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November 30, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

Where do individuals fail on the 1st date?


Kimberly Koehler joins eHealth Radio. Kimberly is a life long student of relationships. She brings the knowledge and training she has obtained from the past 18 years to her clients. With a very unique perspective, Kimberly coaches her clients through a process that allows them to understand and live the life they love.  Kimberly, coaches clients internationally and is a motivational speaker.

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Transcript of Interview with Kimberly Koehler.


Eric Michaels: From your perspective, why do so many struggle in where to start when it comes to dating?

Kimberly Koehler: People struggle with the process because it's confusing to them. They get advice from so many sources from married family members, married mothers, married friends and what ends up happening is they stop listening to them because they think what do you know about dating cause you haven't dated in a while. Then they have single friends that will chime in & single family members that will chime in and they see how they dated or see how their relationships haven't worked and so they are confused - why would I listen to any of you guys and then the social pressures in general with how we were raised. In our society in general we are supposed to go to school, pick a job, get married, have a great job and then start a family. There are some people that do not fit that mold. As we have evolved as a culture, what you would say are traditional methods of meeting people and traditional pressures don't necessarily match how we are living our life and so essentially what ends up happening is there is just a lot of noise and a lot of confusion and people aren't quite sure what direction they are supposed to go. There is or there isn't - I am doing online dating, some people are comfortable with that others don't want anybody knowing. There are many couples that come up with a story on how you met and we don't tell people generally it was through online dating. So what the way I help my clients is to break down that noise and stop the confusion...

Eric Michaels: Where do individuals fail on the 1st date?

Kimberly Koehler: I think expectations. A lot of times people will sit and have this huge idea of how this date is supposed to be and you play out the date several different times in several different ways before they go on the date and end up getting incredibly nervous. We go into the date with a huge expectation of is this going to be the person or not the person. Instead of looking at this as gathering as a way to get to know someone better that you just met over a cup of coffee or ice cream or a walk and having it be something very casual and laid back with zero expectations other than getting to know somebody - when you go into it like we are going to have dinner, this big huge date and this big huge pressure of performance and what have you you end up setting both parties up for failure...

Eric Michaels: What are some good date ideas?

Kimberly Koehler: If you are just newly dating obviously it can be fun - let's face it, it is a fun time in your life - there is the energy, the honey moon period - getting to know somebody.  Really what I think is more important is that are you showing up on your dates with confidence? What is interesting is that if you are going into a date meaning you where feel the pressure of needing to pull something off - you could have planned the greatest date in the world, like you said you went to a pizza parlor and here is this woman and you both weren't on the same kilt, and so you start out with your first meeting at a coffee shop or ice cream. And you next meeting would be, and on the first date you would have found out since you are going to have a conversation that will engage one another - is this person into a museum or does this person into outdoor activities - so does that mean you can do a walk and a picnic which gets into an element is this going to be expensive...


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Kimberly Koehler discusses & answers:

- Dating Safety Tips

- Pick Up Lines

- And a Special Tip...

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November 30, 2010 @ 10:47 am

Problems in Your Sex Life?


ISADORA ALMAN, a Board certified sexologist and a California licensed psychotherapist and counselor joined the show on eHealth Radio. Isadora is a former radio talk show host and frequent radio and TV guest, and a lecturer and workshop leader on a variety of communications topics. "Ask Isadora," a syndicated advice column on sex and relationships, has appeared in newsweeklies nationwide for more than twenty-five years.


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Partial Transcription of Interview with Isadora Alman:

Eric Michaels: In your opinion, why would fear exist among couples when it comes to sex within the relationship. Is this common from your perspective?

Isadora: Well, fear probably is a very strong word. Certainly reluctance, embarrassment, shame - nobody grows up in our culture without a great deal of that around sexual issues. The last person you want to be embarrassed in front of is your nearest and dearest and so I think all of us harbor a great deal or a little bit of the reluctance to appear ridiculous or needy or weird or any number of things that can come up around sexual issues.

Eric Michaels: What are ways and methods on how one can relax before having sex with their spouse?

