now, I am mulling around what I am going to do...


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Listen to Thomas's entire interview.

Thomas Edwards discusses & answers:

- What is one thing you can tell our male listening audience who is crazy about a particular woman but can't seem to grab her attention.

- Thoughts on online dating vs offline

- Unique approach in helping men find relationships & more fulfilling lives

- Fashion pointers you can help our gentleman out with

- And a Special Tip...

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November 17, 2010 @ 8:14 pm

Is the Past Haunting Your Relationship?


Relationship Expert, Author and Radio Host Melody Brooke joined the program. Her first book, The Cycles of the Heart: A way out of the ego centrism of everyday life was published in 2006, and her latest book, Oh Wow This Changes Everything was published in 2008.  Melody has been published in magazines, professional journals and in multiple places on the web including, a wildly popular dating site where she is a regular contributor.

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Partial Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: Why is is hard to maintain the spark that we once had in a relationship?

Melody Brooke: It's really pretty simple, it's that familiarities doesn't breed contempt but it does breed a lack of desire. The more familiar we are with someone the less interested we become. That's why when we see, and they do not have to be more attractive than our partner, but we don't know them and that makes it more interesting. In order to keep that spark going we have to do things to keep ourselves and our partner alive, new and fresh in our mind and in our emotions.

Eric Michaels: How could it be within a new relationship you go 4 months without one argument and then you find yourselves arguing daily - what's up with that?

Melody Brooke: That is so common. What happens is that we kind of burst out of the honey moon phase, that beginning part of the relationship where we are so infatuated with the other person and what is happening basically is that we are projecting on to them all the positive qualities that we want them to have and then one day we wake up and say wait - this person isn't what I thought they were, they don't really like football, they don't really like ballet - whatever it is right? We start seeing who they really are and we are ticked off because they are not who we thought they were.

Eric Michaels: Any advice for one side of the relationship never wants to talk about the past? Should the other be concerned?

Melody Brooke: Well it depends on how long, how long of a period are we talking about. I think that when someone has a painful past or a past that wasn't that great and they made bad choices in their life, it may take them a little while to be willing to open up completely and trust you and that part is to be expected at some degree and for a while. If over time, for three or four months you've gotten deeper into the relationship and they are still unwilling to talk then you know they are hiding something and it is important to take note of that.

Eric Michaels: So that you are saying that even though we have been together for instance just say hypothetically a couple has been together for more than one year and we are talking about a past that spans back ten years and they don't want to speak about anything to do with it, should the other partner still be concerned or let it slide?

Melody Brooke: I think you have to be concerned. You know it could be that it's too painful for this person to talk about. It would take, you've got a problem on your hands in that pain and grief from the past is going to create problems in your relationship. Even if they aren't trying to hide something, perhaps they aren't trying to hide some criminal history or something which could be a possibility too but even if it's a matter of it being too painful for them to talk about, that's a problem. They need to be able to talk about their history and their past....


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Melody's entire interview.

Melody Brooke discusses & answers:

- Should we know the past in detail of our spouse, or boyfriend, girlfriend?

- What are some ways to be thoughtful to express love to your spouse?

- And a Special Tip...

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Note: The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show host or it's owners.

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November 16, 2010 @ 6:15 pm

Taking Care of Yourself First


Karissa Thomas, Contemporary Life Coach and the author of "Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life" joined the show on eHealth Radio. She teaches nationally through lectures on creating a shift in consciousness. She is passionate about inspiring change within the self. Her philosophy derives from an innate place within her that was accessed through life experiences. She believes that only you can confront yourself to effect lasting change, and that the first step begins with self-honesty. She specializes and coaches specifically in the areas of bereavement, business, diversity, and personally as well. She resides in New York City.

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Partial Interview Transcript:

Eric Michaels: So many times we hear from other experts that need to take care of yyourself first - what is your perspective on that statement?

Karissa Thomas: Eric, we most certainly do have to take care of ourselves first, in order for everything else to fall into place in our lives. We need to recognize that we are a multi-dimensional being and our needs include but are not limited to physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs and to take care of these particular needs creates an inner balance. When we give ourselves the attention we deserve we create a sense of overall peace. In order for you to be giving of yourself wholeheartedly, we have to be satisfied with what we are giving out. For someone that can offer their love freely, has to be comfortable with how they love, you know, if someone has trouble showing their love effortlessly, it's uncomfortable how they demonstrate love. So yes, we need to take care of our minds, body and soul in order for us to create an inner peace within ourselves so that we can share our lives with other people.

