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December 27, 2010 @ 7:20 pm

Changes That Need to Happen in the Beauty Industry


Becky Sturm, CEO/Founder of StormSister Spatique, an online retailer of Lotions, Potions and Serums for hair, skin, nails & body joins the show. She tells Eric what she would change about the beauty industry,  inexpensive skincare tips for problematic skin and more great information.

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Having spent 26 years in all aspects of the salon and spa and boutique business, as well as growing up in her grandmothers' salon has given Becky Sturm a well-rounded perspective of her industry. Her experience performing haircare, skincare and nailcare service as well as a vast knowledge of salon and spa beauty/grooming products has led to her recent foray into product development. The beauty industry is embroiled in much controversy about product ingredients, self-regulation and improper labeling as to what is considered "natural" and "organic". These issues are a major concern for Becky and her clientele and she will be addressing them with her own brand that will launch in the spring of 2011.


Transcript of Interview with Becky Sturm

Eric Michaels: If I could change anything about the beauty industry, what would it be?

Becky Sturm: That beauty companies did more to clean up their ingredient lists. There are many controversial ingredients that do not need to be in personal grooming/beauty products. We should start by adopting the European standard.

Eric Michaels: What are some inexpensive skincare tips for problem skin?
Becky Sturm: It is imperative that problematic skin be cleansed morning and evening.  Skipping one of the daily cleanings perpetuates the problem. Wipe down phones (office, cell, landlines) daily, with a wet wipe. There is a lot of bacteria on phones. Change your pillowcase at least once per week. More often if possible. Our faces spend a lot of time on a pillow. That is a huge breeding ground for bacteria.

Eric Michaels: How often should hair be shampooed?
Becky Sturm: No more than once or twice per week. Ideally, no more than once per week. Slowly work up to this by rinsing on the days you would usually shampoo. Rub scalp as if shampooing, rinse thoroughly, add a bit of conditioner to the ends if needed and then 1/2 of the styling/grooming products used on the previous wash/rinse day. Work slowly up to this goal. You will save a lot of money on product/salon services and hair and scalp health will be improved. This regimen is especially helpful to those with curly/wavy hair.

Eric Michaels: How often should body exfoliants be used?
Becky Sturm: Two to three times a week is ideal. Not every day. Exfoliating is important for skin and body health. The face should not be exfoliated more than once or twice per week since facial skin is much thinner than the skin on our bodies. Too much exfoliation can actually cause skin problems through small abrasions.

Eric Michaels: Can any grooming products do double duty?
Becky Sturm: Your shampoo can certainly be used as a shower gel. Leave-in conditioners make great body moisturizers and work well as anti-static remedies. Shea butter is great as an all over moisturizer, cuticle balm, and hair balm for short curly hair.

Conclusion Tip: Add some pure shea butter to your winter skincare regimen by working a small amount into clean hands and patting gently over moisturizer. This seals in the healing/hydrating properties of your moisturizer and gives an added protection to skin in the winter months. This tips works for face and body.

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