Isadora: I think everybody has his or her own method of relaxation. Some people like to exercise, some like to take a long cold shower or a warm bath or a drink of something or another - so we all have to know our own conditions. If you know what you need in order to relax - that's what you need to let your partner know. A lot of people just need to decompress when they come home from work.

Eric Michaels: Within your counseling and coaching sessions - what is the most common area of struggle with your clients?

Isadora: The most common these days and it changes from all the years I have been doing this is a discrepancy in desire. One partner wants sex more often than the other does or in a different way or one doesn't want it at all or whatever it is, the two people are not in sync. And if you are in a monogamous relationship that really does create a problem.


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Isadora Alman discusses & answers:

- Her new novel: Bluebirds of Impossible Paradises: A Sexual Odyssey of the Seventies

- Advice for a gentleman who's wife doesn't seem to be interested in having relations with her husband or only does when she is in the mood.

- And a Special Tip...

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November 30, 2010 @ 9:56 am

Types of Men & Women You Should Avoid and Why!


Sandy Weiner, Certified Dating Coach and Founder of Last First Date joined the show on eHealth Radio powered by

Interview Transcription:

Eric Michaels: Sandy, I see that you are beginning your four-week Dating 102 course, the Power of Attraction, tonight. Can you give us an overview about what you will be covering during this date coaching tele-class?

Sandy Weiner: Dating 102, the Power of Attraction, is for women who are smart, self-aware, and successful in most areas of their lives except for their ability to find a loving, long-term relationship with a wonderful man. This course will help them find out who will make the best partner. They will discover who not to date and who to date. They'll learn the most important qualities to look for in a man, and discover how to turn that first date into a long-term relationship.

Eric Michaels: Can you tell us about some of the types of men women should avoid and why?

Sandy Weiner: First and foremost, women should avoid men who are self-centered. How can you tell the difference between a healthy sense of self and a narcissist?  Watch if he makes eye contact with you, if he talks about his many accomplishments instead of his inner experiences, and whether or not he's a good listener. Another thing to stay away from is if the guy has any outstanding financial or legal obligations, or if he is still emotionally involved with an ex.

Eric Michaels: What's one secret mistake that smart, successful, self-aware women make that prevents them from attracting the right kinds of men?

Sandy Weiner: Many smart, successful, self-aware women give off a masculine energy by appearing too self-sufficient. They often want to attract strong, successful men, but the more feminine man will be attracted to the masculine energy of a very driven, independent woman. The key is for women to access their feminine side. Most emotionally healthy men enjoy nurturing their women, so I tell women to allow their vulnerability to show. This is much harder to put into practice than it would seem. It takes a great deal of trust and letting go in order to reveal a more vulnerable side. but this is key to building a close, trusting relationship. You don't want a guy to look at a successful dynamic woman on a date and think, " I don't know whether to hire her or date her."

Eric Michaels: What are some things to do on a first date in order to secure a second date?

Sandy Weiner: When greeting a man for the first time, shake his hand by covering it with your second hand and look him straight in the eye and smile. This is key to establishing a sense of warmth and connection from the get go. Most people shake hands on a first date in the same way that they would in meeting a business colleague for the first time. Pay attention to body language. Yours and his. If you're interested, keep your body open, arms uncrossed, lean forward, and by all means, don't speak with your mouth full!

Eric Michaels: What are some of the things not to do on a first date in order to secure a second date?

Sandy Weiner: 1. Don't follow up a date with a text or email any time over the following 24 hours. If he's interested, he will let you know. He will probably ask you out for a second date as the first date is ending. 2. Don't drink more than one drink on the date. You want to be sober and in control of what you say on the date. 3. Don't do more than kiss him. Leave him wanting more...

Eric Michaels: Can you share a tip that will help women find a loving relationship?

Sandy Weiner: Open up your mind to who may be a good match for you. You may be eliminating the right kinds of men by narrowing your search too much or focusing on the wrong kinds of guys. Stay away from romantic notions of love at first sight. Even though this can happen, it is rare. The most important tip: get out and meet as many men as you can. Love doesn't happen in a vacuum. It happens when you show up as your best self every time you leave the house and engage in conversation with people. Notice that I didn't say with men only. Talking to women increases your chance of meeting the right guy, too. Someone who is impressed with you may keep you in mind to introduce to some fabulous guy they know. You never know...