Eric Michaels: How can one confront themselves to effect a lasting change?

Karissa Thomas: I actually about this in my book and one of the hardest things to do is to confront ourselves about - ourselves. We are so critical of our mistakes so distraught about our stumbling blocks that it can be hard to take an honest look at ourselves. Rather than tell you to take it easy on yourself I would suggest that you pay closer attention to all that you have within you. By becoming more aware of your choices and decisions I would ask some questions and these are also some of the questions that are in my book which is a longer list but here are just a couple:

1. Is this something I can live with and not regret it for the rest of my life?

2. Is this choice in harmony with my vibrational alignment?

3. Is this where I need to be in my life right now?

After you have determined that the decisions you have made are in alignment with your life mission, then you go ahead and declare immediate action.

Eric Michaels: What is the Title of your Book & What inspired you to write it?

Karissa Thomas: The title of my book is "Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life". I wrote this book because it seemed as is if everybody everywhere I went were experiencing a great deal of mental and emotional pain from their relationships and just from life. I at one time was in that same place where I was uncertain about what to do and I knew it wasn't natural to be uncertain because we are from a source of loving goodness and I wanted to find the answers and assist some to understand and manage these emotions of uncertainty. What I discovered was a sense of fulfillment when I started writing the book. So in writing the book I hoped that people would begin to live more meaningful and rewarding lives because they have been chosen to be free from pain.


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Karissa's entire interview.

Karissa Thomas discusses & answers:

- How can we Learn what it is that makes us so special?

- How can we exercise control over our self instead of letting your time be consumed by everything and everyone else.

- And a Special Tip...

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November 16, 2010 @ 11:52 am

From Attorney to Matchmaker


CEO of Intersections Match Jasbina Ahluwalia joined the show. The uniqueness of Intersections is in part a function of its Founder, Jasbina Ahluwalia. As a former practicing lawyer holding a graduate degree in philosophy, Jasbina can relate first-hand to the demands and challenges facing her accomplished clients.

Having found her special someone, Jasbina can also relate first-hand to the challenge of juggling professional, social, and personal demands. Jasbina’s first-hand experience motivated her to create a premium service which could be effectively leveraged by selective professionals wishing to focus on finding that special someone, while at the same time maintaining demanding schedules. As a second-generation Indian-American raised in the U.S., Jasbina has a unique understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures. Previously Jasbina practiced law in San Francisco and Chicago. Jasbina has a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University and earned her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

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Part of Interview:

Eric: What are some ways for both men and women to increase the chances of meeting someone?

Jasbina: Importantly, relationship minded singles should be pro-active as possible in the relationship arena of their lives. Just as in other areas of life as they achieve their goals, both men and women should make sure they align their actions with a goal of finding a partner. Here are some suggestions for concrete action both men and women can take. First cast a wider net. What I mean by that is just be opened minded to prospective partners beyond the type you maybe currently restricting yourself. I also ask that people prioritize their essentials, must haves in term of a partner and be as flexible as possible to areas outside of those essentials. Second concrete action is to let everyone in your life know that you are completely open to being introduced. It is interesting, ninety percent of people will not volunteer introductions unless they know you are enthusiastic to receive them. If and when you do get an introduction, graciously thank the person who set you up regardless of the outcome. Apart from one on one set ups, why not throw a party with friends where all show up with a platonic friend of the opposite sex. This is another great way to meet eligible singles in a group setting. Third concrete action is to attend events where you would expect to meet the kinds of men or women you would like to meet. If you are seeking to find an intellectual partner, consider book readings, classes, memberships with organizations such as the consulate of foreign relations or common wealth club. If you are seeking an athletic partner consider team sports and if you do that make sure you keep your schedule open for after practice drinks and dinners. Likewise if you are seeking a civic minded partner consider volunteering with an organization that you care about. Another way reflect on how you approach online dating. Consider whether you have strategically selected appropriate sites and create a thoughtful and welcoming profile that really reveals your authentic and unique self. Make sure to post pictures that are accurate representations of the best versions of yourself. I always suggest meeting folks in person instead of getting caught up in endless emails, phone text communication before meeting.  Also consider matchmakers and or dating services to increase your possibilities and very importantly maintain a positive attitude and view each date as an adventure. Be sure to allow yourself down time from dating if you start to feel like you really need it.

Eric: What was the inspiration for creating Intersections Match?

