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December 22, 2010 @ 12:03 pm

Sunscreen Should Be Used in Winter Months


Sinead Norenius founder of Beautisol and fifteen year skin care industry veteran and licensed aesthetician joined the show. She discusses taking care of skin during the winter months, the need to use sunscreen during the winter and more.

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As a 15 year skin care industry veteran and licensed aesthetician, Sinead Norenius has been at the helm of the beauty industry’s trends and newest developments. Sinead saw a missing link between the availability of product education and the end consumer. With her experience as Editor-in-Chief of the number one self-tanning blog,, she knew there had to be a better way for consumers to interact with a brand. Her mission has been to allow the consumers to have a voice in the product, the messaging, the packaging and even the website. Thus, she founded Beautisol™.

Sinead is a celebrity spray tan artist and educator who spends the majority of her time directly educating consumers on how to use sunless tanning products and choose the best sun care products. She is also the founder of IFABBO (International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization), which helps to unite the leaders in the profession to promote individual and professional growth and set standards and guidelines for the fashion and beauty blogging industry.

Prior to founding Beautisol™, Sinead worked as the Director of Education - North America for St.Tropez Tan, a leading sunless tanning brand. She was part of the original North America start-up team as St.Tropez launched a new campaign on the North American market in 2007. Sinead worked on strategic partnerships and acquisitions of large scale accounts such as Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa’s and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Group, amongst other high profile luxury establishments.

Before working for St.Tropez Tan, Sinead co-founded The Beauty Firm, a marketing consulting agency focused exclusively on the skin care and fashion industry. She worked with individual companies such as Asha Couture and Mineral Essence to market, brand, and successfully develop their business. Before The Beauty Firm, Sinead was Sales Director for Yonka Paris, a French luxury skin care company. Sinead started her career in the medical arena as a Para-medical aesthetician.

At Beautisol™, Sinead brings a vivacious sense of charm, fun, and warmth that infuse the core of the Beautisol™ culture. She's also known to love the word “perfect” a lot!


Partial Transcript of Interview with Sinead Norenius

Eric Michaels: Now that the weather is getting colder how can I properly take care of my skin and make sure it doesn't dry out?

Sinead Norenius: Most peoples first inclination is to pile on moisturizer and actually what you want to be aware of is what you are actually cleansing your skin with either in the morning or in the evening. I suggest during the colder, winter times turning to a cleaners that's going to be more milk based or even possibly oil based so that it isn't as stripping to your skin especially in the cold months. Another thing you want to keep in mind is to make sure you are replenishing as much moisture back into the skin. And by moisture I mean water...

Eric Michaels: What ingredients should I look for in anti-aging creams/serums?

Sinead Norenius: Eric there are so many great ingredients that have come out in the last couple of years. The ones that I am most excited about are those that contain anti-aging peptides. Peptides are amino acids that are able to, depending on what type, are able to get a reaction to the skin. Some of my favorite peptides are Matrixyl 3000...

Eric Michaels: Do I still need to use sunscreen during the winter?

Sinead Norenius: Absolutely! Sunscreen is not just for the summer it is really important to start to think about sunscreen that it is not just sun protection. You have UVA rays in the winter, the same as the summer the only thing you may not feel as much of the burning rays which is what we typically associate in the summer with the heat...

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Sinead Norenius discusses & answers:

- Will anti-wrinkle eye creams really keep wrinkles at bay?
- Can I use a self-tanner during the winter and still look natural?
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