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November 29, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

Have Your Mother Set You Up!


Colby Brin joined eHealth Radio to talk about him being the co-founder and director of, the innovative online dating website which allows FabOverFifty (FOF) moms to play matchmaker for their adult children. Unlike other dating sites, whose members interact and make their own matches, connects FOF moms and engages them in conversation to determine if there’s a prospective match between their children.  Once the moms feel comfortable about a potential fit, they turn the reigns over to their kids. Under Colby’s direction, the site blends old world tradition with today’s modern technology and has quickly become an overnight sensation. Nearly 1,000 moms from around the world have posted their kids’ profiles since it launched on July 6, 2010.

Colby advises website management and has expanded the site to appeal to an international audience, from countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands. Italy, the UK and Columbia.  He has played an integral role in updating the site’s technology, appearance and resources, such as increasing browsing capabilities so moms can easily search kid’s profiles. Colby also acts as a liaison for matchmaking parents, offering advice and tips to help facilitate the best matches. As a client of the site, he’s gone on dates his mother has helped arrange. This aids his site research and development as well as enhances his perspective on dating, matchmaking and relationships.

Through his professional and personal relationship with, Colby has inadvertently become a relationship expert in his own right, offering advice on love, dating and relationships to new and older generations of men and women.  He has recently appeared on programs including Today Show, Gayle King Radio Show, and WPIX to discuss the site and relationship matters.

Colby co-founded with his mother, Geri Brin, as a subsite to, which celebrates the dynamic generation of baby boomer women.  An interactive space, FOF invites its members to promote their passion projects and businesses and share their wisdom and fab faves on everything from restaurants to nail salons, local gourmet treats to trainers. It also features original and well-researched content on a spectrum of subjects relevant to their lives, from health and beauty to finances and fashion.

Colby is about to earn a Master’s degree in Sports Media from New York University. He has also worked in finance and non-profit arenas and was a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers for several years. Colby was born and raised in Manhattan and currently resides in Brooklyn with his Russian Blue cat, Brady.


eHealth Radio Partial Transcript with Colby Brin

Eric Michaels: Tell us about the site you started

Colby Brin: Well my Mom actually started a web site for women over fifty called It's a beauty, lifestyle, health, nutrition and networking site for women. My mom, for pretty much the last ten years whenever she meets women her age ask if they have a single daughter that she could fix me up with and when she was starting this web site she noticed that a lot of other women on the web site had similar interest in matchmaking for their kids so she thought since they were already doing an offline why not off a feature to do dating online and that was when was born. So that's a section of the site and I guess I was kind of the inspiration for it and now I've become the director of it and also the poster child.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think mom is a great matchmaker?

Colby Brin: I think that mom's know you very well. They raised you and I know at least my mom is also one of my best friends so she knows me very well. She is also a little older and a little wiser so I am more inclined to look for people or women that I really want not necessarily looking long term relationship potential so she is better at finding what I need. She might fix me up with people who I wouldn't otherwise go out with. Also my friends set me up so every bit helps its just like adding mom into the mix of helping me cast a wider net and you add all that together and it broadens the chance of finding that special person.

Eric Michaels: What would you tell a kid who was reluctant to have their mom set them up?

Colby Brin: I get that question a lot. I would say there is no harm and nothing to lose. Some may be embarrassed to go out with someone that their mom set them up with or for their mom to put them out there. I think times have really changed  - there is quote regular online dating and people are a lot more liberal how they meet people or people are very busy and don't have time to meet people...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Colby Brin discusses & answers:

- Are mom's are tapping into your service more for their sons or more for their daughters?

- Talks about the content on the site - Style Blog, Facts of Life, Finds, Geri's Diary, Deal of the Day and even a Fab Shop.

- And a Special Tip...

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November 29, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

The Wedding Has Been Cancelled!