Jasbina: As an Indian-American and born and raised in the U.S., with an understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures I knew there was a need for someone in the South-Asian community nationwide who could relate first hand to those challenges of juggling professional, social and personal demands. As a result of my personal experiences searching for a life partner or practicing lawyer, I believed there to be a demand for a service to assist young professionals navigate what I believe to be the most important life decision one ever makes. Despite that great demand among South-Asian professionals, for what i believe to be a personalized introduction service there is no one really meeting that need. Given my professional and cultural background and experiences, I really thought that I was in a unique position to provide value to clients. Importantly our clientele tends to mainstream men and women of South-Asia many who are open to meeting no South-Asians as well as other South-Asians. We do welcome all commitment minded men and women regardless of ethnicity to register for free in our confidential and free data-based web site at


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Jasbina's entire interview.

Jasbina Ahluwalia discusses & answers:

- How is the service Inter-sections Match offers different from online dating?

- What's your advice for our successful female listeners on the dating scene who may be concerned about intimidating men?

- Does Intersections Match focus exclusively on working one-on-one with clients?

- Special Tip...

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November 15, 2010 @ 10:52 am

Being Pure in an Impure Culture

Lindsey Isham author of the book No Sex In The City joined eHealth Radio. Lindsey has been working with singles for over thirteen years and has traveled nationwide speaking to audiences ranging from junior high girls to collegiate women about relationships and sexual purity. Many books about sexual purity speak to men, but few–if any–speak to young women. Lindsey Nicole Isham boldly fills that gap with No Sex in the City, the brutally honest and often hilarious story of Lindsey's quest for sexual purity in the face of an impure culture, baffled peers, and sexual desire. Speaking from her own experience and from years as an abstinence advocate, Lindsey treats young women like the sexual beings they are, exploring their desires and curiosities about sex while relating candid experiences and truths about sexual purity. A great tool for Bible studies, youth groups, and abstinence organizations, No Sex in the City will help young, single, Christian women discuss their thoughts and keep their purity commitments. You can get more information by visiting her site at
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Part of Interview:
Eric Michaels: Now you say you are a thirty-one year old virgin on purpose, not by accident. You want sex; in fact you are convinced that you need it. You  just like talking about sex- The good stuff, the way it is supposed to happen- in marriage. With that being said - Tell us about what inspired the writing of your book "No Sex in the City"...
Lindsey Isham: Well, I know I get a lot of different reactions when people hear that I am a thirty-one year old virgin but the main reason I started writing my book was because my entire life, I was made fun of for my stance. Growing up, I was definitely the center of...guys would come up to me and say I will be the first to get you laid just so you know and of course my response was find a new goal - it's not happening. As I grew up and got older and I went to college and I was an athlete & surrounded by athletes, and you know, I got asked out a lot so word got out that I wasn't a girl who got around and I stopped getting asked out. I started noticing that and I said OK...I'm human, I liked to be asked out, I want to have a boyfriend, I want to go on dates, I like to eat food, all that normal sort of thing but all the guys that I knew just wanted to hook up and forget about it and I didn't want to be that girl. I didn't want to be the girl who guys bragged about in the locker room whose name they couldn't remember. Girls that hooked up with over the weekend or whatever. I always knew, you know what, I deserve more than that and I deserve a man who is going to love me and commit to me and by commit I mean marriage by pledging the rest of his life by being committed to me and loving me. Growing up, this is what I have believed since I was a little girl. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I deserved. I looked around and I saw a lot of abstinence speakers and of course I am interested because I was living that life and I wanted to be encouraged. What I saw a lot of was, a lot of people encouraging people to wait and they were really good at it. Tons of people made abstinence pledges, they bought purity rings and then there was no follow through. When you look at the statistics the typical person who makes an abstinence pledge breaks it by the time that they were twenty - about 80% of the people break it. That just killed me. I couldn't believe that was happening and I don't know if it was pear pressure or if they were just sick of waiting or what. I wanted to write about this is why I'm waiting and this is how to wait and how to out live that lifestyle of sexual purity and waiting even though it's completely frustrating sometimes. I'm human and I want to have sex. I am not having sex because I have not had any offers or because I don't want it - I am waiting because there is something else better out there. When you look at history and what our government spends each year just on STDs alone - I looked even recently today, it's like $16 Billion dollars a year that our government spends just on STD prevention & maintenance. When you look at all these things, it makes complete sense to wait, not only because I am worth it but because there is so many benefits to waiting until marriage...


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Author Lindsey Isham discusses & answers:

- How old were you when you decided to STAY a virgin?

- What are Sexual boundaries?