Catherine Gryp a newly single gal joined the show. She is starting fresh after a seven-year relationship, cancelled wedding and overall major life changes. But all signs point to it’s gotta get better from here on out. Follow her on first dates, new friends, fun experiences and learning to love being Simply Solo at Want to reach me? Leave a comment on one of my posts (I LOVE comments!) or send me an e-mail at edrugstore.jpg

Partial Transcript of Interview with Catherine Gryp

Eric Michaels: Your blog is about the solo life through lifes experience - obviously a particular event triggered you to start this blog - could you share briefly what took place?

Catherine: Sure, I was supposed to be married this past July to a man I was with for over than seven years, I am almost 26 years old and I've been with him since I was eighteen. He was my best friend - very important to me. About 3 months before we were supposed to get married I found out he had been lying to me about a bunch of things and we had to end the relationship. He wasn't the man I thought he was. I started the blog because I was newly single, first time in my adult life that I had been single since I had been with him since I was eighteen and I really didn't know what to do. There was one night that I was kind of having a pity party for myself it was in June, I had nothing else better to do and was looking around the Internet trying to find women like me who were starting over - normal women! All of these blogs you see online are single women all in Miami, New York - they are living fabulous lives. I live in Chester, Virginia, right outside of Richmond and I do not have a lot to offer here so I was looking for someone like me. So I started this blog so that people could see someone that is single starting over and enjoying life.

Eric Michaels: That's a pretty disastrous series of events for sure, an investment for seven years of your life - you seem to be taking this very well and moving in the right direction hats off to you. I would stand up and applaud you for what you are doing now and your attitude. What are some of the best BREAK UP LINES you've heard?

Catherine: When you mean best - you mean worst? Some of the best lines I have heard that are NOT helpful at all are - everyone tells me "there are plenty of fish in the sea". When you hear that you don't want to go fishing after a break up or ending a relationship. Even after one year you aren't ready to go out to the market and find someone else. So anytime you hear there are plenty of fish in the sea that is not reassuring to hear. One of the best lines that was hard to hear at first because you don't want to hear it so much is "time heals all wounds." I think that is really true but is a hard one to hear because you want to fast-forward through time and make things better. I have learned after 6 months broken up that time does heal and even though I am not completely healed every day does get a little bit better and this is what I try to tell anyone else that is going through a hard time.

Eric Michaels: Why do you think breaking up hard to do? I am sure there are a lot of people who that are in a relationship right now - they are questioning whether or not they should continue - what makes it so hard to officially BREAK UP?

Catherine: I think it is really hard because no one really likes change. You know you get used to being with someone and they understand you - they know you - whether it's sexually or they know you personality they love you and they've chosen to be with you and especially if you are the one that has to end it that's really hard because you are starting completely over and you aren't sure if you are making the right decision for most people there is always a nagging part of you that isn't sure that you made the right decision. You don't want to look back and say what if. I think that is really hard and for me it was hard because I was with this person for seven years and he was my very best friend. I had gone to college with him, I had gotten my first job with him - all of those different things, all of those life experiences and just to have that be over - you aren't just losing that person you are with and that person that you love - you are losing your best friend...


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Catherine Gryp discusses & answers:

-  Do women really feel good when men stop and look at them walking down the street - or better question angle - do women in general liked to be noticed? And if so, do they still crave it after engagement or marriage?

- What are some of the most fun dates you have had recently? Would you desire to get back into a serious relationship anytime soon?

- And a Special Tip...

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November 28, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

Dating on the Go!

Bob Bentz the owner of and joined eHealth Radio. They both provide an Internet dating solution to over 350 radio stations and newspapers in the USA and Canada. With 21 years of experience in the dating business that began way back with 900 numbers and now specializing with Internet and mobile dating.
Bob Bentz is the co-founder & also president of Advanced Telecom Services which was founded in 1989, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Advanced Telecom Services has offices in Chicago, Calgary, London, Dublin, and Prague. It offers interactive and broadcast text message solutions for media and advertising agencies on It also offers white label dating sites and and interactive voice response technology for 800 numbers and 900 numbers. Bob Bentz has over 20 years of experience in the telemedia industry. Prior to Advanced Telecom Services (1989), Bentz worked for six years in the television advertising industry as Regional Sales Manager and Account Executive.