- Special Tip including how do you evaluate a man's SPERM count?

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The 4 C’s of a Diamond Relationship!


Alisa Ruby Bash is a a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, California.  She has been named one of the nation’s top 50 relationship therapists in “The Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship Saving Advice from America’s Top 50 Couples Experts”. She specializes in relationship issues in her private practice. She has been consulted frequently in the media and has been featured most recently on NBC news 9/28/10 regarding the latest marriage statistics and the US  Census, “E! News” regarding Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, “EXTRA” (NBC) as an Extra LifeChanger regarding the Tiger Woods scandal, cheating, and featured in AOL,,, Complete Woman Magazine, Figure Magazine, Gate House Newspapers, The Intelligencer Newspaper, and the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. She is also the author of “Secrets Of Staying In Love Forever”, a relationship book in stores nationwide in 2011. For more information on to be in contact visit

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Eric Michaels: So what do you see are some of the most common challenges couples deal with in relationships today?

Alisa Ruby Bash: Relationships have always had lots of challenges for most people but these days I am really seeing a lot of added pressures like the economy. I think overall though the most common relationship challenge that I see is in the area of infidelity. Over the last year we have seen so much infidelity and sex scandals with all the celebrities and politicians and I really think it's about the issue to the forefront of people's minds and it's triggered a lot of fears and insecurities in many couples. The thing is right now, with our technology there are so many more ways couples are cheating more than ever before.

Eric Michaels: What advice do you give couples who are having relationship challenges?

Alisa Ruby Bash: I really think it depends on the specifics and circumstances but generally speaking I came up with this idea which is called "The 4 C's of a Diamond Relationship!" This really can apply to all kinds of relationships. The idea behind it is that we all know that diamonds are the hardest substance found on earth and also the most precious. This is how our relationships need to be in order to withstand the challenges that are going to eventually face our marriages. When people are searching for the perfect diamond, a lot of times they use the 4 C's which are: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. I came up with the 4 C's for relationships which are: Commitment, Communication, Connection & Consideration. The idea is for relationships to be successful we need to be 100% committed. Then we need to learn how to speak in a language our partner will understand so that means you will need to find a balance between speaking your truth and learning to say what you want to say so that person will hear you. Also we need to connect every day and that can mean sexually or emotionally. Basically the idea is that you need to take the time every single day to sit down and speak with your partner and listen to how their day was and show some affection and connect with them to see if you guys are on the same page. And finally - over the long haul of the relationship - simply implementing consideration. Just simply treating our partner with kindness and remembering to do all those little things.

Eric Michaels: What made you decide to write your new book " The Secrets To Keeping The Spark Alive?"

Alisa Ruby Bash: I am a marriage and family therapist and I am fortunate enough to work with people and their relationships every day. What I really really love about my job is helping people experience more love in their life. Personally, I come from a very long line of happily married couples and I myself have a very happy marriage and a wonderful husband who I love and I really feel that a healthy, happy marriage just brings so much joy to peoples lives. When our relationships are healthy we are able to teach our children how to love and choose the right person - we have an opportunity to be a roll model for them which in turn creates a better world for everybody. I wrote this book to help people with their relationships to learn how to express their true authenticity and how to have long lasting relationships where they can be comfortable being themselves. I also think this book is a good way to preemptively address the issues that lead people to cheat.


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Alisa Ruby Bash discusses & answers:

- What are your thoughts about emotional affairs?

- Do you think there is any hope for couples after infidelity has occurred in a relationship?

-Technolgy, today's culture and fear of infidelity striking.

- Special tip of advice...relationships are always changing and require constant growth.

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November 14, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

Protecting Our Marriages From Infidelity


eHealth Radio brought to you by had the opportunity to visit with Jason Coleman, Co-Author of the Book "Discovering Your Amazing Marriage".

Jason was born in Louisville, KY and raised in Arizona, moving to Washington while a sophomore in high school. He was raised by his mother, with his brother and two sisters. Jason went to work on a part-time basis for a sporting goods company when he was 19 years old and has worked his way up the corporate ladder, where he is currently a District Supervisor in the greater Seattle-Tacoma vicinity. He has 23 years of retail sporting goods experience, 19 of which have been in various leadership roles.