300x300-radio-3.jpg Partial Transcript of Interview with Bob Bentz

Eric Michaels: As I recall the 900# days, tell me how that differs from today's dating options?

Bob Bentz: Well the 900# dating solution was made popular through newspapers throughout the country and in that case people would read the classified section of the newspaper and I guy looking like Eric would say, - Oh! She sounds kinda cute, I think I would like to check her out. So you would dial into the 900# listen to her message and if her message appealed to you, you could leave a personal message for her in her voice mailbox. So that's how it worked back then. Of course along came the Internet which was suddenly able to give us something the phone was not able to give us and that is a very important part and that's a picture of a person. So the Internet was able to give us something else. Now today a lot of dating has moved to text message dating through mobile phones. If I Iook back at the industry over the last 20 years - all three solutions are still active, certainly the 900# and the credit card phone phase service is a legacy industry and is used by those 50+. The Internet is going to appeal to all ages but most commonly the 25-54 age range which is our core users there and when it comes to text message dating that to date has been an under 30 type thing - an 18-30 year old product.

Eric Michaels: What would be some advantages of mobile dating as opposed to online dating or would you consider them one in the same?

Bob Bentz: Well mobile dating by its nature, you are able to do it anywhere! So if it's Friday afternoon and you are waiting for the bus to pick you up on your way home, you can easily get on your mobile phone and start texting with somebody and then perhaps arrange a meeting once you are comfortable with that person. So that's the beauty of mobile dating is that it can be done anywhere whereas online dating at this point is mostly when you are at home - hopefully not at work - but when you are at home and on your home computer whereas mobile can be done anywhere. Now that's going to change in the future. In the future you are going to be able to do the same thing on your mobile phone with your smart-phone as you are able to do with your online solution but it's just that the screen is a lot smaller and that makes it a little more difficult to navigate the many profiles and the many pictures that you would have on your online solution. Today there is 25% of the sub-phone-users have smart-phones and as that number grows you are going to see more and more of the online and mobile dating becoming much more similar than it is today.

Eric Michaels: Do people still turn to the newspaper for finding the love of their life?

Bob Bentz: Thankfully they still do...thankfully for our business they still do. The alternative newspapers, the city newspapers like that have held up a lot better than have the daily newspapers. In other countries like the UK for instance where the daily newspaper market is still much stronger than it is in the United States and Canada - the voice personals in the newspaper are holding up a lot more and are still a big part of the dating scene in the UK. In the United States, it is clearly a legacy product and we are advocating now to our media customers that they all move to the online solution which we are offering at and


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Bob Bentz discusses & answers:

- Humorous "Pick-Up" Lines

- Has anything changed in online dating since Facebook & Twitter have entered the scene in recent years?

- And a Special Tip...

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November 27, 2010 @ 7:03 pm

Learn to Communicate: Starts with “Good Morning”


Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa joined eHealth Radio to discuss behavioral and management psychology. He is also a creative problem solver with over 25 years of training and management experience. As a dynamic and high-energy professional keynote speaker, trainer, and marketing consultant, his focus is on results and solutions--the immediate transfer and application of learning to the workplace. He feels that, "No matter how good business is, it could always be better."

Dr. Jaffa does not hide behind a lectern (unless you want him to) but rather wanders into and interacts with his audience. He takes great pride in his sense of humor and common sense in addressing today's management problems and guarantees to make learning fun while exceeding your training objectives.

Dr. Jaffa's Rx: a "how-to," practical, creative, interactive, high-energy presentation to motivate you and your colleagues that reap maximum value for your time and training dollar$. Dr. Jaffa holds a doctorate in education from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University.

eHealth Radio is brought to you by

300x300-radio-3.jpg Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Jaffa

Eric Michaels: So if you make contact with someone for the first time as you are walking down the road - they extend their hand as a greeting how do you approach that in a Dr. Elliott way?

Dr. Elliott: Well people skills literally are the number one skill. You obviously want to make eye contact, you want to smile, you want to extend your hand, shake their hand - you are assessing they are not diseased and tell them your name and introduce yourself.

Eric Michaels: What do you believe are key ingredients to a long lasting healthy relationship?

Dr. Elliott: We are looking at relationships as two kinds. First there is the personal and then there is the business. In any relationship, you have to value that relationship and if you are valuing the relationship for example in your personal relationship it can be with a family member or with a next door neighbor, it can be with your boss or employee on a business side it could be with a client, a customer, a vendor you have to continually work on that relationship if you value it. By that I mean you have to look at communication, keeping it two way - give and take - can't get offensive and you have to accept any suggestions that someone might say without becoming defensive. The relationship has to be based on honesty and also more so in a business relationship you want to under promise and over deliver. For example, I tell you it will be done Friday I know I can get it to you on Wednesday. So I under promised the delivery of whatever and I over delivered by getting it to you two days ahead of time.

Eric Michaels: I see you are the "Ralph Nader" of distant learning - what courses do you provide that keys in on personal development.

Dr. Elliott: Distance learning has changed a lot in the last 20 years. In the early days, the Rolls Royce of distant learning was the live TV satellite broadcast which was no different than watching your evening news as opposed to video conferencing when you were a second behind and the persons lips kind of drove you crazy. At that time computer based training was the Yugo - was the low end of it. Now, its reversed that today's major companies are literally and then the only ones who could afford the satellite on the roof of the building where computer based training is the kind of the nice to hear.  We see webinars all the time and with a webinar we are kind of looking at something for an hour or less where you aren't giving it your full attention. But back to your questions to the kinds of courses that I teach, they are essentially known as the Soft Skills - anywhere from communication - people skills, how to conduct a performance appraisal painlessly, sales and marketing, customer service those type of courses. These are the courses that 80% of any company need, and 80% of any employee need time management to managers boot-camp. I have developed about twenty training programs bases on what are known as the Soft Skills.


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa discusses & answers:

- Within our careers, what kinds of strategies do you implement in developing relationships?

- What are the 5 skills that you teach that are Critical to our own survival and our organizations excellence?

- And a Special Tip...

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November 27, 2010 @ 1:34 pm

Expert Flirting


CEO and Founder of - Laurie Davis joined eHealth Radio.

Since Laurie Davis was a tween, she has been intrigued by online communications.  To her parent’s dismay, she grew up in chat rooms and on Instant Messenger. Then, 10 years ago, she wrote her first online dating profile. Through trial and error, she learned what to always do … and what to never do.  No advice existed, so she learned through experience. Then, she encouraged her friends to join various dating sites.  Since she was a first adopter, she quickly became their virtual life jacket in the sea of online dating and developed a passion for helping singles with the online written word.

Now, she fuses her personal experience with her professional background in marketing to help singles date online and transition their digital selves offline for meaningful in-person experiences. She assists men and women of all sexual orientations and ages by strategizing their 2.0 life to create dating opportunities and make the ultimate virtual first impression. What truly makes Laurie special is the amount of personal attention she gives each client.  Laurie meets individually with each lost fish and listens to his or her special needs, concerns and questions.

eHealth Radio is brought to you by 300x300-radio-3.jpg

Partial Transcript of Interview with Laurie Davis

Eric Michaels: What's currently the newest obstacle that you see online daters facing?

Laurie Davis: The biggest problem that I see is that singles are using technology as a crutch rather than - you meet online, and you get offline and you need to stay there. It is really important to minimize emails and text messages, things like that, knowing that this is a normal part of life but once you are offline you should be calling each other and communicating voice to voice or face to face.

Eric Michaels: How do you assist online daters?

Laurie Davis: eFlirtExperts help daters, date online and also transition offline. We do everything from write your profile for you, go through your matches, go through your emails to your matches, dating advice or wardrobe advice.  What makes us a little different is that we are not just helping you date online, we are helping you date offline too and we are sort of following you through the process and giving you support all along the way. We even have another brand eFlirtExpertVIP that's a comprehensive dating management and concierge service that opens the door to people who might not be online dating or have the time to online date but gives them the resources to do that.