Jason and Debby have both been active in the local church for the majority of their marriage, working in various ministries. They have worked with teens and children and have led adult small group Bible studies. They have been active leaders in the Awana ministry for 19 years as well as serving on the Awana Ministry Team for the Pacific Northwest. Jason has also served as an 'Elder-elect' and coordinated the Outreach Ministry in a local church. They have a heart for missions and have been on several missions trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Jason and Debby have four children, three daughters and a son, ranging in age from nineteen to eleven. They are extremely involved in the lives of their children as the kids are active in sports, school activities, church youth groups, and much more. You can find their family vacationing in Cannon Beach, Oregon each August. They wrote a large portion of this manuscript while vacationing in Cannon Beach.

Jason and Debby Coleman celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in September of 2009 and currently reside in Federal Way, WA.


Eric Michaels: Starting with some of the pointers from your book: How does a couple communicate effectively?

Jason Coleman: That is an important topic in our book. One thing that we would like to say is often times when you are having a conversation with your spouse he or she may be talking about something that really doesn't apply to you and that you really don't care about and that happens quite a bit so one piece of advice I would give to your listeners is even in those times you have to listen and engage in the conversation. Part of that could be asking relevant questions with eye contact. Body language is so important and I can think of a lot of conversations my wife and I have that honestly I do not care about but it is important to her so it has to be important to me as well. Another thing I would say about communication there is it's important that you set aside time every day juts for the two of you.  Our schedules are so hectic with work, with outside things with kids perhaps and we just need to set aside even if it's just a few moments every day some time where we can share with our spouse and communicate with our spouse. We have highs, we have lows, some exciting details and there are also fears and things that flat out stress us out in our life. I think it's important that we take the time to communicate those with our spouse and lean upon one another for encouragement for strength and so forth.

Eric Michaels: Would you find yourself hesitating to communicate any fears as the man of the house, that would diminish your authority within the home or you may be afraid how she would react and you would lose your respect as that is the best way to explain it...

Jason Coleman: That is an excellent question. I think the answer to that is yes. Often times we men are hesitant to share some things or put ourselves in a vulnerable position. Early on in our marriage we struggled quite a bit and part of that I'm sure was my inability to communicate with her effectively. What I have learned is that you just have to face that dragon in the eyes and have that conversation. You know that it's going to be difficult. There might be that hesitation for fear of lack of respect and lack of understanding but everything has to be communicated. I have learned through experience that it is best that I bring it up and address it head on and then we can work through whatever that issue or that challenge may be and in the end it always seems to work out. But my own experience is, if I neglect to bring those things up or neglect to open that conversation things just build and whatever the problem was in the beginning seems to add to it and then it's a bigger problem and a bigger issue and could lead to more challenges down the road. I would say just get in there and discuss those tough situations in love and in understanding.

Eric Michaels: How do we protect our marriages from infidelity?

Jason Coleman: You know this is a really big one and this is something that really effects all marriages out there because there is always going to be that moment when we are momentarily attracted to somebody else. I think that it's important that we discuss that with our spouse and let him or her know - I was at work today and I saw this gal that kind of caught my eye, she was attractive and that is going to happen. It's natural, it's normal and I don't think there is any fault to being attracted to somebody else it is what are you going to do with that attraction. Part of that answer goes back to question number one, you have to communicate about it clearly. The other thing I would say is that you have to be very careful with who you hang out with, what you spend your time doing, who you are with and who you choose for your closest friends. A piece of advice we would give is, don't spend too much time with a friend of the opposite sex and certainly don't confide in anybody, your most secret and inner most feelings with someone of the opposite sex. This tends to draw you in and that opens up the door for potential infidelity down the road because you begin to build that friendship and that trust. I would also say - be accountable.  If I can share one short thing, when I travel for work and it's not that often - but if I go overnight I have an accountability partner. I call my friend and I let him know, he Mark I am going to L.A. tomorrow and I'll be gone for a night; we discuss it on the front end and when I get back, Mark gives me a call to follow up and he asks me some very pointed question: what I spent my time on, what I watched on T.V. and or Internet, did I hang out with people...and that level of accountability - I know when I get back from my trip he is going to ask me some very pointed questions. Sure I could choose to lie about it but then I will be stuck with that and so just knowing that accountability is there helps keep me from doing the wrong things and putting myself in a compromising situation. This means the world to Debby, knowing that when I am gone there is somebody else that is looking out for our best interest.


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode? Listen to Jason's entire interview.

Author Jason Coleman discusses & answers:

- Understanding the power of choice

- Explanation of someone who divorced twice, due to adultery

- Is there any advice for a divorced and remarried couple who is having issues with disciplining kids that aren't theirs?

- What is the #1 - KEY to a successful & long marriage?

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