Eric Michaels: How are you different from other coaches or specialists in the online dating space?

Laurie Davis: There are a lot of profile writers in the space but there are not a lot of companies like I said that will help you with your whole total digital life. We might write your profile for you but then we might also help you strategize on how to flirt with someone on Twitter, or we might help you in the email process or we might help you plan your dates, plan your wardrobe things like that. We are very comprehensive online and offline.


Want the entire version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Laurie Davis discusses & answers:

- What is your definition of flirting - and what is the common purpose?

- Ok, so you see me for the first time online on Facebook and you like what you see - what is your first step of action?

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November 27, 2010 @ 12:04 pm

The Art of Choice


Dr. Karen Sherman joined the show on eHealth Radio to discuss several topics.

Dr. Karen Sherman, a NYS licensed psychologist, has been in private practice for over 20 years. Now, Dr. Sherman is taking her experience to the public, making her Art of Choice workshops and seminars available to groups and organizations rather than just to private clients. Additionally, she teaches individually designed adult education courses, catering to the specific interests and learning styles of the people who seek her expertise.

Dr. Sherman moved into motivational psychology and marriage counseling from her own troubled past. As someone who grew up under difficult circumstances, Dr. Sherman developed a keen awareness of others’ problems. Drawing on personal experience as well as academic training, she relates to a much broader arc of life situations than most.

“For many years, my life was an emotional roller coaster,” Dr. Sherman says. “Growing up, I was exposed to horribly negative life situations, and as an adult, it seemed that I was a slave to them.” It was upon realizing that she was still reacting to her earlier experiences that the first inkling of what would become the Art of Choice appealed to her, allowing her to change her circumstances, and directing the rest of her professional life. Speaking of her transition, Dr. Sherman recalls, “I realized that I no longer wanted my past to define who I was. That was a choice I could make, and I did. My past no longer haunts me; in fact, I am thankful for what I experienced since I have used each situation to help me to grow. It is from my journey that I know that you, too, can choose not merely to react to all the things that happen around you- whether they trigger something from your past or are things that are happening today- but to make powerful choices.” Dr. Sherman sees her role as a facilitator of those difficult choices. Her mission is to assist others in freeing themselves from their own past cycles of behavior, as she freed herself.

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Partial Transcript of Interview with Dr. Karen Sherman:

Eric Michaels: Explain briefly how the Art of Choice works in helping us create the life that we want?

Dr. Karen: I use methods that allow people to get back in touch with the emotional energy from their childhood because when people go to traditional talk therapy, they gain lots of wonderful insights. This helps them understand what the problem is but they are not really getting - able to release the energy that is stored up around the emotional wound. By helping them through methods, mostly visualization and free association writing, we bring back the old memories and actually create neuronal connections by creating new endings while these stored up memories are being recharged or re-triggered shall we say.

Eric Michaels: How can we begin to Understand the impact of our different backgrounds within our marriage or relationships?

Dr. Karen: What happens is that we learn these patterns in our childhood because they worked. They allowed us to survive in our family to get the love that we needed from our parents and because they worked, we continue to them in our adulthood and we do them mindlessly. What is going to happen is that in our relationships especially with our significant others, they're going to be most vulnerable - they're going to get triggered automatically. We don't even realize many times that when we are with these important people in our lives that the reactions that we are having are not really to them, that they said something or not said something, done something or not done something and all of a sudden we are having this reaction that we thinks is really because what has just happened but it is really because it has just set off something that has reminded us of something that has gone on in the past that is still unresolved. And as you can imagine that's really going to interfere with having a healthy relationship or one that can be the most satisfied in a relationship.

Eric Michaels: Where do we begin in developing constructive arguing and problem solving techniques?

Dr. Karen: I am going to answer this both from from a reacted point of view in a way that I just described it and then just move general just for couples. If you start to realize that you're having these kinds of reactions and the way that I suggest people notice it is if you see that you're having this reaction that's very quick, it happens in a nano-second and it's very intense, it's more tense than what the situation calls for and even when your partner tries to explain nothing was meant by it and you can't let it go then chances are it is really something from your past. There are a set of tools that can allow you to start working on these issues from the past and there are also some tools that can be used that I have developed to work with the structure of the couple. I do talk a lot about that in the book that I wrote "Mindfulness and The Art of Choice". Regardless, even if you don't have issues from your past - all couple are going to have conflicts - couples need to know that! This is just a normal part of a relationship and one of the biggest problems that couples have is that they really don't know how to have a conflict. There are actually rules, methods or skills for having a conflict in a way that you can actually get closer to one another...


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Dr. Karen Sherman discusses & answers:

- Why do people continue to do behaviors that are no longer serving them?

- How do issues from the past impact our present day relationships?

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November 26, 2010 @ 10:22 am

How To Do Relationships Well


Lori Rubenstein has transformed her life and will help you transform yours. She is a life coach, mediator, author and teacher, and is known as the personal coach for passionate living. Raised by a teen mother in the projects, Lori became a compassionate warrior as a divorce attorney and relationship coach. Her mission is to help others heal from the hurts caused by relationships.

Lori is has authored three transformational books and a 10 CD/Workbook set, “I am Petrified to date again.” Now married to the man of her dreams, Lori is a witness to people’s personal growth as a life coach, workshop and retreat leader. The passion that keeps Lori going is her gift of bringing people back to love. Listen to her interview with us here on eHealth Radio.

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Eric Michaels: Briefly, what was the path that led you to becoming who you are today?

Lori Rubenstein: For me it started when I was four years and a half years old and my parents got separated. I didn't understand that until I was older but when they divorced I got to see how NOT to do divorce. They did not do divorce very well. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of arguing and basically it was like every single Sunday I saw my Dad and there was yelling and screaming. Somehow I grew up and decided I was going to save the world and get out there and teach people how to do divorce correctly and how to do relationships well and my path just took off from there.

Eric Michaels: How do you begin helping someone that has a broken heart from a past relationship?

Lori Rubenstein: So what happens is, people. everybody gets a broken heart at some point. If you are open and you are vulnerable in a relationship you are likely to get hurt if that relationship doesn't continue. So what people naturally do is that they build these big walls around themselves then they say to the next person, OK I'm willing to love you if you can beak down these walls...come on, come on I dare you! It is so hard because they're putting the other person that they're really interested in a place of having to compensate for the quote wrong - I don't believe there are any wrongs but the hurting that other people did to you, they have to make up for that. They have to climb and climb these big walls that you put out there. The greatest thing in the whole wide world is when you allow yourself to be vulnerable even though you might hurt. The key to that is to know! You have to get yourself to the point where you say no matter what happens I can handle it. I tell divorced people all the time that has to be your motto when heading back into the dating world again - No matter what happens - I can handle it! That is the truth. You have the ability to handle whatever comes your way. If you are feeling good enough about yourself, you love yourself, you feel self confident, you have self esteem, you are going to attract that kind of person into your life. It doesn't mean that every relationship is going to be successful and that every relationship is going to be a gift from God, the reason we have relationships is to learn. There are lessons that we are all here to learn - so be grateful. You can say, Oh my gosh, I really needed to learn how to take care of myself alone so thank you for leaving me. That is my goal working with client is helping them to get to that point.

Eric Michaels: What makes a great relationship?

Lori Rubenstein: Great relationships have very little to do with compatibility in terms of liking the same thing. People will say, we both love sports and we are meant to be together or we both love standing in front of a group teaching - that's really not what it's all about. Those are nice for friendships and doing things with other people but what really makes a great relationship is how you resolve disagreements. We always want other people to agree with us or our opinions are the right way or the best...


Want the entire audio version of this eHealth Radio Episode?

Listen to Lori's entire interview.

Lori Rubenstein discusses & answers:

- What makes a great relationship?

- Why do some relationships work, while others don't?

- Her 28 day email course - "Transformation Through Forgiveness"...

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